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  1. If the extend of their involvement was limited to the court case then I would agree. It isn't.
  2. I would challenge this. When "victims" of no crime continue to talk to the media and retain their anonymity then I think there is a solid case for such anonymity to be removed.
  3. In Lennon's case, Celtic would probably pay him to get a job at one of their competitors. If by some miracle that was the Rangers gig then, from Celtic's perspective, so much the better.
  4. I've just had to buy a computer component from Australia shipped to our Australian office as the company isn't allowed to ship outside the country. I will have to pay duty on this when it enters the country. I blame Brexit.
  5. They were certainly less than enthusiastic, but they have now found an accommodation which is preferable to a relocation upheaval. Not every company or industry will be able to do likewise though, and I can see an organic process whereby as reality intrudes, corporate UK will prefer a return to the single market than placing any more faith in bullshit about 'sovereignty, taking back control, etc.,' Can't see this happening in my lifetime. Businesses will adapt, the world will turn and most people will go about their lives without ever worrying about politics.
  6. So we just lower the official tax base for multi nationals? How does Ireland fare on GNI?
  7. They weren't that enthusiastic tbh. They now see it as not only a bullet dodged but as an opportunity to take market share from competitors.
  8. I'm not sure if you are playing dumb on purpose. Prior to Brexit there was no reason for Nissan to make their batteries in the UK as they were not subject to the need for their cars to be at least 55% sourced from the EU. Now that they do need to meet this requirement they are moving manufacture to the UK. This is a good thing and there is no indication from Nissan that this is anything other than to meet a new requirement brought about by Brexit.
  9. Well quite, it couldn't be down to the reasons that the company stated as that isn't in line with P & B groupthink. Better value than half a dozen faulty masks and a non-existant ferry. 😉
  10. It quite clearly is a result of brexit. The only way Nissan can export the cars to the EU tarrif free is to ensure that sufficient parts come from the EU or UK. Nissan currently makes the lower capacity batteries in the UK and will add their higher capacity to ensure that they meet the 55% rule. It was over-all a very encouraging and positive statement from Nissan. https://www.ft.com/content/d2489ca9-0327-4a85-88c8-d6e7ca4eca55
  11. Sorry to break the spirit of the thread but Nissan commits to the UK and as a result of Brexit are moving manufacture of their high capacity battery packs to the UK. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55757930
  12. Since Reich call the offensive plays this news is bothering me less than it should. If we lose our DC then that is a different matter.
  13. Well that is just hyperbole. You have literaly contradicted your ealier posts stating not only do people not have to pay but that they can stop paying and still use the services. The very opposite of "every citizen" being "forced to pay"
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