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  1. Canada’s early elimination is potentially a positive in terms of David Wotherspoon actually getting some game time in the final group match.
  2. I don’t remotely understand the thinking behind it at this point. I’m a few episodes behind, but I don’t think he’s shown a shred of likeability since about day 4. Since then, his jungle highlights have been touching animal faeces, not bothering to wash his hands, leaving dirty shaving water in a communal bowl, and acting defensive when called out on it.
  3. It was so obvious that this would happen. The British voting public are quite possibly the most consistently gullible idiots in the world, epitomised by the state of our current government. Matt was always going to seem awkwardly out of place on a reality show whilst trying his best to impress in trials and act like a human being, which can unfortunately come across as endearing to some people. If you look at any post about I’m A Celeb on social media, it’s clear that he has gained a lot of popularity amongst the viewership. I remember a contestant called Helen winning Big Brother many moons ago after being a complete bully for the entirety of the series, before suddenly showing ‘remorse’ in the final couple of days and receiving votes on account of her ‘journey’. And let’s not forget Jim Davidson winning the Celeb version after putting on the most transparent act known to man. I have absolutely no faith that Matt Hancock won’t at least reach this year’s final of I’m A Celeb.
  4. Great show of ambition to finish the match with a McLennan-Bair partnership.
  5. Prior to the minute’s silence, I thought it was a deliberate artistic choice for the reverend’s speech to be completely silent as well. A moving twist to the usual proceedings.
  6. Remi Matthews is an interesting one, because I think that Zander had many more opportunities to showcase his shot-stopping talents last season (something which he achieved regularly). However, despite the fact that I don’t believe Remi has been tested to the same degree, I have more trust in him. When he has been forced to pull off a save, he has done so. He seems to have a greater command of his area than Zander did and is arguably a more calming presence.
  7. St Johnstone FC? Or Callum Davidson’s friends and family?
  8. Sorry, I can’t hear you from our current berth in the top six. Speak a bit louder, please.
  9. True that. For all the talk of St Johnstone being rewarded for ‘ignoring the noise’ and ‘keeping the faith in their manager’, we are 8th. Are these the standards we deem acceptable nowadays? Tragic.
  10. Below mediocre as the vast majority of our performances have been. At least this will shut up Callum’s friends and family for a few days.
  11. What a team. What a manager. Stevie May is reborn. Rangers are dugmeat with the introduction of VAR.
  12. James Brown sparing the manager’s blushes with a screamer as per usual.
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