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  1. Fair and balanced question.This will never catch on. /edit for a stray x
  2. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Sticking your keyboard up your arse would provide better posts.
  3. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Do us all a favour and f off back to playing Minecraft. School holidays have started way too early this year
  4. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Nah, he's just a bit deaf
  5. The media department are usually pretty good but these pics are part of the email promoting the game against Hibs
  6. Padded seats and free ching at half time?
  7. Oi you! You never handed out that trophy the last few seasons. Fkn west coast bias in action again
  8. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    I don't make the deals. I would never drink stadium draught. Overpriced slops in a plastic tumbler
  9. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    ST holders get 10 loyalty points and a pie/drink deal for £3, hud me back. I'll be there, it'll be freezing /raining /snowing /windy. Proper summer fitba
  10. Line of Duty.

    And it's brought this gem for future use
  11. Tierney as he got near the dugouts was embarrassing. Trying to do the Scott Brown strut and ending up looking like a Liam Gallagher wannabe. Far more enjoyable game than I expected. Summer fitba eh
  12. Toon is deid, weather is kak, there are allegedly tories in toon and we play celtic the morn. Happy fkn holiday weekend