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  1. Hendry’s our best striker and will finish the season as our top scorer. You are very much mistaken in your assessment. I will accept Kane criticism at a push, but not Hendry.
  2. I don’t quite understand that post. He is ‘going to take a place in an already small squad’? That wording makes it sound like MacLean’s inclusion would make the squad even smaller. Surely the fact we have a small squad is exactly why we need extra numbers?
  3. I like how he asked 'What's the rule now?' as if the rule is ever-changing and hasn't been the exact same for many, many years.
  4. Nice interview with Parish on SaintsTV. Seems a bit less of a bland character than I imagined him being. Pwopa geeza.
  5. I was a fan of the 5-3-2 last season. Provides a lot more stability, I think. I would love us to revert to that, but we'd need another central midfielder in the squad at least.
  6. McNamara certainly warmed into the game. Don't think he was particularly impressive until the last twenty minutes or so. When he received the yellow card, I was expecting Callum to replace him with Rooney.
  7. Would have been disappointed with a draw prior to kick-off, but happy enough in the circumstances. Newly-promoted sides always up their game in the first match against the big boys. With the red card also being an obstacle to success, I was pleased with some aspects of the second half.
  8. Dundee United 1-1 St Johnstone. Shankland 0-0 Hendry. The charity bet gets off to a tense start.
  9. Some delicious stuff from Hendry and Spoony there. Making United look like the relegation fodder they are.
  10. Much better now. We need to get another man sent off and we may still win this one.
  11. In terms of positives, I think it's been a much more entertaining match than Aberdeen v Rangers earlier, albeit a bit too frantic and frenetic. There are a couple of occasions when I thought, 'That was an alright bit of play'. Other than that, the quality has been dire. United have been marginally better than us. Far too many misplaced passes and punts. As someone else has mentioned, I don't think those wing-backs were the correct choices. United have done their usual play-acting to get one of our players sent off (a la Swanson v Anderson back in the day), but Mikey clearly lacks intelligence on the pitch and should have refrained from being quite so exuberant and giving the below-average referee a decision to make. We've got nothing to lose, really, so let's get Tanto, May, Conway, Rooney and Tanser on the pitch. Just have a go.
  12. Once again, no contact whatsover. He’s been too exuberant throughout, however.
  13. Is Lawrence Shankland injured today? I was really looking forward to seeing him in action.
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