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  1. I love to see Bobby getting prominence and scoring goals. The downside in past seasons is that the opposition realise that and start doubling up on him every time he gets the ball. It just emphasises our need for another scoring option . It’s great to see an outlet developing for Scott Allan’s passing .
  2. A decent draw. A good crowd and no shame if we lose. Every chance of advancing, though. C’mon the Lichties.
  3. I was at Partick and the atmosphere was unpleasant to put it mildly. There’s a simple way out of this. Rather than engaging in a long range artillery battle, the Club and fans need to clear the air. What’s happening to the regular question and answer sessions with Dick or Ian?
  4. I can’t believe that there is any realistic chance of management change this season unless Dick resigns. He will get the chance to turn this round and that’s our best chance. Even old guys can learn from their mistakes. If his promises of big things to come in the next few weeks prove hollow then very serious questions will be asked. The Club’s in great shape and still enjoying a level of football unseen for decades. Our best chance of staying up is bolstering the squad at Xmas and kicking on from there. I’ll be behind them whatever.
  5. You can add to that list of charges against the referee. When Bobby Linn left the ball by the corner and ran back , the referee completely lost his cool and screamed at Bobby like a temperamental school teacher. I’ve honestly never seen an official behave like that. He shouldn’t ref another game. I hope an official complaint goes in.
  6. An entertaining game and a draw probably fair. That said, we could certainly have ground out a win if the substitutions hadn’t thrown the shape out. Bobby’s rage at being subbed for Corfe was completely understandable. I thought both Allan and Jacobs were good today as was Oakley. There’s only logic in making subs when you have better players on the bench and you need to change something. We needed minor adjustments like Hilson for Shanks. The rest were baffling.
  7. Pleasantly surprised to see Scott Bitsindou and ToB both back in the squad. That should beef up the centre of the team.
  8. So much depends on the fitness and availability of our key players. With a full squad then I’d be confident of a home win. It’s hard to predict when there’s so little information on the state of the players. My weather forecast looks good with light winds. We must be due a rousing Lichtie victory.
  9. Goldy is a terrific player who can adapt to pretty well every position including keeper. The logic of playing him at left back yesterday evades me. We had a good left back on the bench and Goldy could have been in midfield from the start.
  10. Great to see young Shanks get a goal. I thought we were losing for sure until Dick’s late Subs as we were being overrun for about 15 minutes in the second half. Hancock looked more comfortable at lb than Goldy had and Fosu injected a lot more energy into the midfield. Overall a pleasing point which could have been 3 in the end.
  11. Opinions are still mixed on Scott Allan. I think he’s improved in the last couple of games and started to look like the player we expected. He plays a range of ambitious passes and some don’t come off and play us into trouble. He’s definitely started to build up an understanding with some of our forwards. Bound to start in Inverness.
  12. I was in despair a couple of weeks back but I’m now starting to think Dick can turn things round. The return of ToB and glimmers of form from Scott Allan make us look more of a unit. We need more than a striker. A winger to back up Bobby must be a priority. Unfortunately the January window often proves a disappointment.
  13. That would be popular with many of us, but: Loads of clubs will be monitoring him. Could we afford him? He left because Dick apparently didn’t rate him.
  14. The real plus for me is the return to solid defence. A glance at the table shows that we have a goals against as good as the pace setters. Goals for is the problem (no shit Sherlock)! Corfe coming on as sub seemed futile yesterday. Maybe Shanks played wide could work in the last 15. Clutching at straws?
  15. Surprisingly, I’ve heard that Nicky’s not been setting the heather on fire at Kelty.
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