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  1. Also thought that his comment about the FCU's boycott was quite strange, saying that he had sympathy with them and that there should be some sort of deduction for football fans in their age bracket. Nothing wrong with that suggestion, but the boycott is clearly in regards to ticket pricing generally.
  2. Must be a relief for Callum Davidson. The Stevie May goal means that we don't need to sign a striker now.
  3. I had a wee chuckle at that goal. Good stuff. Get him out, please.
  4. For the first time since I started supporting Saints (more than 20 years ago), I didn't keep track of yesterday's match. Later that evening, I checked the final result and I felt nothing apart from 'Oh well, maybe we're one step closer to getting rid of him.' I never thought I could feel so disconnected to the club I love. It's clear to anyone who has been paying attention that Callum Davidson will never salvage this situation. We might get a decent result here and there which buys him a bit more undeserved time, but ultimately we'll finish in the bottom two (at best) unless we punt him. He is a terrible manager. And quite frankly, he treats this club with more and more contempt every day that he chooses to stay in the job instead of showing a bit of integrity and self-respect. His match tactics remain consistently dreadful, and his transfer policy solely involves desperately attempting to claw back his credibility by replacing his unsuccessful signings with more unsuccessful signings. What he has done to this squad, after so much time and effort has gone into it, is actually disrespectful. On a sidenote, I was at the Waterstones' book signing a few months ago. Apart from the odd occasion when someone worked up the courage to say something to this great double-winning coach, the man didn't even look up from the books he was signing. I had never seen anything like it from a previous Saints manager, nor from the majority of Saints players. Thank god he had the very friendly Liam Gordon sitting alongside him. This probably seems irrelevant in the wider scale of things, but it's apparent that he possesses no people skills whatsoever. This is further backed up by his terrible media interviews and embarrassing touchline antics. When someone like this guy loses the respect of his players, there is no chance he's getting it back.
  5. Is Robert Thomson maybe feeling overwhelmingly bitter because Random has had more access to the club than he's had during the past year? Should I ask him on Twitter? It might clarify his strange behaviour.
  6. It's not going well for RandomGuy on Twitter. Robert Thomson lapping up the opportunity to get him cancelled.
  7. Nah, Mahon had his first below-par performance so we won't see him again. We can only trust Millwall youths and/or experienced pros who know the league. The back three will be McGowan-Mitchell-Considine on Saturday.
  8. It seems that some Saints fans are now satisfied with our defensive/holding midfield situation after the signing of Sandford. Presumably they don't realise that he won't play a single minute for the first-team this season. We very much still need to sign a DM. Callum can't get away with this after only recruiting a youngster for the B team.
  9. I won't even purchase a teal and magenta shirt. Yeah, you heard me.
  10. I'm absolutely done at this point. If I can't find a dodgy online stream, I won't be watching Saints matches until he is gone.
  11. What a total shambles. This manager is surely a parody. I've never experienced anything like it in all my years of supporting the club (and I witnessed the John Connolly era).
  12. 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Hearts 4. Aberdeen 5. Dundee United 6. Hibs 7. Livingston 8. Motherwell 9. Ross County 10. Kilmarnock 11. St Mirren 12. St Johnstone
  13. I'm confused. Does CD think that signing twenty wide attackers will negate our need for an actual striker?
  14. The sad thing is, I probably would have been willing to show a bit more patience with Davidson (not at this point, but maybe a few months ago) if he had displayed a bit of humility in the past year. His deficiencies are more than just 'ineptitude as a football manager'. He has come across as a very unlikeable individual. Who would want to play for that and who would want to support that? Tragically, I fear that his legacy has already been tarnished beyond repair.
  15. It's all about context. It would be a dreadful signing (much like the McGowan signing would be) based on the fact that we've already got more than enough options who play in the same position, we've already got more than enough players of a certain vintage, and we urgently need to conserve our funds for priority positions like GK, CDM and ST.
  16. Ooh, it looks better in the still image they've just released. Not sure if that's mainly because Hallberg is modelling it. Either way, solid marketing choice. I'll buy it.
  17. I would have preferred them to try something less subtle and modern. You've got to go all-out with something like this. You can barely discern the teal. It looks alright though.
  18. The lack of self-respect is even more evident when you bear in mind that the club have kicked his shit mascot out of the building and replaced him with a man in a generic dog costume.
  19. Steve Bright on the St Johnstone Banter page. Jesus Christ. The epitome of sanctimonious happy-clapping.
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