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  1. Women who stand in a supermarket checkout queue either staring into space or have their face pressed into their mobile phone texting some kind of banality to their friends. Only when they have packed their shopping into their bags do they then decide to root about their handbag looking for either money or their debit card. The vacuous bints always look like a startled deer caught in the headlights when the checkout operator quite rightly asks them for money. Out comes the make up, keys, phone, fucking money-off vouchers, cuddly toy, fanny pads, old receipts, and hankies before they locate their means of payment. I, and dare I say it, the rest of the male species stand in the fucking queue holding my debit card or a suitably sized note in my hand, ready for the forthcoming monetary transaction. Gets on my nads time after time.
  2. I'm Gerection with a 'G' - the 'J' branch of the family have long been ostracised and we don't talk about them anymore.
  3. People who try to have a crafty look over your shoulder to see what you're typing on your iPad when sitting on a train. Are you able to read this you specky p***k? HOW ABOUT IF I INCREASE THE FONT SIZE YOU NOSEY c**t? f**k off and go back to reading your Metro.
  4. Have a greeny, cunto - for the 'not my dad' rant!

  5. Thanks fellow Jaggy - now sorted, I was getting my profile picture and avatar terminology mixed up! Cheers, Hugh
  6. Hello - just a quickie to ask how to get my profile picture to display in the main forums? I can see my picture on my own profile page, but any postings so far (only made 4!) don't have my picture to the left of my ramblings. I've been all through my settings and 'display picture' is selected - is it a case that I have to make X amount of postings before my picture is displayed publicly? If this is the case, I'm happy to post gratuitous abuse on the 'Ranjurs' and 'Sellic' forums in an effort to up my posting limit. Christ, I'll be doing this regardless I suppose. Apologies is I've missed the obvious (I am an idiot) - many thanks for your assistance. FTOF!
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