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  1. It was a bit of both and didn't really work for me.
  2. Celtic played these kids on the day they were presented the trophy because obviously they couldn't be arsed putting on a show for their fans Bain Lustig Boyata Ajer Tierney Brown Ntcham Forrest Rogic McGregor Dembele Please show us on the doll where Aberdeen hurt you
  3. Just watched Hills have Eyes original version. I actually think it holds up well. Better acting than in some much bigger budget horrors. Texas Chainsaw Massacre next on my oldies list then Assualt on Precinct 13 but not tonight
  4. I did read about the lass that was forced to wet herself campaigning against those types of movies. Think I'll leave Hills have Eyes til tomorrow night
  5. Just watched Wes Craven's Last House on the Left for the first time in 30 years. That was dark. Wes must have taken some seriously good drugs
  6. Bone Tomahawk Can't think why I never watched it before. Doesn't skimp on the violence and has Lili Simmons, what's not to like. I'll never attempt the splits again tho
  7. HP always ramp up prices of ink/toner for obsolete models. They hope you'll end up buying their flimsy plastic shite printers instead. Epson and Canon aren't quite as bad.
  8. They film most of it but all post production is done usually a couple of weeks before airing. The season finale is guaranteed to have shed loads of CGI, green screen work, so it didn't get finished
  9. They hadn't finished post production when the studios went into lockdown. Loads of US shows have shortened seasons because of it. After summer will be a barren wasteland for new tv
  10. "Indeed those who fought at the Boyne gave up their day and fought a cause, we are asking people to fight a cause today," he said. Puke
  11. BBC2 has UK rights but no planned dates. D/l from the usual sites or use kodi. It's been renewed again but production is probably halted just now so looks like next year for S3
  12. This is like the shit 80 VHS revenge movies. It makes The Exterminator look like an Oscar contender
  13. RedTV available to all season ticket holders for free for the remainder of the lockdown.
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