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  1. The Arbroath Thread

    Our greatest ever achievement? I think so. Certainly in my time. Well done all the Lichties and the Campbell management team. Thank you all the generous congratulations from fellow football fans.
  2. The Arbroath Thread

    The team of 67/68 is surely the benchmark. Jack and Bruce in attack scoring 65 goals between them in that season. The ammo provided by Cant, Sellars and Wilkie. Kennedy in midfield and Stirling and Cargill in defence were all superb. A different style of team and no individual who I would say was technically better than Bobby Linn. The fact that the same 11 took to the field every week makes it hard to compare to our ever changing line up of late. Seen through the eyes of a 16 year old, the team of 68 will never be bettered. That won’t diminish my admiration for the current team if we triumph on Saturday.
  3. Brechin V Arbroath

    Get there early!!
  4. Brechin V Arbroath

    Yes. We need the same gutsy, no frills approach to tough out a win. Denholm looked up for it on Saturday so I’d start him again.
  5. Brechin V Arbroath

    Same team, same attitude and it’s the championship.
  6. The Arbroath Thread

    Kader for me. Puts in a shift and tackles back.
  7. The Arbroath Thread

    Any news on Bobby Linn? I hear he was on crutches after the game.
  8. The Arbroath Thread

    Both he and McKenna put in high energy performances. By getting between the defenders and the ball they caused all sorts of problems. On another day it would have been enough for the points. I was also surprised at Dick’s comments on time wasting. I can’t say I noticed that.
  9. The Arbroath Thread

    A mystery to me. A tired Wallace is still twice the striker of any on the bench. He and Doris really brought our attack to life on Saturday. Kader for Linn would have been the only change I would have made. Maybe Spence for Doris in the last 10.
  10. Forfar v Arbroath

    A decent game of football for a derby with plenty of quality from both sides. I thought the Lichties shaded it but beaten by 2 good goals and some excellent goal keeping. The difference to our performance today by fielding Wallace and Doris was immense. They need to start next week. So much more presence and threat in attack. We really lost momentum when they went off and Bobby was injured. It was always going to be a tough one today, but that was nothing to be disheartened by.
  11. Forfar v Arbroath

    Swankie impressed against Stranraer and could be a key man on Saturday. McCord still has a fantastic touch, but is he quick enough for the likely pace of the early part of this derby?
  12. Forfar v Arbroath

    Stranraer defended well and had a very lively counter attack. No shame in a draw there. We saw encouraging performances from Swankie and Gold which could prove vital for the run in. We now have all the players available to recreate the team of the first half of the season. Please start Wallace and bench the new boys for now.
  13. Stranraer v Champs elect

    Dick is just teasing us. We kept scoring goals and winning games with Wallace in the team. Hopefully he’s had his laugh. I’m guessing that Bobby Linn had a knock. Darren Jamieson in goal has played like that all season. A fantastic keeper who has really kept our league challenge going.
  14. Stranraer v Champs elect

    Please Dick, start with Wallace. He is our only real striker. Stranraer should have taken the points. Brilliant performance by Jamieson in goal earned us a point.
  15. Stranraer v Champs elect

    I’d like to think that our wobble is over after the win on Saturday. Particularly pleasing that the former Stranraer player, Donnelly is at last getting some praise from the Lichtie fans. Both he and Ryan Wallace could add some edge to this encounter. A great away day at Stranraer despite the A77 switchback. Looking forward to it.