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  1. I’m on my way to the 4G/5G black hole of McDiarmid. This might be my last post as the supporter of a Scottish Premiership team. Farewell, friends.
  2. The big teams should be playing in the big league. This is something which I've heard multiple pundits saying in the past. It really annoyed me back then. However, I'm mature enough to admit when I'm wrong. I've had a few days of reflection and reached the conclusion that it's actually a valid point. I sincerely hope that tonight's referee will do everything in his power to keep us in the Premiership.
  3. Everything I want to say has already been said. The subs were ridiculous. When I saw Butterfield on the touchline, I naturally assumed he’d be replacing MacPherson. Only an absolutely clueless buffoon would take off Hallberg at that stage of the game. There was absolutely no need to be more conservative. We could have scored two or three more, in all honesty. Secondly, our mentality is a disgrace. You can see the heads dropping and panic setting in whenever we concede a goal. I can’t recall a Saints team with such fragile confidence.
  4. I look at these two squads of players and think we should be winning this comfortably, but then I remember that we’ll be set up to play for a 0-0 draw and we’ll lose 1-0.
  5. Callum Davidson has requested that these particular seats must be given to his two best friends Robert Thomson and Eric Nicolson. Spiteful IMO.
  6. In all seriousness, I thought I had a healthy dislike of Rangers until that match ended and I laughed out loud at two little boys sobbing. It has become clear to me that I maybe need therapy.
  7. I've experienced many enjoyable football moments, but this was something special. I'd love to bottle up all of the Rangers supporters' tears, mix them together and drink them down in one single gulp.
  8. OK, I'm not sugarcoating it any longer. I don't want Rangers to win. I couldn't date a Rangers supporter, I couldn't be close friends with a Rangers supporter, and I certainly wouldn't want a Rangers supporter to experience any semblance of happiness.
  9. Twenty-two players living in fear that Callum Davidson will cast a spell on them and teleport them to Linfield if they attempt to be remotely adventurous with the ball.
  10. The sad reality is that Callum Davidson probably won’t be sacked even if we lose against one of these dreadful dreadful teams.
  11. Eric Nicolson defending CD's most recent comments on Twitter. This has gone a long way past parody now. There is literally no way that any sane person could defend it. His integrity is long gone.
  12. I wouldn’t want to jump in uninvited or cast any doubts upon the authenticity of your statement, but I feel like the use of emojis might indicate that you’re raging.
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