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  1. I would agree, a LB has to be a priority for me. Unless the intention is to play Craig Howie there once he's fit.
  2. Has anyone had issues buying an e-ticket for tonight's game? My Stirling-supporting friend bought one this morning and got an order confirmation email, but hasn't received the actual ticket yet. He's tried emailing but no reply so far... Any ideas @LeodhasXD?
  3. If you’re looking for the worst kit of the season, I think we already have a winner.
  4. I've been supporting Alloa for 25 years and have seen a lot of great players during that time. But none have been as consistently outstanding as Kevin Cawley - 10 years of service, and his performance levels have very rarely dipped in that time. Even in the odd games where it's not quite happening for him, his sheer workmate and commitment to the team effort are still phenomonal. And his sheer versatility means he should (in my opinion anyway) be the first name on the teamsheet each & every week. A true Alloa legend and, for me, very real contender for the GOAT.
  5. Absolutely. It’s pretty telling that, while Ferguson keeps saying “no-one should expect to be playing each week”, this mostly seems to apply to the non-Ferguson signings.
  6. I don’t understand this at all. Hutton deservedly got booked for being needlessly aggressive towards the Peterhead player, then continued mouthing off to the referee. Immediately after that, it looked like he was still having a go at the player, so was already asking for trouble. Then shortly afterwards, he’s brought the boy down to concede a penalty, leaving the referee with no option but to send him off. Hutton’s only got himself to blame for that. This team has clearly got discipline issues, which need to be addressed ASAP. But when we’ve got a manager who also seems to have anger management issues, I’m not sure what the solution is.
  7. I'd agree with this - while McDowall's never been no 1 material, he's surely the best back-up keeper we've had at any point in the last 10 years? And I understand he was also extremely popular in the dressing room. So we probably shouldn't under-estimate the kind of effect that both Neil & Craig leaving could end up having on team morale.
  8. To echo what others are saying, the stream was absolutely brilliant this week. The best we’ve had by far. The picture quality wasn’t quite 1080p, but definitely still no worse than 720p. Which is a massive improvement from some weeks, where the Pixleot camera has made it look closer to 360p. And for the first time, the commentary was in sync for the entirety of the game. All of this has clearly been the result of lots of hard work behind the scenes - keep up the good work @LeodhasXD.
  9. Well that was a strange game. I'd have been in favour of using all 3 subs even before halftime, I'm struggling to remember a worse Alloa performance than that 1st half. But then, once Stevie came on, it was a completely different game and we well and truly bossed it. Good to see that the never-say-die mentality is still there. The stream seemed a bit pixelated today, and the commentary was out of synch - but certainly not anything too bad, the game was still perfectly watchable for me. And having a human in charge of the camera definitely makes things 100 times better.
  10. Does this mean you’ll be controlling the camera AND trying to do the commentary via Spalk on a 25 - 45 second time delay? If so, I fear for your sanity!
  11. The stream was really good quality - sharp picture, with absolutely no juddering or buffering. I’m still not convinced by the AI camera, I’d much prefer it to be tighter to the action, and it does lose track of the ball every now and then. But well done to everyone involved for getting it up & running so smoothly, especially @LeodhasXD. As for the actual game, we looked fairly decent, albeit never really got out of 1st gear. Some of the passing & link-up play looks really good, but we really need to take more of our chances. I’m still gobsmacked by Liam’s open-goal miss.
  12. Sounds like I’m the only one who’s actually bought it then! The way I look at it is - in normal circumstances, I’d be going to the game anyway, and the price of admission & petrol would cost more than £15. So I’m still saving money really.
  13. That looks brilliant, a much-needed refresh which (with no disrespect to the old design) really adds a bit of professionalism.
  14. I’d sign up for this in a heartbeat. Whether it be a season ticket or a game-by-game basis, I’d happily watch every week until we’re allowed back into grounds.
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