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  1. Scotland has the third highest excess mortality rate in Europe. It isn't just England with questions to answer regarding the handling of this pandemic.
  2. Maybe on Pie and Bovril it does but I fear that this is not high on most people's priority list at the moment. The need to survive in the short term outweighs all other concerns. The polls may be moving in our favour but the appetite to have another referendum is, in my own opinion, waning. The SNP need to start to focus on bringing the issue back to the front and centre of Scottish politics.
  3. Forgive me if I ignore an economic analysis that doesn't know the difference between GVA and GDP.
  4. The terms are that it is treated as a salary advance from their tolled contract. The $350k for those with medical conditions is not a salary advance.
  5. Can we just offset it against our Union dividend from 2014? What is the source for this data as I am confident that Brexit is not the reason for Aberdeen/Shire and Shetland GDP falling by > 17%. Looking at the numbers it also appears that there is a discrepency - Aberdeen City would have a per head GDP of Β£52000 whilst Shire is < Β£30000. Pinch of salt required.
  6. Scott Brown signed for the next year. Happy with that.
  7. It will be Nicola's way of getting one over on Salmond. Nap.☺️
  8. Good for the Jets but shows a lack of belief in the personnel department at Seattle.
  9. Gold going through the roof just now. That may be why. πŸ˜‰
  10. TBF they have been cracking down on teams interviewing token candidates to comply with the Rooney rule. When they saw that you were interviewing Rivera that would have been foremost in their minds and paperwork was probably issued before the hire. 'skins then skin and actually appoint the guy. 😁
  11. What is this load of nonsense and how does it relate to my post? You quite clearly aren't buying a season ticket for "your" club. Yet you think that attending 700 games gives you a right to criticise others. The reason for the continued use of "your" is that I think you have a brass neck claiming that you are a supporter of the club when you and not simply being unsupportive but actually critical of the club trying to get income to survive this crisis. I bet you are one of those that think it should be the faceless suits that inject the funds in so that you can go to another X amount of games. "Your" club needs you at this time of need and you are nowhere to be seen.
  12. You do realise that the ultimate decision on how many are able to attend football games is down to the individual clubs. There will be a cost associated with allowing fans into grounds for staffing, catering, policing etc. and therefore the Scottish Government can decide tha there can be 20, 200, 2000 or 20000 fans in each stadium but that does not require the clubs to even open the grounds. Aberdeen may be hopedful that they are allowed 7500 in to games from the start of the season. If they aren't they may decide not to let fans attend until 7500 are allowed, which would mean that they can guarantee access for season ticket holders. I am surprised that anyone would be using clubs selling season tickets during these unprecedented times as a stick Most fans want to make sure the club they support is still in existence when everything is back up and running. Others, like yourself will continue to boast about what you have done in the past rather than what you are doing now to support "your" club.
  13. It's only fair since you tend not to post about them unless they are on a Rangers thread.
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