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  1. St Johnstone FC Thread

    According to my incredibly reliable sources, Easton isn't expected back any time soon. There's unfortunately no estimated date of recovery.
  2. St Johnstone v Celtic, 7th October

    I doubt I'd still be at McDiarmid Park if I was able to attend this match. Difficult run or not, the way we've approached our recent games has been nothing short of an embarrassment. Tommy has learnt absolutely nothing from his mistakes.
  3. St Johnstone v Celtic, 7th October

    Swanson's a little Dundee United rat. Despicable.
  4. St Johnstone v Celtic, 7th October

    Has Foster picked up a knock or is it a tactical substitution? I think this might change everything. The amount of shots we've conceded is an absolute disgrace. This has been a massive issue recently. It's humiliating.
  5. St Johnstone v Celtic, 7th October

    We're a sexy attacking team with a terrible defence and no holding midfielders. We're only going to take points off the diddy clubs.
  6. St Johnstone v Celtic, 7th October

    Tanser's had a proper Brad McKay moment there. Frustrating. We'd started really well. In an attacking sense, we look so much more threatening with Swanson on the pitch.
  7. Snowflake Big Brother

    I find it pretty insensitive that this thread was created on September 11th.
  8. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    To be fair to Celtic, it's quite unfair that they have to play Salzburg in Salzburg. It should have been a neutral venue. Brendan Rodgers must be fuming.
  9. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    Run, Forrest, run... off the pitch. Because you've just been SENT OFF. Am I right?! This match is providing me with a lot of terrific comedy material.
  10. Celtic in Europe 2018-19, the long and winding road

    It's disappointing to see Scottish football being represented in such a below-par manner. Just joking. It's actually very funny.
  11. St Johnstone players overlooked by Scotland

    Liam Caddis should have been given an international call-up whilst at Saints. Small clubs are treated like absolute shit. I'll be fuming if McLeish decides to call him up now that he's playing for Hurlford United.
  12. The Stephen Dobbie Fan Club

    12 years ago... I'll never forget my childhood hero.
  13. Muse

    Not been a massive fan of the new tunes, but I'm really enjoying this one. Pressure>The Dark Side>Thought Contagion>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dig Down/Something Human
  14. St Johnstone FC Thread

    I was reliably informed that Tristan Nydam would be our best player by a mile. Potentially one of the top five players in the entire league. I'm very excited.
  15. Livi v The Rangers

    Don't worry, Rangers. You're only 2 points behind the Invincibles. A massive improvement. #MindTheGap #TwoHorseRace #SeriousTitleChallenge