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  1. There is nothing wrong in interpreting Granny's post as referring to a Tory minority government. Those two paragraphs must be read as options given that two parties cannot both be the biggest party.
  2. It's part of the puzzle but it isn't a viable solution until they increase the output from the car. Even 2.6kW is probably at the lower end of what would be needed.
  3. Jews, something, antisemitic, something, something, Jeremy Corbyn.
  4. The problem is that the current EVs that can put that power back out such as the EV6 can only handle 1400w or thereabouts. Not much point in storing it if you can't get it back out when you need it.
  5. Well to be pedantic, batteries aren't currently viable either. However all the examples I have listed would be able to store energy.
  6. The question isn't what methods there are since Oaksoft is stating that the investment was needed long ago. Alternative methods include Hydrogen, pumped storage or compressed air.
  7. Why batteries, there are other ways of storing energy.
  8. As you know only too well. Having a squad and having players is two completely different things. We have Paul Dixon in our squad.
  9. Semantics. If you are looking to stay in Ayrshire, I am not sure that you are that picky. The OP was only looking for one residence as far as I could see.
  10. Can't see how the OP can have a sizeable deposit and yet be unable to afford to buy a house in Ayrshire. You can pick up a 2 bed flat in Largs for £20k
  11. I'm not sure how it works in the US. In the UK there is no need to do this. If you pay by DD and you disagree with any change to the amount you can phone the supplier and discuss the change. If they refuse to reduce it and proceed to take the payment you can tell your bank that you aren't paying it under the DD guarantee and they are required to restore the funds and contact the company. I have done this many times in the past. You just have to know your rights https://www.directdebit.co.uk/direct-debit-explained/direct-debit-guarantee/ If you keep a low balance and your DD fails, you will be charged by the bank and possibly the DD recipient also.
  12. Don't watch the full game as it will only reinforce your already correct opinion. But hey, a win is a win.
  13. Fell at the first hurdle. Utterly woeful game tonight, boring play calling by both teams. Luckily the Broncos HC and offensive play caller turned out to be more incompetent than Frank Reich. I don't get the Celebrating Matt Ryan at the end like we had just won the SB. He should have been overcome with embarrassment for his performance. Finally, we had better get something working up front as we have been beyond poor. Says a lot when Kelly leaving the game improved our performance.
  14. That's what happens when you mix absolutes and percentages. With your understanding of arithmetic, you should put yourself forward for the Chancellor's job.
  15. The affect is still the same. You call out rises of £18.5k over 12 years as unacceptable and solve this with a limit that could see an £18.5k increase in a third of the time on current salary.
  16. How I can I make this any simpler? Under your plan to cap pay rises for MPs to 5% each year an MP would now be earing £118,056. This would have been a £52k rise over the period rather than the £18,500 that you are railing against.
  17. This is an absolute mental take. MPs salaries in 2010 - 65,738. MPs salaries in 2022 - 84,114. Under Father Ted MPs salary in 2022 - 118,056 or £34k more than they currently earn. For information, MPS have had 11 years of < 5% increases in the 12 year period.
  18. I know you are anti-people in general but replacing your kids with light bulbs...
  19. The pump will use more electric than the boiler.
  20. it'll be interesting to see how we get on tonight with a different RB. With Taylor being out we will see if the OL can create holes for Hines.
  21. I don't agree with this tbh. I think the implementation of UC and the operation of it is criminal. The concept of UC I am very much in favour of.
  22. Another one is where the person is unlucky enough to have a five week pay in the qualifying period also leading to a nil award and no payment. The government should have just left it at the criteria being on UC rather than a paid award during a very specific time. It isn't many people that go from UC to millionaires in the space of a month. The harm done by the stupidity of the criteria outweighs the overarching aim of the payment.
  23. Jeez, it is figuratively and actually just down the road.
  24. There is an actual point where you UC becomes a nil award and many times people have had their claims closed by the DWP forcing them into another waiting period and losing out on some things like free dental care. I am sure you have seen this. I know people who have not been paid the Cost of living payments because of closed claims.
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