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  1. I dunno, he seems to have developed into a bit of an EFL superstar by many accounts. I have absolutely no memory of how he performed for Saints when he was younger.
  2. The camera panned to him during the second-half and showed him picking something out of his teeth before flinging it to the ground. Whenever he's caught on camera, something disgusting is occurring. This is no mere coincidence. He's clearly a repulsive man in general life.
  3. Celtic's reserves did just as well against Livingston's first-team as Celtic's first-team have done against Livingston's reserves. Just let that sink in. That was certainly a trip worth taking.
  4. Gordon and McCart also in the top ten for interceptions, above the two mentioned.
  5. Of course, the main point which Neil Lennon seems to be missing (alongside Celtic FC as a whole) is that the Dubai trip was ridiculous from the outset. That's the issue. The main issue isn't that they've returned with two positive tests. The 'outcome' isn't the issue. 'Hindsight' is utterly irrelevant. Everyone, except the people embarking on that trip, knew it was a self-absorbed decision utterly lacking in common sense or morality, and they knew this from the very moment it became apparent that they were going ahead with it. This Dubai trip isn't remotely comparable to the Hamilton, St. Johnstone or Raith Rovers situations which Lennon rants about. Rightly or wrongly, professional football is going ahead. There will be positive cases at most clubs. Some clubs simply don't have the resources to follow every guideline to the nth degree, but you can rest assured that they are doing their utmost to respect and follow those guidelines to the best of their abilities. In short, it is a necessity for these clubs to continue their seasons until told otherwise. On the other hand, Celtic's Dubai trip was a completely unnecessary risk to take. That's the main difference. By apologising solely to Celtic's supporters for the 'outcome', this entire concept seems to be something which Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell can't wrap their imbecilic heads around.
  6. Didn't realise that Lennon was informed of the second positive test during the interview, mere minutes after proudly declaring that they'd only had one positive test. Comedic genius.
  7. Five minutes into the interview. Good grief. Andy Walker needs to change his identity and flee the country immediately.
  8. Don't absolutely need to download the app, right? I seem to be able to view it OK on the website after subscribing.
  9. As far as his job security is concerned, Neil Lennon has surely signed his own death warrant with that interview - not least for the fact that he's undermined the nationally recognised rules and regulations regarding a deadly worldwide pandemic.
  10. Celtic didn't turn up until the 90th minute, so he has probably just assumed that's the dressing room they would have been using.
  11. Onto more important matters, what are we calling our new strikeforce: K-A-M or M-A-K? I favour M-A-K. It sounds Scottish and you can expand it to 'M-A-K Attack' if you feel that way inclined. I'd prefer it without the hyphens, but P&B doesn't allow this and I have no idea why.
  12. Just as I feared. We need to get a man sent off so we can regain control of the game.
  13. Is there a better strikeforce in the league than Kane and Melamed? I’m struggling to think of one.
  14. I think the main positive is that our strikers are actually in the right place for crosses, something which hasn't been a familiar sight this season. Melamed's positioning is good and I have faith that he will provide us with a few goals over the coming weeks.
  15. We’re called the Saintees, not the Fakes. Show us some respect, please.
  16. Not been totally convinced by Bryson yet, but the line-up looks good generally. What a bench.
  17. I am referring to the one or two neutrals who comment on our performances, most recently against Dundee United. I highly doubt, whether it’s a Saints home or away match, that any neutral is paying for the pleasure.
  18. My prediction today is that we’ll fail to win and then we’ll get told by opposition supporters and neutrals that we were the better team and we definitely won’t get relegated.
  19. I very much agree with this decision and I'm glad that everyone has come to their senses.
  20. No idea about Blob. A lot of people are saying it's Lenny Henry, which may well be the case, but I'll probably need some more clues. I find it a lot more difficult to guess the non-singer contestants. The ones I'd be most sure about are Gabrielle as Harlequin and Aston Merrygold as Robin. Glenn Hoddle as the Grandfather clock (purely based on the 'Spurs' and 'genius' clues) and Joss Stone as the Sausage are my other fairly solid shouts, but I wouldn't bet on them at this stage. Jay Kay as the Badger, Ricky Wilson as the Viking and Courtney Act as the dragon are the online theories which make most sense to me, but I'm not remotely sure about those yet. I know some people find my predictions annoying, but I'm having fun so I'll continue.
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