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  1. It takes a certain type of idiot to use the term "part-timers" as a put-down against a part-time team but Morton always have been blessed with more of these than your average support. Three balls on target - three goals. A clear difference between the teams and we can have no complaints about the result. Jamie Stevenson getting MOM. Class.
  2. League 2 - 1/4 Review - Your club

    Wow. You Clyde supporters sure are the most optimistic folks in football.
  3. NFL General Discussion

    I think your American geography needs a little work. Your AFC Central would surely have the Colts in it before all the teams you have listed apart from the Titans.
  4. Week 6

    Would be good if we could play you every week.
  5. NFL General Discussion

    Colts tribute on Sunday for Edwin Jackson. www.edwinjackson53.com RIP Pound Cake.
  6. 2018 Pigskin Pick'em


    Yep, certainly don't do this. Catch the 60, 61 or x60 from Aberdeen from the main terminal connected to the train station. Timetable: https://tiscon-maps-stagecoachbus.s3.amazonaws.com/Timetables/North Scotland/Bluebird/BUCHAN GUIDE 07MAY 2018 WEB.pdf
  8. NFL General Discussion

    They usually are for the first 20 or so picks. If you land in the top 20 for the draft and can't get a fully guaranteed contract then you should be sacking your agent.
  9. Question Time

    Not as long as I have been waiting for you to answer the question that I asked you. It appears that you also have an issue with answering the question as despite posting multiple times you still havent answered.
  10. Question Time

    Nothing more horrendous than the use of the phrase "Yer Da" TBH. I await some post about being triggered, snowflake and gammon since they seem to be the goto terms at the moment. Anyone that uses Loki and Excellent in the same sentence probably doesn't bother about the price of alcohol given that they must be taking much better psychcoactive substances.
  11. Question Time

    Still waiting on your explanation of the significance of the 'guest variable'. Nearly 16%. It is absolutely scandalous how biased QT is towards independence leaning parties. Can't be long before the royal commission is established to investigate this. The alternative being SNP propaganda?
  12. Question Time

    Absolute disgrace. How can we ever take QT seriously when they have such an unfair representation of the Scottish electorates view of independence. I expect multiple tweets to be posted on here decrying such blatent bias from the BBC. Pep? Baxter? Anyone?
  13. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    You must have read it multiple times to come up with a post like that.
  14. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    Montrose were in the league for 22 seasons without getting promotion and could quite easily have been out of the division a couple of years back and Edinburgh were actually promoted to get into the league in the first place. Basing the ability of a club on play-off performances is not evidence that they are better/worse for a league. If we look at Brechin we can see the absolute worst outcome from having a few good performances in play-off games. Stenny were the same this year where the results of the play-off was not unexpected given their performances against us during the season. This was a team that accumulated 28 points less than us from mutual opposition over the course of a season. However, the actual play-off games fixtures came down to the last game of the season where we could have been automatically promoted and/or the relative positions of Stenny/Stirling could have been reversed which may have ended up with a completely different outcome. Do they deserve to be promoted? Of course they do. Will they enhance the league above more or less than Peterhead would have, that is a far more subjective.
  15. Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    There are a host of clubs that could improve our league, however only one of them gets the chance every year and even then, it's down to the performance at a particular week in May. That clearly doesn't give an indicator of the relevant merits of each clubs ability to improve a league. In terms of current performances over the season there is more than one League 2 club that could be replaced and result in improvement to the League.