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  1. It is still based on NI contributions to calculate qualifying years regardless of if these are made by credits, PAYE deductions, self-employment or voluntary payments.
  2. Qualification is directly based on contributions. The amount payable is indirect.
  3. That is absurd, both of these benefits can be paid or not based on NI contributions.
  4. If the last year had thought us anything about the UK and money it is that any subsidy that we get is less than beer money to the UK.
  5. That you didn't know who SEPA are? Not at all. If you are referring to their data being released then you should hope it doesn't happen with your employer although it would appear that their information security training is either really deficient or your are completely ignorant regarding the criminal value of the data that flows through an e-mail system.
  6. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency who suffered a ransomware attack and had their "mundane Word documents or crushingly dull Excel files" stolen and then published on the dark web when they wouldn't pay the ransom. These documents contained personal data of current and former employees.
  7. I'll pass your expertise onto SEPA and their employees.
  8. It doesn't matter what the environment is, the characteristics of the product don't change. FRSMs are not going to prevent the spread of Covid nor do the manufacturers make such baseless claims. So your post "Popping out to Asda or the Garden Centre? Wear a FRSM in order to ensure that you don't spread the virus." is just shite.
  9. FRSM's are designed to protect both the wearer and others from large droplets, splashes or sprays.
  10. That is a story, the reality was that we diversified our reserves and bought Euros. Stupid decision but there was a prevailing thought at the time (not just in the UK Government) that gold had lost it's shine and had no place in a modern portfolio.
  11. I thought it was one drop at a time? You are doing the very thing that you are preaching against here by setting your own arbitary rules. A one way flight from EDI - LHR = 33 tonnes of CO2. Even using the worst case studies a large dog is 2.3 tonnes per annum. Telling people that travel is OK but pets aren't is batshit mental.
  12. I keep hearing all these people that won't be voting SNP once we gain independence all with different reasons. Unless there are about 500 single issue parties then I think the SNP will continue to hoover up the votes on the "they're better than the alternatives" basis.
  13. What is/was the SNP position on the monarchy? Looks like they want the status quo but replacing unionism with nationalism with their own set of crackpots.
  14. To make that arguement would require you to accept supremecy of Westminster. Shocking turn of events.
  15. Ha, ha, ha. You posted the original article you numpty. Little realising that it would bite you on the arse when your beloved SNP have been shown to have the very same mandate for the Saltire to do the same.
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