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  1. In terms of economics he quite clearly is. Or perhaps his announcements were not his and therefore he is both stupid (for delivering policies he doesn't believe in) and self-centred.
  2. Can they not just ask the SNP for their, undoubtedly, detailed plans that they were working on for about 4 years.
  3. They won't though. There is far more chance that they could hold the balance of power with less MPs. The only thing that would hurt would be the SNP party income.
  4. Maybe, just maybe he realised what having a total idiot as chancellor would lead to rather than anything underhand taking place. Nah, I don't think so either!
  5. or 1.8% difference in the workforce which isn't that much lower?
  6. Wow, that's one hell of a lot of deflection and whataboutery there.
  7. We'll never learn. When we are speaking about gilts, it takes a certain stupidity to buy a "safe" asset on margin and continue to classify them as "safe"
  8. You are being rather disingenuous here. There are surely two separate points, although related, points being made here. 1) It is entirely down to the clubs to set the budget for the SPFL. 2) The person being discussed was employed by the club and responsible for digital output. You appear to be very sensitive to the criticism of the attitude to the SPFL digital content whilst "he" was employed. Far be it for me to back-up @craigkillie but I think you are taking this out of context.
  9. Everyone can be a millionaire, we will just introduce a currency where 100,000 is equivalent to £1. Therefore if you have a tenner then you are a millionaire. Why are you so obsessed with millionaires anyway, the mark of a decent society is measured in quality of life not size of bank balance. The less millionaires and the less poverty we have the better for society.
  10. Unless he was underpaying considerably.
  11. At no point have I dodged anything nor have I stated that we can "afford to lose high earners". What I have pointed out is that you are constantly overplaying their importance to the exchequer. A point in fact is that your 1% pay 25% of income tax becomes 10% pay 25% of tax which puts a slightly different perspective on it when you consider that you have to be earning £58,300 to be in the top 10% of earners. Whilst this is obviously a high income compared to the median UK income it is hardly yachts and jet territory and puts into perspective your need for more millionaires to be in Scotland. What we should be looking at is the disparity in income (which is handily measured in the Gini coefficient) which shows that the UK is one of the most worst countries in the world for this. So rather than look at taxing the highest earners most, we should be looking at the income disparity and addressing that.
  12. I see you don't recognise the word "proportionately". I have also added an important word to your incorrect statement. How much of their wealth do the top 1% pay each year in taxation? Not just income tax but capital gains, alcohol, tobacco, fuel duty, council tax etc. Do you think this will be more or less in %age terms than someone earning minimum wage?
  13. It was a serious question. You appear to think that your residency determines who pays your pension, so if I am homeless then who pays?
  14. Luckily I don't take them from P& B either. Your hot takes on here should be on the facts I made up thread.
  15. It hasn't improved from your contribution, that much is obvious.
  16. You clearly can't read then. In my case, I already qualify for a UK pension when I reach pensionable age as I have made the requisite number of years contributions. Are you suggesting that if I move to the USA the day before Independence then I will be entitled to my pension from the UK government but if I stay in Scotland I'll somehow have to rely on the Scottish Government. It is an absolutely illogical position and anyone arguing this point is not doing so in good faith or with any modicum of common sense. As for precedent then there absolutely is - every foreign national that has worked in the UK for 35 years and have paid the required amount of NI are entitled to a UK pension.
  17. Not proportionately they don't.
  18. Nobody was suggesting that they knew how pensions would be funded under an independent Scotland. The question was around who the liability sat with and quite clearly that is with the UK government. In the event of a negotiated settlement upon independence it would be absolute folly for iScotland to assume this liability without the Uk contributing to it (as they have agreed with the EU for their pensions) since the UK would be liable to pay these regardless of Scotland's independence. For example, if you are currently short of entitlement you can make class 2 contributions to "pay up years" which is also a payment in expectation of a return. The Pensions Act 2014, lays out the basis for a state pension and the Contributions and Benefits Act details the basis for which contributions are means of entitlement to a pension. Country of residence is neither an impediment nor a requirement for entitlement to the State Pension. I would think any talk of issues with pensions on independence is just daft. But hey what would I know, being just an arrogant Yes voter.
  19. Don't want to appear negative which is hard when watching Peterhead this year. However, getting those players back is not going to turn our fortunes around unfortunately. We have a team that looks like they don't have a clue on position nor tactics and a captain that is as good as a goal start for the opposition and I don't mean that he is just useless, he actually costs us a goal a game with Saturday being just another in a long line. To Jim's credit this week he quite clearly removed the poorest players at half time but with the quality we have it was never going to be the difference. Hopefully he'll now start thinking about dropping some of his preferred starters such as Dixon and McDonald. Thought Ryan had an OK game but for me MoM would have been Wood. Not his biggest fan but he saved us with some decent shot stopping on Saturday. I also noticed that Owen Cairns absolutely strolled the game against us. I am not sure what happened with him but he clearly could have a place in our team at the moment. Finally, Jason was lucky to stay on the park with his stamp on the Elgin player. We certainly don't need players that are going to be playing like that, especially this year when we are struggling with 11 never mind 10.
  20. I'm confused, how can she be having the 3rd booster after refusing the second?
  21. Is this what he meant in the post, I took it that he was speaking about Grant rather than McKenna.
  22. No, Jim doesn't really look at players in the NE. So Cove signing people that stay locally isn't really an issue.
  23. I laugh at this when I see it. I assume therefore that Hearts were only 0.8 relegated too.
  24. Thanks for your very detailed response. It has certainly shed light on how you came to your position. Of course that neither makes it sensible or logical. As others have pointed out since, it matters not a jot what has been done with my NI contributions, the absolute fact is that I have now contributed sufficiently to the UK pension scheme for it to pay me a full pension. Nothing that I do now (bar dying) will remove that entitlement. Just as all those ex-pats that leave either before or after retirement age are entitled to their pension. I think the main flaw in your argument is that you are confusing expenditure and liability. That the UK government spend the contributions that are made is neither here nor there in regards to the liabilities that they are accepting by taking the payment. Finally, it is a well trod path that there is no fund. There is a fund albeit one that is massively underfunded. NIF Link
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