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  1. Can we appeal that red? It looked a daft decision. He couldn’t put his hands anywhere else or get out of the way.
  2. I imagine Dick wanted to have a go today and the Donnelly Hilson combo looked promising on Tuesday. It kind of worked for 20 minutes. Agree about the lack of cover at the back. Last season we were incredibly lucky with injuries and kept a settled defence. Hearts on Friday will be a big test.
  3. I thought we did well and could have pinched it. Maybe Smith on for Bobby earlier as Bob was on a card.
  4. I hear they are still working at Gayfield.
  5. Decent first. Shaky second. Ryan still decent.
  6. Where’s the boy wi the drone when we need him?
  7. I hear that a lot of work is going into this. I for one will be happy to fork out a decent fee to get the games. I’m sure many of us travelling fans will be saving plenty on our usual match day out. If the clubs are struggling for money then it’s an opportunity to raise funds.
  8. I hear we’re playing Jeanfield Swifts tonight in Perth.
  9. A great gesture! Anyone heard any more about live streaming of the games?
  10. I see East Fife have been streaming their friendlies to season ticket holders. Anyone know if we are getting coverage for ours?
  11. Great to see Lee Erwin on the scoresheet against Celtic last night.
  12. It would be great to see the Forar friendly on the TV. Anyone know if this will be a live stream trial for us?
  13. 4 nil to the Lichties I hear. Doolan and Hilson (2) plus one? All good news!
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