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  1. Nadine was the winner for me. Best personality in the camp and performed well in the minimal challenges she was given. Wasn't tested or given as much coverage as she deserved. Caitlin was OK as well. Couldn't care less about who wins it now.
  2. A 0-0 scoreline and next to no mention of the Meh Derby on this match thread? Funnily enough, these things combine to make this particular match the biggest and most significant Meh Derby of all-time.
  3. I’ve seen enough to believe that we should stick with Kennedy on the left and MOH on the right for a while.
  4. Fed up of hearing opposition commentators saying that they're 'surprised' we're attacking them and 'giving it a go'. Fed up of hearing opposition commentators saying we've been the 'more threatening' team in the opening stages. We shall concede a goal shortly.
  5. Scott Tanser, Wallace Duffy and Matty Kennedy on the bench. Stevie May dropped. A big statement from Tommy.
  6. Rutkiewicz was solid. I recall him having a shocker in a 4-0 away defeat against Partick Thistle when were going through a rough patch of form in 2008 (before Liam Craig's stunner away at Dunfermline set us on the right path again and we ended up winning the league). I think he was playing through illness at the time and it became quite apparent that he wasn't in the right condition to be starting.
  7. To be fair, Caulker had much more of a ‘point to prove’ than someone like Fraser Wright did.
  8. I believe our attack would at least be slightly better if they knew they had the security of a reliable defence behind them, giving them a bit more license to go all-out when they're in possession. Having said that, I can't guarantee it to be the case. We do look alarmingly powderpuff also.
  9. Yeah, we've lost the plot since the goal. Very vulnerable.
  10. Thinking positively, Jason Holt's best performance by a distance. He and Ali McCann could work.
  11. Possibly the best I’ve seen us play this season until that first goal went in. So incredibly frustrating.
  12. With all due respect, if we're needing a goal in the later stages of the match, I'd prioritise O'Halloran - a tried and tested Premiership attacker - as a striker rather than BSC Glasgow loanee Jordan Northcott. Maybe Tommy would like to change the shape and introduce a player capable of playing behind the striker. In that case, Danny Swanson Is the man. Maybe Tommy will want to introduce a traditional winger. In that case, Drey Wright is the man. There are many situations which could require one (or a combination) of these three players. Ross Callachan? Nah, Liam Craig is sufficient cover on the bench.
  13. He was all set to come on before the red cards according to Sky Sports. Tommy changed it to Spoony after that.
  14. I think people have missed the tone of Ali's post. RG is the only delusional one here.
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