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  1. You got the information wrong. Move on. Can you answer the question?
  2. Was it also completely different grades that were provided with increased rest day working remuneration?
  3. There current increase on offer is what they agreed to last year. The same negotiation that gave them an above inflation pay increase backdated to April. If you accept a 2 year pay increase, don't cry about it 7 months later.
  4. Tbf neither did you when you put your resolution forward. Bit of pot and kettle here.
  5. Good luck with raising an action in England when the individuals both reside in Scotland.
  6. No he isn't, not in Scotland. Even in England it wouldn't be slander, it would be libel.
  7. I appear to have touched a nerve. Are you one of the people that lodged the resolution to get rid of the trust board? If so can you give me details of who you were nominating to replace them.
  8. Away with you man. There is no way he will be suing for slander, 100% guaranteed.
  9. No, I am reading what has been posted here by both sides in this. I don't disbelieve anyone but I do form an opinion that those that are running the club do so at the behest of the owners. I also never stated that the board lodged the resolution to remove the trust, the word that I used was "instigated". It is plain as day that the current board encouraged people to sign up to the trust for one reason only. That is not what the trust exists for, it is not a one vote lifetime like many of the new members will be. As an outsider looking in, the current board may indeed have good individuals but collectively here actions here are appalling. To add some counterbalance to the above, I don't see any issue with a director using the club website to post that he will resign if the chairman is votes off. However, if said director feels so strongly that the ownership should not be voting on the removal of directors then he really should be resigning anyway.
  10. As much as I have enjoyed the soap opera that is Stirling Albion, how you can continue to claim that you are not canvassing on behalf of the current club board is ludicrous. When the club board instigate moves to remove the entire trust board as a tit-for-tat when a resolution has been posted to remove the club chairman then it really does question why the club board are acting both childlike and protective of the chairman. Like any other organisation, if you don't have the confidence of the owners then you really should not be in position. In SAs case this is exhibited through a vote. All the gerrymandering from the club board raises a question on fiduciary responsibility.
  11. That's Niah also not coming back. Not prolific by any stretch of the imagination but his work rate was outstanding. Hope it works out for him wherever he ends up.
  12. It's not the same tournament though as if it were, Rangers would have been out already seeing as they were beaten over two legs by Lyon.
  13. The cap affects both electric and gas. I know that gas is used for a substantial percentage of generation but there is no reason that there is not a competitive electric market. Some of us don't have natural gas whilst most have electric. If you don't think there is the capability for a competitive market then I despair. All the generators that were crowing about their renewables are selling this electric at prices dictated by the gas price. There 100% is the possibility of supplying electric cheaper than current prices.
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