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  1. Imagine if this pish clashed with the Pars v The Dees live tomorrow night? Play the games!
  2. I like the idea you think Hell will change things. Closer to the truth....
  3. For our 'winner' all I could see was 2 Morton defenders taking themselves out and we scored. The ref saw something that never happened.
  4. Raith were 2 up at home to Arbroath and blew it. We dominated the game but Morton were well organised and took the one real chance they had.
  5. Most balls up to Sow immediately lead to lost posession as his touch is so bad. He endlessly looks for lay offs and 1-2s that are never on.
  6. Morton played for what they could get and I can't criticise them...but, we should have won. With all that posession and dominating the game we should win. Sow is done and I wasnt impressed with Cummings as a signing and I still stand by that. Just seen we all dropped points, so ever onward.
  7. The way we ended the half is how we need to play (at least) in the second. Had most of the half under control but tempo was nowhere near good enough.
  8. This is the kind of weekend where a duff result changes everything for the run in. I will stick my neck out and say either ICT or RR are the duff result team and we take advantage. 2-0 the Dee
  9. Living in Edinburgh PPV has been good for following the Dees and would be good for next season. Technically, most streams have worked well (I stopped getting commentary/sound for games at Dens, no idea why); quality has been decent with this weeks game at Ayr easily the worst.
  10. The Dees have a huge run of games coming up against the Pars, ICT (both away) and RR. The permutations of W/L/D in there apply to all the teams. RR and ICT also play Hearts but for RR it's the last game at which point Hearts you suspect will be running squad and youth players.
  11. At half time this game was garbage. By full time we are 3 up, coasting and a win with Charlie getting a rest bar 2 or 3 minutes. Not all bad. The season is littered with periods like that first half but with the likes of Anderson scoring regularly it is turning games our way. 2nd and Raith getting knocked out in the 3 v 4 game is the ideal scenario but some major match ups before then.
  12. surely game over. Awful game, important win.
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