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  1. Well that is just hyperbole. You have literaly contradicted your ealier posts stating not only do people not have to pay but that they can stop paying and still use the services. The very opposite of "every citizen" being "forced to pay"
  2. Not just government funding. BBC had to contribute some of their licence fee income to C4 and S4C or whatever the taffy version is/was.
  3. The BBC world service is where you expect the BBC to be putting out pro-West, pro-UK sentiment and propaganda and yet when citizens of countries are undergoing regime change, oppression etc. it is often the place that they turn to. As for the hypocrisy of claiming something is shite and therefore not worth paying for whilst actually using the service - simply stop using it for live TV or iPlayer if it isn't worth the money. The people who think they are being smart or on-trend by not paying the licence fee whilst actually using the services that you are supposed to pay for is just wrong. Equivalent to a millionaire not paying taxes because he has his own security detail and goes private for healthcare and dental treatment and sends his kids to private school. When you start choosing with public services you want fund the society is on a very slippy slope.
  4. They were losing money. They got £428m in subsidy and took £445m in fares. If only the Scottish government would subsidise busses to the same level.
  5. When were the previous times that the NHS had its funding cut? Why did the dickhead SNP increase NHS funding less than the dickhead Tories?
  6. I'm not your mother so I wouldn't be qualified to post on it.
  7. And yet here you are holding a degree in politics and in both psychology and behavioural sciences and presumably also a member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.
  8. I understand them fine. I am not the one that posts over various threads stating that people can't have opinions on anything unless they are "experts". What we are now finding out is that the subject that you have allegedly obtained a degree doesn't need any qualifications to discuss because "politics isn't like that". Makes your alleged degree pretty worthless. Anyway I look forward to you applying the same standards when people want to discuss the impact of viruses, lockdowns and schooling.
  9. The first quoted part clearly shows that you did say that he wasn't qualified.
  10. Was it the Pfizer injection that you got and was it blue? I'd take extra care as you probably aren't vaccinated against COVID. 😁
  11. Wow, just 30 minutes. It would be about 11 hours for me to walk to the nearest station. 😁
  12. You could set up a stakeholder pension which your employer can contribute to or alternatively you can transfer your pension when you change employer. The alternative is as you say you would have multiple small value pensions. I am not sure if you are aware how the workplace pension schemes operate but the pension belongs to you and you can contribute to it without even being in employment. For example lets assume that all your employers use defined benefits pensions - if you start work with Employer A who provides their pension through, as an example, Scottish Widows, it is actually a personal pension that is setup. If you then move to Employer B who uses NEST for their pension provider, you can either keep your Scottish Widows pension or transfer it into NEST. If you then move to Employer C then you would have the following options: a) if you had pensions with both NEST and Scottish Widows you can transfer them both into Employers C provider. b) If you had already combined into NEST you could keep this and have a separate pension with Employer C c) You can continue to keep them all separate. Regardless if you have spare cash then there is no reason to opt out of a workplace pension.
  13. The £20 is a start and I know that for those out of work that it does make a difference. It is however the proverbial papering over the cracks. Genuine benefit reform is required. The top three that I think would make far more difference than £20 per week are: 1) Stop discriminating against the young just because you are under 25 does not somehow make living expenses any less. I understand that this may be the case when staying with parents but actual circumstances should be the basis of need not applying some random assumptions to everyone. 2) The LHA should be scrapped or revised to reflect societal norms. The assumption that single people will live is "shared accommodation" is not the reality for most of the demographic. The exemption for housing associations and Councils makes private renters considerably worse off. 3) The qualifying period for UC is an absolute joke. That the government think that it is appropriate to make people wait for a period of time to access benefits is un-acceptable, even their own aims of making it more like those in work is a complete falacy as those in work actually get money for their lying time. UC claimants aren't actually getting paid in arrears (which is what the government make out), they are not receiving any benefits for the first 5 weeks and are required to take out loans to cover their expenses for this period. It works against those that may be able to secure seasonal or temorary work as they can be removed from UC as soon as their earnings for a month exceed the threshold and then made to wait 5 weeks again. If it were a toss up between the £20 and removing the above then I would, reluctantly, remove the £20 as these other elements would provide more benefit IMO. Obviously the "temporary" extra £20 should be made permanent.
  14. If you are signed up for the workplace pension (i.e you don't opt out) then you get employer contributions straight away. If you can contribute to this with a salary sacrifice arrangement then you can also save NI. If you make your own contributions through taxed salary then you will get tax relief but will have paid NI. There is also no need to go down the SIPP route. For someone that can't be bothered with a workplace pension (by FAR the easiest way to save for retirement) then the maintenance of a SIPP probably isn't for you.
  15. Still not as embarrassing as being a member of Labour in Scotland tbf.
  16. This is an interesting take on a temporary measure introduced last year. Have the Resolution Foundation found that the provision of this uplift in benefits pulled an equivalent number out of poverty? You would assume that all the additional money being put into the economy for the low earners and those on benefits would have helped to raise some of then out of poverty.
  17. I am not sure of the equivalence here, appears to be the case of apples and pears. Based on your figures, a higher proportion of cars use the by-pass than people use the trams.
  18. Aberdeenshire council employees "volunteering" to work in the care sector to get vaccinated.
  19. I would like to see your argument on this. Half a dozen pitches doesn't equate to the beat training facilities in the country.
  20. Wow. Are you @Peppino Impastato? I couldn't tell as your posting style is much more mature and less confrontational than your previous account. Have you been on the phone to Biden's chief of staff to make sure your views are conveyed to the President-elect?
  21. I'm not sure that you could top the P & B caddy stakes. We had a guy on here before that had been a caddy for Condolezza Rice. Yeah the ex US Secretary of State. Now that will take some beating!
  22. Does that fall into the Non-productive classification. That would be wholly appropriate. 😉
  23. If you are going as an elite golfer then you'll need a caddy. Looks like you may have a volunteer. I am sure they are very experienced.
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