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  1. A point is good for us. A well organised display but we tired in the last 10. Morton are woeful and the home fans should be furious with that.
  2. Game off according to BBC. Another wasted Saturday travelling across the country!
  3. I can understand the reluctance to postpone back in the days of unreliable forecasts. Not now. Gayfield is a very exposed pitch especially from the SW. The forecast is for gales from the SW. This should have been off yesterday.
  4. There’s a major snag with that. All the fitba and all the goals happen at the downwind end! [emoji3]
  5. Cappielow is a lot more sheltered from the south and west. Sadly, Gayfield is likely to be unplayable in winds that would just be annoying at Morton.
  6. The full time team have a massive advantage in midweek games. It didn’t need much to put me off but the forecast is rotten for travellers. Good luck Lichties!
  7. I think the pundits would say that Wighton used the defender to disguise his strike. He definitely brought a cutting edge to our attack. There are some great options now for the Lichties.
  8. We’ve had some great loans at Gayfield over the years. Lee Erwin maybe the standout. The guys who’ve done well for us are always appreciated and I hope Wighton goes on to greater things as a Lichtie favourite.
  9. Wighton debut a breath of fresh air. Some great attacking moves in the first half. A calm finish for his first goal.
  10. It’s a great roll of the dice by the board and the management . Signing 3 exciting attackers for a team which is playing well but not scoring enough is surely a good move. Getting the blend right is going to be the challenge. A return to the midfield which worked well earlier in the season might help. Some tough decisions for Dick on who to leave out. It looks like a lively run in to the end of the season!
  11. Holding on to O’Brien and making those signings is a very bold move by AFC. Great to see!
  12. I think Miko could play centre back if needed. Not sure if he’s played there but he surely got the skills.
  13. The Lichties had a fantastic away record in League 1 last season. Some reason to be positive about pinching the tie. A different attacking approach needed though as we rarely looked like scoring on Saturday. Maybe Goldie back in to give more drive from the midfield?
  14. Doris plus cash for Hilson I believe. Can’t imagine Steven would have moved otherwise. A good deal for both clubs I hope . Doris always a Lichtie legend. It would be good to see him getting regular first team starts. Hilson looks like he has the sharpness we’re missing in front of goal.
  15. Chalmers from United seems like an exciting prospect according to their fans. I hear we’re trying hard to get Hilson in from Forfar.
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