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  1. What are your thoughts on the Saints fans gathering outside McDiarmid Park last night? It has caused quite the commotion.
  2. I thought the same at first, but then he was surrounded by a few supportive lads and then he also looked delighted when the cup was held aloft.
  3. Shout-out to Callum Booth btw. An unfashionable player at an unfashionable club, but rarely lets us down. Good performance yesterday.
  4. If any League Cup 2021 winner needs a rest, it's probably 50 year-old League Cup 2021 winner Craig Conway.
  5. No, this isn't the attitude of champions. We must push on now. Three wins and we'll probably finish in the top six. Should be easy enough. Clark Kerr - Gordon - McCart Rooney - McCann - Craig - Booth Wotherspoon Melamed - Kane
  6. At half-time, I said to my dad that I didn’t care if the game was ugly as long as we won it. However, I must admit that I was delighted to see our improved second-half performance. Glad we finally showcased some of the quality football we’ve become accustomed to seeing over the past few months. Shout-outs to Kerr, Rooney and Kane, but the whole team performed very well. What a club.
  7. I hate it when the opposition drags our quality of football down to their level, but I’ll take any kind of performance as long as we get the win.
  8. If it’s 5-2-3 = raging at Callum If it isn’t 5-2-3 = raging at you for making me believe it’s 5-2-3 and ruining my pre-match buzz Anyway, I’m being tongue-in-cheek. Don’t worry. We’ll win either way, I’m sure... [emoji51]
  9. At 1pm-ish, I’m either gonna be raging at Callum’s 5-2-3 selection or raging at perthsaint1977 for unnecessarily putting a dampener on the cup final build-up.
  10. What I want: Clark - Rooney, Kerr, Gordon, McCart, Tanser - McCann, Craig - Wotherspoon - Melamed, Kane What I predict: Clark - Rooney, Kerr, Gordon, McCart, Tanser - McCann, Craig/Bryson - Conway, Kane, Wotherspoon
  11. The other thing he said of note is that he has 'eight or nine definites' in terms of the starting line-up and will make a last-minute decision on the rest. You'd imagine that Clark, Kerr, Gordon, McCart, Rooney, McCann, Wotherspoon and Kane are the definites.
  12. Guy Melamed's 'gonna play a massive part on Sunday' according to Callum Davidson in his press conference. However, he also admitted that he'll 'sometimes change a team just for the sake of changing it and won't change it due to performance'. He also underlined Craig Conway's importance and cup experience. So, to summarise, I am none the wiser.
  13. That was a bottom-half battle if ever I've seen one. It's just a matter of time now.
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