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  1. Equally who gives a feck if they announce winners and losers? For all the stuff around Covid 19 this forum will erupt if titles and relegation are stopped or indeed determined and awarded. It is a sports forum. It's what will be discussed and argued over. If not then P&B should go in to self isolation and stop threads and posts.
  2. Probably eating meat infected by bats. They are linked to a number of corona virus outbreaks (SARS for instance)
  3. Cant say that. They need to take the 'worst case' and plan. If recovery is quicker then fine if not they need to have some kind of strategy for 6 months later or longer when it kicks in. That's not an embarrassment. You can guarantee similar conversations are going on in other clubs, financially stable or otherwise.
  4. Two top divisions of 12 teams (ignoring the further down divisions here). Each division operates on a 2 game home/away basis plus one game against the teams in the other division. 34 games in total, no need for splits and the inter divisional games take away the need for play-offs. 2 up 2 down. Brilliant really.
  5. Done. Some of the earlier questions could have done multiple options and no age group to split younger and auld yins attitudes? (in my humble opinion obviously. It's not my survey)
  6. I get the feeling that London, with a population bigger than the whole of Scotland, has become the source of the stories we are getting now. I think the Governments original strategy has now been shown to be very wrong and that the virus is using London as patient zero.
  7. When they say lock down they mean it. No one went anywhere in the city. Places of work included not just bars etc. We are floundering like China in the early stages where we hope people unite and use common sense which humanity has never been great at. Currently Boris hasn't the balls to go full lock-down. Apologies for the politics bit on a fitba forum.
  8. I'm 'working from home' but with no technology supplied to actually do it. Just stuff in my heid. Nothing else to do
  9. Unforeseen would typically be relegation where you think it would never happen. These events are completely random. Even major companies in the economy- with more money than all of Scottish football has put together - will start to crack if this goes on much longer.
  10. If mid week was brought in they may as well give it to Celtic. That intense run of games over January to March indicated that Rangers cant go the distance in those circumstances.
  11. So while we wait for football to restart we should restart football?
  12. Well it seems UEFA have kicked the can down the road to July or so for completing league fixtures. This thread will continue.....
  13. Rangers apparently want the games played in open stadiums and wont accept behind closed doors. They arent really getting this virus thing it would appear.
  14. Have you any idea how much cash is needed for brown envelopes through hotel doors for World Cup bids?
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