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  1. You can submit a historical meter reading there is absolutely no reason to be logging a meter reading a 2am. Says the guy that posted his wierd behaviour on an open forum. You are utterly obsessed about energy prices which is completely at odds with your usual "life is too short". Given that you have posted about how you have retired then it makes your behaviour even more strange. What happened to your sense of perspective?
  2. Get a life FFS. Why would you feel the need to login at near midnight or 2am to submit a meter reading when doing it any anytime in the next 10 days will suffice. Even if they overestimated your usage by a days worth the difference would be a couple of quid and you'd get it back once you submitted the correct reading.
  3. And pick a lane and stick to it, even if it is the wrong one. Drivers entering a roundabout can't take anything for granted about where the current roundabout occupants are exiting.
  4. I don't think that the most vulnerable give a shit about mortgage rates tbh.
  5. In terms of economics he quite clearly is. Or perhaps his announcements were not his and therefore he is both stupid (for delivering policies he doesn't believe in) and self-centred.
  6. Can they not just ask the SNP for their, undoubtedly, detailed plans that they were working on for about 4 years.
  7. They won't though. There is far more chance that they could hold the balance of power with less MPs. The only thing that would hurt would be the SNP party income.
  8. Maybe, just maybe he realised what having a total idiot as chancellor would lead to rather than anything underhand taking place. Nah, I don't think so either!
  9. or 1.8% difference in the workforce which isn't that much lower?
  10. Wow, that's one hell of a lot of deflection and whataboutery there.
  11. We'll never learn. When we are speaking about gilts, it takes a certain stupidity to buy a "safe" asset on margin and continue to classify them as "safe"
  12. You are being rather disingenuous here. There are surely two separate points, although related, points being made here. 1) It is entirely down to the clubs to set the budget for the SPFL. 2) The person being discussed was employed by the club and responsible for digital output. You appear to be very sensitive to the criticism of the attitude to the SPFL digital content whilst "he" was employed. Far be it for me to back-up @craigkillie but I think you are taking this out of context.
  13. Everyone can be a millionaire, we will just introduce a currency where 100,000 is equivalent to £1. Therefore if you have a tenner then you are a millionaire. Why are you so obsessed with millionaires anyway, the mark of a decent society is measured in quality of life not size of bank balance. The less millionaires and the less poverty we have the better for society.
  14. Unless he was underpaying considerably.
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