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  1. Talbot were decent but Arbroath had to chase the game on a very tight pitch against a packed defence. The stats showed Arbroath to have much more of the game and a draw was more than deserved. Hopefully Dick will field his first team for Wednesday and we will prevail on the wide expanses of the San Tomaso.
  2. Absolutely right. Start with our best 11 and if we’re fortunate enough to get well ahead then bring on some fringe players. It would be great to see Swanks get some game time. Today’s heavy pitch might not be ideal for him, though. I expect a tousy game.
  3. The first one was surely a penalty or a yellow card for diving. It didn’t look like a dive.
  4. It looked like 2 stonewall penalties in the second half. Both involved Colin Hamilton. I can only guess the ref didn’t give the one against him because he had just bottled the one in his favour?
  5. I’m told that if we’re 100 or so we’ll be in the big stand and not the “cowshed “ on the road side. That’s preferable I think. Wetherspoons in Greenock is ok for a beer. A 10 minute walk to the ground. I wouldn’t recommend anything closer.
  6. A tough, tough draw. I wouldn’t call it winnable. I’m not even sure we’ll be favourites.
  7. Fair buzzing after yesterday’s game. Not because it was any classic but I was fearful after the depressing capitulation to Clyde. As a critic of Dick’s recent forward signings I have to balance that with praise for all the midfielders brought in. A lot of energy and attitude from all of them. Miko a standout yesterday. Bobby Linn wasn’t at his best yesterday but made the difference with a classy free kick. He also drags defenders to him every time he collects the ball. The that makes space for the other forwards.
  8. A scrappy game but Arbroath deserved the points. Third time I’ve seen Morton this season. Definitely going backwards.
  9. I’d love to see a strong performance against Clyde in the cup. Give us a lift and a wee bit of momentum for the tough fixtures to follow.
  10. I think they must have rehearsed that commentary assuming it was going to be windy. One of the calmest games seen at Gayfield!
  11. Fox has made some incredible saves. Should have been 3 or 4!
  12. Brilliant player. Fantastic attitude. A star signing by DC.
  13. It absolutely should have been Doris on for Spence on Saturday. We were crying out for someone to win and hold the ball in attack.
  14. I heard the same. Apparently it was dependent on some other signings at SJ.
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