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  1. Creeps are creeps - regardless of the first language of their girlfriends. However I do agree that a high proportion of guys with Russian / Thai girlfriends are total creeps, especially the Russian / Thai guys they are with.
  2. Am i imaging it or did Nelson Mandela appear on-stage at a rock concert in London within a year of his release? If so - link please - I can't find it, I seem to remember a standing ovation?
  3. Do you live in rural Perthshire by any chance?
  4. Real real sorry but just back in (half cut)! honestly just cracked open a bottle of champagne that my sister wanted kept for her wedding later this year! So a big fat Charlie for the the first person to tell me who the 5 yes's were? I am absolutely ecstatic but this thread has moved on >80 pages since I last checked can't be arsed checkin 'mon the diddies :D:D Oh and I will be visiting both Clyde & Raith at least once this season to show my support for the way their respective boards have shown the way on this issue, much respect is due! So when does the campaign to have Stu Cosgrove as head of SFA or single body begin? I would support that 100% as would (I suspect) many other diddy fans. Peace out!!!
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