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  1. St Johnstone FC Thread

    It's a strange one for me. If Blair Alston can't guarantee himself a place in our starting line-up, it's equally unlikely that he'd guarantee himself a place in an English League One starting line-up. He has only started six league matches this season (although admittedly he was injured at one point). A couple of promising performances, but still very much a bit-part player. Don't get me wrong, I've only been able to watch a few of our matches so far, but I wouldn't necessarily say that Alston has even done enough to guarantee himself a new contract at this stage. Certainly not as a priority above some of the other out-of-contract players. It looks like the Sky Sports 'Goal of the Day' has instantly boosted his profile down south.
  2. Livingston vs Hearts

    Levein's scattergun approach to the summer transfer window was always going to result in abject failure. A strong first-choice XI, but very little depth or quality in that squad.
  3. Aberdeen - St Johnstone

    In the first quarter of the season, we lost to Kilmarnock, we lost to Hearts and we drew with Aberdeen. In the second quarter of the season, we've drawn with Kilmarnock, drawn with Hearts and beaten Aberdeen. #WorkInProgress #TitleChallengers
  4. Nah, I probably wouldn’t admit it unless he was reasonably attractive.
  5. But below Kilmarnock.
  6. The league table where you're below Kilmarnock?
  7. Standard of officiating

    As well as being a terrible referee, Andrew Dallas also seems to be a smug, greasy-haired little guy with small man syndrome. He reminds me of Percy Wetmore from ‘The Green Mile’.
  8. Fair play to Joe Lewis for beating Free-scoring Rangers by 1 goal to 0.
  9. I'm a Celebrity 2018

    James is a non-entity and Fleur is incredibly annoying. Harry or Emily to win.
  10. A very speedy 'delete' of your previous post. Good work.
  11. I wasn’t at the match, but I’d just like to say that I’d rather lose a match after playing entertaining football than win a match after playing like Heart of Midlothian FC.
  12. Drey Wright is injured. Ach well, we can select Danny Swanson instead. Oh wait, Danny Swanson is injured. Ach well, we can select Blair Alston instead. Boom. Goal. Too easy.
  13. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. How do you like them apples?
  14. Rangers 2018/19 European Extravaganza!

    Just saw the red card incident. Rangers fans can console themselves with the knowledge that it will even itself out over the course of their European campaign. Or in other words, their next and final match.
  15. I'm a Celebrity 2018

    Never thought I’d say this, but I actually found that eating trial quite sexy at times. Sair’s a delight.