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  1. 6 years ago. That isn't the case any longer.
  2. Peterhead players and fashion. You're having a laugh.
  3. You don't have to stay with the same provider. If you leave a property then you are free to move provider.
  4. I am far from a defender of Morrison, but on this occasion he is right. Our performances since Robertson took the helm have been poorer than before he was in place.
  5. If you email him and ask. I'm sure you'll get a response.
  6. Thanks for telling me how my club are run. Why would the chairman have the final day? If it was put to a vote and three of the four directors were insistent that they wanted Robertson then the Chairman would not have the final say. Our Chairman is not the main shareholder in PFC.
  7. The chairman is only one person on the board. If all the club decisions are being made by the chairman then I think that would be a bigger problem. As for your second paragraph, the players that were being referred to were the recent signings and I honestly don't think it matters how hard they try, they are not going to be players capable of winning league 1 games. That our chairman has called out the ex-manager for signing worse shite than we already had will make not one iota of difference to our certain relegation.
  8. It's about making a statement. He quite clearly didn't pick the manager.
  9. Wow, setting a low bar there. You'd be better than Ikwa!
  10. Back with all the old guys coming with him? Canna wait to see Ryan Conroy and Derek Lyle back with their Zimmers.
  11. From what I understand, the decision to appoint Robertson was not unanimous. I believe there may be some conflict at board level now. As for investment, well that isn't going to happen to any greater extend than the last couple of seasons. The first thing I thought of after seeing last weekends result was your post on how Robertson seemed to be moving in the right direction.
  12. I know. However she wasn't the chief architect. Who signed off the policy changes?
  13. Sturgeon? I'll take money on her not forgetting to claim her pension.
  14. You'll have to work on your delivery. Not as catchy as Linekers but you have all week to practice.
  15. It's almost as if the accuracy of predicting commodity prices months ahead is folly. Anyway, is this over as a private wealth emergency?
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