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  1. You could ask the club, they may be interested in it and throw a couple of comps your way.
  2. Aberdeen still wouldn't manage to win the league.
  3. It's not a stand you need, it's glasses. You canna beat being close enough to the park that you can actually hear the shite that the linesman says to the ref.
  4. Yes, but not inside the ground. Go to the ticket office before the game and they will relieve you of your £2.
  5. Pointless. As much as the decision was incorrect, there won't be footage of the incident that will allow it to be over-turned.
  6. I was at this one, I'm sure you'll remember it.
  7. Is English not your first language? Had to look up the fixtures to see what your Ibrox comment was about. Appears that even your old trope is shite given the game tomorrow is at Parkhead. 0/10 for effort, 0/10 for knowledge 10/10 for stupidity.
  8. Great result, good performance, bad losers as usual. Fair few Clyde fans embarrassing themselves today. Highlight being the woman in the second half racing down from the stand to bellow abuse at the officials after a Clyde player escaped a red card for a horrendous tackle in the Peterhead box. Never change Clyde. Even when the game doesn't entertain the support never fails to provide alternative entertainment.
  9. Counted about 5 fouls at that one corner. The ref choose to give one but a booking was OTT.
  10. Many on here would argue that you did this over Brexit.
  11. The SNP didn't predict the income tax revenue, it was the Scottish Fiscal Commission.
  12. Peterhead foul count was so low due to Love not diving around all over the place.
  13. Was that v the Colts? Utter shitfest of a game.
  14. Why would you be worried? All of these things are powers already held by Westminster.
  15. The names may induce fear for a defence, their play this year not so much.
  16. Which "anti-climate parties" are there? I would suggest that in comparison to the Green Part, the rest of the political parties would meet this definition and therefore whatever point you are trying to make is, actually, pointless.
  17. Take away the green element and they aren't voting SNP was my original point. None of the people that I am talking about live in Perthshire so it isn't directly related to Wishart but more a general observation.
  18. I never stated that the Greens never support the SNP. Green voters that I know vote Green for reasons other than independence and would vote Green even if they were a unionist party. Not everyone in Scotland votes on the basis of independence.
  19. If this is a single issue election then why are the SNP not stepping aside for the LibDems given that the SNP can only return a minority of MPs. Of course with the SNP it's always single issue just not the one that you allude to. Whilst it may affect the SNP more than the other parties, plenty of Green voters that I know wouldn't vote for the SNP under any circumstance so give everyone the opportunity to vote for as wide a selection of candidates for the fairest result.
  20. The Help to buy scheme in London allows 40% up to £600k. The rest of England is Half this amount. Such policies only encourage the divergence in house prices. The issue is that successive governments have encouraged home ownership as an investment with people expecting prices to rise at above wage growth. Wholly unsustainable in the long term. BTW, currently a 60k job in London would comfortably allow the purchase of a £400k property. The issue is that £400k in Greater London gets you next to nothing in terms of property and certainly not in a new build.
  21. Not according to Strauss-Howe generational theory. Neil Howe stated that the Millennial Generation are those born between 1982 and 2004.
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