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  1. Thought Ferguson was poor by his standards, MacKenzie, Hayes, Barron and Lewis were beter contenders for MOTM. Lewis probably shades it it for the first half saves
  2. Did you watch the last couple of seasons under McInnes? It was sub Calderwood. I hated Calderwood with a passion but even he didn't go 10 games without a goal. We were utter rank before McInnes got rightly binned 1 trophy in 8 years does not get you a lifetime job.
  3. Siegrist was just diving around stopping balls going into the net to keep warm?
  4. Union Street is a mile long. Loads of pubs on and off it with most showing Champ League
  5. Some of the football under Uncle Ebbe was brilliant, some not so. He should not be mentioned with Alec Fkn Mliller or "only 3 points Mcghee"
  6. He'll be back at Pittodrie 25th/26th February actually
  7. Fair point. Loved his runs with the ball apart from looking like a penguin as he used his hands for balance. We've had far worse
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