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  1. Pretty much my thoughts too. Would maybe throw CSS in to the 6th place battle? At the bottom, I'll pick Edinburgh Uni. Realistically it could be any of 5/6 teams depending on how early results go!
  2. I think there are two immediate things that the league needs to focus on getting sorted: 1) Promotion. This isn't going to change overnight (or to any great degree), so start by aiming to have the SPFL make 10th place an automatic relegation spot, leaving the Highland vs Lowland matchup a winner-takes-all affair. 2) The West of Scotland league. It makes sense to have a west and east feeder, and while the WoS would likely start off considerably weaker than the EoS Premier it could well gain ground quickly. Allow the South of Scotland to be a feeder to this WoS league (which they'd likely accept) and invite all licensed clubs yet to join the setup as well as Juniors (Clydebank etc) - The likes of Edusport and BSC would likely be keen to put reserve sides in initially if required.
  3. Ah, gotcha. Interesting to see if this is clarified over the summer in that case!
  4. The Lowland will never go above 16 clubs, had that confirmed earlier in the year. I'd expect 3 relegation spots in the EoS Prem, with automatic promotion for the champs below and a 2nd place playoff for the other spot. Seems the logical solution (and just put both 2nd place teams up if the numbers dictate so).
  5. Great to see the feedback here guys! Let us know if you have any thoughts/suggestions.
  6. Greene stood out for Shire today (just as well, wearing those boots...) and Ashe was impressive. For BSC, wee Stevie was quiet and Strachan seemed to stay in central midfield interestingly. The narrowed Indodrill pitch might be a hindrance this season, really tightens everything up and makes it hard to find space.
  7. Welcome back football, we’ve missed you. Off to the Indodrill in optomistic mood!
  8. Hello BUs, need a wee hand... I’m planning on coming through to the Jeanfield game on the 28th of July. Seems like I’ll have over an hour to kill afterwards - is there a social club or recommended boozer to head to afterwards?
  9. In the recent Edinburgh News article (Scotsman), the secretary said current plans are for north and south divisions in tier 7. I could see either north/central/south divisions or conferences if more sides join next year.
  10. The year before, Edusport went up automatically by winning the SoS as the EoS winner was unlicensed. Threave went down.
  11. I'd assume so, yep. Highest licensed side in the round robin to the playoff makes sense. Very unlikely, the Lowland always aimed for 16 clubs. 18 has given the Highland issues re scheduling this past season too! I think ultimately we'll see a Lowland West and Lowland East in years to come, once sufficient numbers of clubs become licensed and most (if not all) Junior sides make the jump. This won't be possible for many years mind you!
  12. Said this on twitter earlier. I’m not against adding the English sides to have every other UK&I nation represented, but this preliminary round is a joke. Should be the 4 weakest U20s playing off to gain entry. Like it or not the cup (and U20s) are here to stay. The format of the tourney needs to be improved.
  13. It's the press release (via e-mail). I get them as an article writer for a couple of websites, thought I'd share to help answer the question.
  14. Think you’re getting confused! The winner of the EoS playoff, assuming no changes to relegation spots, has a one off tie vs the SoS winners to gain a Lowland spot. The Lowland winners play the HL champs and Club 42.
  15. It has been announced officially in the EoS press release, conference champs face off in a round robin to determine the title winner.
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