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  1. It was the ring doorbell that was the main issue, although the camera was also ring. It was recording the neighbours garden both visual and audio and although the activation area is configurable, the capture area is not. It was found to be in breach of GDPR and harassment.
  2. Why is it even relevant to a thread about a football game. At least we know you aren't vegan.
  3. I got an i-pace last year after having a Mercedes phev and I'll never have anything but electric going forward. Just a comment on the grants, it is no longer £750 but £500 and my total installation costs were £1400 so I have £900 of capital costs to get back out of electric. The I-pace gets less than 2 miles per kWh if driven as cars are supposed to be driven but can get near 3 miles per kWh on short drives and light foot. The other benefit of electric cars is that the service costs should be a fraction of an ICE vehicle and my friends I-pace was serviced for < £200 (I haven't had my first yet since it is 2 years or far too many miles for services) Range anxiety is something that I think all electric car drivers experience but it just needs a plan for your drive and a backup plan for when you can't get a working charger. The Chargeplace Scotland contract has just changed and I was emailed saying that the £20 annual charge was being dropped but then seen something else saying there is a £5 charge. The network in Scotland is a dream to use compared to down south. Will be driving down to Yorkshire shortly and thoroughly looking forward to it.
  4. Is that grammer, pinctuation or speeling?
  5. Better to stay quit and be thought a fool...
  6. The QT format has changed since I last saw it. Is it now on twitter
  7. Why would they use unsubstantiated claims about how poor the Scottish Government is when they can use plenty of factual examples.
  8. I am sure there are plenty of people that are willing to test themselves at a higher level. Weigh that up with the additional travel for training, midweek games all over Scotland, time off the day job, less time with family etc and it isn't hard to see why many don't want to take that on and show "ambition" to be a League one player. I know it would be difficult to have a team comprising entirely of locals but that doesn't explain why we have turned into a central belt club that happen to play in Peterhead every so often.
  9. Not quite - there were issues with getting some countries to accept the initial vaccine certificates - the ones that didn't have QR codes. And yet the USA provide, and the UK and EU accept this -
  10. Given that half the team is ex-Peterhead, we were either wanting to take one of them back or it was someone from the half that hasn't already been at the club. Not surprised that they didn't want to come to Peterhead, especially if they are local and would have to travel down the road for training when they can train locally. That we can't attract players from the like of Fraserburgh paints a rather poor picture on what Peterhead can offer locals.
  11. Amex deal with their own customers, MasterCard and Visa basically licence to other financial institutions and it is those companies that deal with the customer. Give me Amex any day of the week when looking at customer service. I am one of the people that has used Amex to dispute a Ryanair charge albeit not for a cancelled flight but for change fees. Without going into all the details Ryanair basically said "yes I know that is what our terms and conditions state but that isn't how we work in practice".
  12. Probably best to list their respective achievements side by side. I'll start with Sturgeon's - Baby box and ehm...
  13. Arthur Donaldson and Andrew Gibb like this post.
  14. No they haven't. . Your opinions are based solely on whatever current SNP policy is.
  15. Give GPs HGV drivers wages, that'll get them back full-time!
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