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  1. Danny Griffin’s ‘co-commentary’ makes me want St Johnstone to lose football matches.
  2. Everything about Liam Craig, on and off the pitch, has consistently screamed out ‘future St Johnstone manager’ to me. I’ve always found it surprising that MacLean has risen through the ranks before him, because I don’t really see those same traits in him as a potential leader. I can’t quite explain it, and I know that managerial success requires a whole lot more than ‘vibes’ and a certain type of personality. Having said that, I think those two personalities could blend quite well together, so I hope that Liam is his assistant. A three-year deal seems reckless, so I hope that Macca can continue long-term with the same energy and hunger to improve upon the positive changes we’ve already seen. The MacLean era begins! Exciting times. Good luck, Macca.
  3. Also, he didn't include the word 'divine' the first time around. I'm glad he learnt from that, if nothing else.
  4. Oh, none of that is in doubt. I'd say the vast majority of supporters felt the same way. The cup double was obviously a great achievement, but even that season highlighted a few red flags which became something far more destructive in subsequent campaigns. It may come across as unsympathetic, but I have absolutely no time for anyone with a differing opinion on the matter. Any supporter who condoned or encouraged it for so long, either through stupidity, plain ignorance, or a close friendship with Davidson, has played a part in enabling our lazy/non-existent board to stunt the progress of Saints at a time when we were so close to taking things to the next level. The people in power have damaged the fabric of the club and pulled it in the opposite direction with very little hope of a full recovery.
  5. Surely the things which people have been praising are exactly what you’d expect from any satisfactory football manager. Callum Davidson has really brainwashed us to be impressed by the bare minimum. Having said that, ‘satisfactory’ is the key word, and that’s a positive place to start, so hopefully MacLean continues in a similar manner and gets better and better as he gains experience in the role. Also, being further behind with the takeover process than we were initially led to believe, and led by a temporary board, everything appears to be pointing towards another transitional season and maybe not the best time to go in a more surprising or interesting direction. Most importantly, Steve Bright will be a blubbering mess if Macca does well. So I’m all aboard the train.
  6. Steve Bright watch: Steve Bright has had a total meltdown on the St Johnstone Banter page. The dummy is well and truly out of the pram. He is desperate for our next manager to be a failure.
  7. Steven MacLean breaks Dundee United hearts again. A sore one for them to take, no doubt.
  8. I have my concerns about MacLean as manager and I feel it would be a lazy (and therefore unsurprising) choice on paper, but I’d obviously back him 100% and I hope he hits the ground running. That’s the last I will say on the matter. Mon the Saints. Mon the Macca.
  9. Also, I’ve noticed the complete radio silence of a few people who previously claimed to be superior fans due to their continued support of Callum Davidson. They obviously care a lot about the club’s fortunes, so I thought they’d be delighted that we’ve stayed up.
  10. It would be a no from me. MacLean has done a decent job, but the performances haven’t been convincing enough from a tactical standpoint and you get the impression that the players are simply a lot more motivated than before (as you’d expect to be the case during the first few games of any new manager’s reign). What happens when that effect wears off? I’m not sure he’d be the man to turn things around. Ultimately he has been a part of the management team for quite a long time, and that should be considered part of his audition process.
  11. According to an insider on the St Johnstone Banter page, our new strips will be arriving at the end of July because there is a strict three-month waiting period after they’ve been ordered from Macron…
  12. It was fairly predictable that MacLean's words would be used against him by the other relegation-battling managers. Not sure quite what theyellowbox was expecting.
  13. I feel like Steven MacLean has maybe been trying a bit too hard to impress the fans and decision-makers, whoever they may be. Although it’s quite refreshing to see such a change in the general demeanour of our (temporary) manager, it sometimes comes across like he’s over-compensating in his attempts to land the job permanently.
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