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  1. Every club apart from one, I think was said. I recall this piece of news giving me the fear.
  2. I wasn’t solely talking about the current squad. I was responding to a poster who was talking historically in regards to ‘noble defeat after noble defeat with the odd disaster thrown in’ being a reason why we shouldn’t feel optimistic about tonight’s match. I was just pointing out that there have also been occasions in the past when we’ve also done the opposite (i.e. positive results against France and Italy, the qualifiers against England a few years ago, beating Serbia in the play-off final, drawing with Holland last week…). We weren’t favourites for any of these matches. Either way, history doesn’t dictate what will happen tonight. I just don’t believe we’ll get pumped. Apologies if that is too optimistic for you.
  3. ‘Misplaced optimism’. Good fucking grief. If people want to feel optimistic, let them feel optimistic. This optimism isn’t over-confidence or arrogance or high expectations. It’s just a belief that we can do well. So, with all due respect, feel free to be pessimistic but don’t try and control what other people feel.
  4. Yeah, where Scotland played fairly OK but were poor in front of goal. The manager’s initial selection was below-par. Looked more threatening in the second-half with Adams involved, but a brainfart from Hendry with poor positioning from Marshall, and it was game over. I’ve seen absolutely no evidence that Steve Clarke’s Scotland will roll over and get pumped by anyone.
  5. Tierney, Robertson, Cooper, Hanley, McGinn, McTominay, Armstrong, Fraser, Gilmour and Adams are all plying their trade for EPL teams, so I’d suggest that Scotland are EPL quality (albeit bottom-half admittedly).
  6. Yes, I’m fully aware. ‘Noble defeats’ don’t equate to losing by four or five goals though (as has been predicted by numerous people in the other threads). That’s the point I’m making. We’re not getting pumped tonight. It will be a close result either way. I’d also argue that history suggests we’re more likely to get results against teams we aren’t expected to do well against. The Czech defeat was par for the course.
  7. Don’t really get the pessimism from some quarters. England aren’t pumping anybody right now. They are a work in progress. Scotland will come into it with high energy and intensity, something which the English will struggle to deal with. I think it will be a close game, perhaps a draw or settled by a goal either way.
  8. Interesting to see the contrast between the general consensus on here and the opinions of English people who watched the match. I've been receiving widespread compliments from the latter, with messages saying that they didn't expect us to look as good or create as many chances as we did. They must think we're a bunch of absolute jobbers. In reality, it was OK but we know that we're capable of a lot more. Steve Clarke didn't get it right today.
  9. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7237079/galatasaray-preparing-transfer-bid-hibs-ryan-porteous/?utm_source=pushly Yes, let's hope for Galatasaray.
  10. Think we've got a teal and magenta effort this time around.
  11. Especially tragic when you consider the fact that Ric is in his seventies.
  12. Vaccine booked for Sunday 🙌 Will be fully vaccinated by the end of August, the week before I head to Ibiza for a stag party. Let's get this show on the road and return to normality (AKA trying and failing to seduce women at nightclubs).
  13. I’ve never liked Scott Tanser, so I’m glad he isn’t employed by us anymore and I can finally express it. He has his qualities in an attacking sense, but ultimately he’s a spineless coward of a defender with rat-like facial features. Having said that, he’s a cup-winning legend and I wish him all the best.
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