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  1. This has maybe been addressed elsewhere in the thread, but has there been any clarity on what will happen for people like myself who were vaccinated in England but now living in Scotland? I’ve had to move back home for family reasons and I’ll absolutely go insane if I’m unable to enjoy a night out or big football match from time to time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I agree that this is probably his thinking, but does he really trust his 'experienced' strikers to score goals? You'd assume, after a full season of seeing our lack of potency in front of goal, that Callum wouldn't suddenly think that the exact same pool of strikers are suddenly going to come up with the goods. I really don't think there's anything to lose by giving Eetu a shot. I agree with you about his use of Melamed last season, and I'm surprised he hasn't learned from that.
  3. Is Eetu Vertainen a complete diddy, do we reckon? Or is Callum Davidson just doing his usual in terms of overseas signings?
  4. A ridiculous penalty decision given against us for a non-handball, a ridiculous red card given against us when Jamie McCart attempts to boost the assistant referee's confidence by very graciously congratulating him on his performance despite it being below-par, then the referee prematurely blows his final whistle just seconds before the stage of the match when we're guaranteed to score a goal. I'm absolutely fuming.
  5. Efe Ambrose with his third consecutive classy performance. As expected. Not sure what these Livingston losers were blethering about.
  6. Hilarious viewing on HibsTV. Honestly baffled. Maybe these have all looked like fouls from the perspective of someone at the stadium, but you’d think the commentators wouldn’t jump in with such assuredness when they’re watching from a distance. I don’t think Beaton has made a single incorrect decision in our favour at this point.
  7. Not often I agree with the BBC Scotland pundits and disagree with the majority opinion on here, but I thought there was plenty of free-flowing football in the Edinburgh derby. I’d honestly say it was the best Scottish derby I’d seen in a while. Couldn’t take my eyes off it. This match, on the other hand, has absolutely no redeeming features and keeps getting stopped every thirty seconds for a foul.
  8. There is absolutely no way on earth that this has been better than the last Edinburgh derby. That was several classes above this.
  9. From what he has said about him, I’m pretty sure that Callum will see Cammy McPherson as the answer. Hopefully he’s available soon.
  10. Fans of Dundee FC don't need to chase me. I'd happily jump into their arms if given the chance.
  11. Can anyone let me know what the ticket price is for the Aberdeen match next week? Can't find the info anywhere.
  12. Yeah, I was happy enough with that. My only criticism would be something I've mentioned a few times in previous weeks - the timing of substitutions. As soon as that Rangers penalty went in, they took real confidence from that and we started to look a bit overwhelmed. For me, that would have been the perfect time to bring on a couple of reinforcements instead of waiting until they'd gone in front.
  13. I have two friends who have been using a VPN for international SaintsTV access, but both have struggled to make it work during the past couple of weeks. Has anyone else been experiencing this problem?
  14. So, Booth was evidently one of those mystery '7 or 8' doubtful players. That defence gives me an ominous feeling.
  15. I associate the bombscare moments with his time at Celtic more than anything else. It kind of makes sense, I think. He has also played as a DM in the past so will be able to provide back-up for emergency situations… like tomorrow, for example. It’s somewhat comforting to have a more experienced head in our backline as well.
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