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  1. You can call it whatever you want, I dont support either team, just went to have a look and its how I saw it from being there. People taking pics from a hedgerow, getting off on the image of an empty seat need a word with themselves.
  2. I was a neutral at the game yesterday with a pal. You must have been sat very close to me and my mate for a similar view. Ground level is a poor level but I could follow the game easily enough. Not much atmosphere but a very decent burger van and toilets were clean (someone said there was only 'one'. Well, one mens, one ladies and all multi cubicle and clean.) As for the "sell out" tedium, it was a very well attended game. A decent turn out of Lichtie fans. A few scattered for a train early. Probably to beat the curfew back home. An empty seat could just be someone away for a pee or a double cheese burger (me!). Arbroath played the better stuff but huffed and puffed a bit before some spectacular finishing late on. Didnt see much in the Edinburgh squad that will cause Div 1 teams problems. Worked hard but not enough when pushing forward.
  3. The problem with CA is that he would stop playing at some point and we have no one close. Might get lucky and find a young CA somewhere but a senior player of that ability would probably sign up in a higher division . I'm surprised some are wondering about the squad, trialists etc. Overall, we were shit last year so unless a major overhaul was looming we will go in to the season with the same range of decent/average/shite players as before.
  4. Went to FC Edinburgh-Arbroath today as an interested neutral with a mate. Cant see anyone in FC that will cause a serious threat to most teams in Div 1. Arbroath played the better overall game but for long periods were ineffective. Bizarre that a dull game produced a couple of spectacular goals. The powers that be at Edinburgh presumably see Meadowbank as a step up in facilities but it has zero atmosphere. None. Pretty much ground zero view of the pitch as well. Headed to the Artisan for a pint with 10 mins to go. The punters in there are far more interesting! As a footnote, whoever designed a north facing stand in Scotland needs a serious word. Constant shadow in July, in the past in winter it was (and will be) fucking freezing.
  5. I know where you are coming from. Even some games that we won we had periods of play where we were all over the place. This game we are getting the full 90. The margin between this squad being a capable team or being shite is wafer thin.
  6. Yep. Vogts was the perfect storm - a manager seriously lacking and in charge of a dreadful squad of players. We were in meltdown back then.
  7. Celtic were one down after 10 mins against Inter. In those catenaccio days of Italian defending you were looking at losing 1-0 80 minutes later. They turned the game on its head and won. Some real shite being run here.
  8. One more for StJ and its done. No way ICT get 4 goals to win this (or 3 to tie it).
  9. The team that apparently would rank as the biggest Euro winning team in Scottish football history but then losing to a mid league team having taken the lead are 1 game from winning zip.
  10. Well they can all retire to the pub now. The 'beath are gone.
  11. Just young lads doing the "we won! we won!" I have sat in the South enclosure at Dens. I think you have too!
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