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  1. I've seen some positivity from the Dunfermline Athletic fanbase in regards to the draw. I'm not entirely sure what their thought process is. I don't think it could get much worse for them. I'd certainly expect us to beat any of the quarter-final teams pretty comfortably with the possible exception of Rangers.
  2. Starting to feel like there might actually be a weight of expectation on us at the weekend [emoji51] We’re heavy underdogs and should be treated as such, ok?
  3. I'd actually argue that our nicest football under TW took place during his last few months in charge. The first lockdown came at an inconvenient time for us. However, looking back in hindsight, it now appears that TW knew he was leaving at that point. He possibly adopted the attractive new style (which was uncharacteristic for him) in preparation for a new era.
  4. Do we reckon that supporters will be allowed back into stadiums by February 28th?
  5. Celtic FC, I hope you've enjoyed sitting on your high horse for the last few years. But everyone gets what they deserve eventually.
  6. Just when you think that things can’t get any worse for Celtic, their next two fixtures are against AC Milan and St Johnstone. Stop, stop, they’re already dead!
  7. The potential of a cup win is looking extremely plausible for a diddy side this season. Regardless of the Celtic v Ross County result, I expect that everyone has the right to feel positive about their chances of reaching Hampden and I expect most would feel satisfied as long as they avoid Rangers in the draw.
  8. This is such a weird season. We lose a goal which could potentially put us out of a cup and I feel absolutely nothing.
  9. I’d say we’ve looked a little bit more threatening than Motherwell, but a fairly even first half which was quite pedestrian until the final 10 minutes or so. On another note, I appreciate the reference in the thread title. Those halcyon days when we were allowed to go on holiday. I remember it well.
  10. No doubt that Tommy’s departure affected him more than anybody. I imagine he would definitely be our regular right-back if the management hadn’t changed hands.
  11. Big fan of our Ross County-inspired goal celebration videos on social media.
  12. It's an interesting one. Don't think we've had anything like the fluidity of our usual performances. Tanser and McNamara (particularly the latter) aren't receiving the same level of support in wide areas as they'd be getting if Wotherspoon and Conway were involved. Having said that, we've scored a goal from open play which I'm not sure would be the case if we fielded our first-choice XI.
  13. Our attack is looking incredibly sexy. Those fruitless Conway crosses are a thing of the past. 5+ goals incoming tonight.
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