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  1. When I saw the replay of the goal there was something about the group of Celtic players in the box that looked a bit odd as if there was an extra Celtic player in the group but you couldn't see him for some reason. Then I realised that somehow Helander had sneaked his way in to the group in such a way you could barely see his blue shirt in a sea of green and white. Up to that moment every Celtic player in that area was off-side. All of them. Then suddenly Helander decides that rather than stay with the rest of his defense, hold the line and the flag goes up and threat over, ducks in to the group of attackers. He has now created an area of doubt as to who is off side and who isn't. Why is no Sevco fan asking questions about his guy? As for what happens next, when the ball comes in to the area he simply stands and watches the attackers break away and in it goes. If Jullien was off it was way tighter than first thought and Sevco fans can thank their own player for that rather than any consipracy theory.
  2. BBC show we have 70% of the ball but not one attempt never mind being on target
  3. Forster now facing 85 minutes without a bookable offense.
  4. A bad loss at Arbroath (not impossible I reckon) and down to 6th/7th could be the end point for McPake. I don't lose sleep over the DABS at the top but the idea we can't even be a top 4 play off team is just unacceptable.
  5. Every game I have watched it is obvious you never, ever want Forster in an isolated position having to deal with a ball at his feet. Too slow, no touch, no skill. Should have headed that ball in to row Z. Instead his complete lack of any real ability at this level shines through.
  6. That Cup draw is an excellent chance to assess the strength of our squad against top league opposition........
  7. Been that way for some time. Just play a controlled game and wait for us to make a mistake.
  8. No way. He slipped , got back up to track the ball and was wiped out by McGinn running straight in to him. When it happened in real time I was thinking foul on the keeper then saw the ref like 'whatever' and giving it.
  9. Commentary gave the centre backs the blame but that all came from giving away posession on the right of midfield. A quick through ball and a fantastic goal. Not much central defenders can do there.
  10. As In many previous games, even if we have most of the ball the minute it breaks down and our opponents break forward our defenders look dodgy. Should really be 2-0 barring a poor finish by the Kazak at the far post earlier.
  11. 1-0 the Dees. First half goal followed by a horrible game of neither attacking or defending but getting away with it.
  12. A wee bit more aggressive please. I dont want to watch Naismith shouting at his midfield for 90 minutes telling them to get closer...or watch him applying his expertise of falling over to get free kicks (much as we might benefit!). Tough game can see a 1-1 draw.
  13. Not my nerves. I am comfortably numb after decades and decades of watching this stuff.
  14. It says something about the state of our team that the thread carries an argument about temperature scales.
  15. Could have been 2 each there. Wasted by the Cypriot player
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