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  1. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others are hellish for questions. Anything from 4 people or above you get endless, broken up interruptions as someone trys to put a point over at the same time as others. My weekly team session of 5 is bad enough never mind a crowd. I think Celtic have fucked this whole thing and Lennon is making it worse but I had no problems with an injured player attending. It would be argued that it would keep him in the group and hear what Celtics targets for winning the league would be from their footballing genius of a manager.
  2. There is a hard core that think (like Lennon) this is all an anti-Celtic Government driven attack (to deflect headlines from the Salmond story, Covid rates etc.) In a Trump like world there is an even more hard line train of thought that it is actually an anti-Celtic and anti-Catholic SNP driven agenda. Most Celtic fans see him as having driven the squad in to the ground and he needs punted now along with Lawell.
  3. Which the ref wouldn't do. Imagine the fall out if Charlie tears his knee up due to the pitch and it turns out the whole thing was 'lets wait until the pitch causes an injury' and the ref agrees? McPake (and others) we ere convinced, so was the ref.
  4. Swings his leg and falls over. Makes it look like some flying challenge. I have to say as that match went on I became convinced Duffy was targeting opposing players. To me he wasnt just challenging to win a header but was deliberately going right through the opponent at the same time as making contact with the ball. The player on the receiving end wouldnt see it coming. Dreadful player like some throw back to the kind of centre half you would get in the 60s and 70s.
  5. McPake paints himself in to a corner by saying they should have played then stopped if the pitch was dangerous. The ref would argue that as precisely why he wasnt prepared to risk it.
  6. Sorry guys but all I see there is a really crap picture taken at distance that is apparently clear evidence the pitch was ok.
  7. The pitched was fucked against Alloa and then a couple of weeks later hammered over 120 minutes in heavy rain for the Cup. Not surprised to be honest.
  8. Neither Dees or Ayr accounts say it's off. Just the original game on message.
  9. In the Alloa game the area from half way line on the Derry side down to the Shankley stand was attrocious. Not surprised there was an inspection.
  10. Please be on. We need to get this league won before they shut it down 5-0 the Dees goal machine
  11. Despite how things are I didnt think this would blow up as it has done. Cant just be one clubs issue, to me there must be wider concerns to get this put out?
  12. You still end up with 'the SPFL is the clubs'. Their attempt to get some kind of power to call a season due to extreme circumstances was knocked back by the clubs. Any executive demand will also be judged and decide upon by the clubs.
  13. Did the SPFL Board not put a motion to clubs after the pain of closing last season, that would give them the power to call a season if Covid (or other extreme scenarios) demanded it? and the clubs knocked it back? It would be yet another club vote. Can clubs vote Hearts relegated and refused promotion in the space of less than 12 months?
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