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  1. "He's no that kind of player..." Yet another opponent totally fucked getting stretchered off
  2. The change with Doig looks a major decision now. Hibs offered hardly anything in the 2nd half, Celtic cruised the 2nd 45.
  3. I assume evacuation is an issue as well as getting fans in and out of bottleneck entrances/exits. I presume the test runs in rugby and football were about how crowds are managed for movement around the stadium, food stalls if open and so on. The majority of places we access are controlled and demand face masks at all times, hand sanitiser available and so on. As for indoor sports my squash club hasn't allowed games - friendly (unless actual family members) or league - since March and still has no time frame. Our game booking system is basically all but empty.
  4. Not really. Celtic and the SRU have been working with the Government since end of June on how best to get stadiums reopened. That dick Boli compromised not just Celtic but football in general. Lennon's 'claim' isnt a claim. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/rugby/sru-fan-return-plan-set-22298869.amp
  5. Surely the 'Czech Rule' should apply and just field their youth team
  6. All they have is the players test result so they padded out the story with old stuff.
  7. I didnt see an opponent that was physically stronger. More like sharper passing, good movement, looked to get the ball wide with midfield supporting. We were utterly pedestrian in comparison and a shambles by the end.
  8. Palmer went from a really significant attacking option and a great ball for the goal to being caught out defensively, disappearing out of the game and finally wiping out an opponent for a pointless booking giving them a dangerous free kick to defend.
  9. Never a pen. Attrocious game. Defensively we are there for the taking. We give average a bad name.
  10. Key option seems to be to get the ball out to Robertson although that has left Palmer with a lot of space to attack. Defensively we are not convincing. We could walk off with a 3-1 win here, equally its the sort of game that can just drift with the current shape.
  11. The thing about this is you are now faced with a squad you have had no strategy planned out for and who at least as young players (if they are U20/21) can play to a decent level.
  12. What is meant by 'due to representatives decision', a quote on the BBC page?
  13. Israel match up against us pretty well in the last couple of head to heads. We shouldnt be surprised how much hard work this is.
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