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  1. Kingsley will show them what pyros are all about #kingsleydoestrident
  2. Another tip they give out free maps at the airport and stations etc. If you get one don't walk down the street reading it or read it on the Metro. Singles you out as a tourist to any shady characters. Also a lot of the better restaurants may seem pricey but they only plan to turn over their tables once in an evening as the French will take three or four hours over a meal. Not like here where they slap the bill down if you are over an hour. If you haven't booked your Hotel we found plenty of cheap hotels in the Nation area which is great for transport links when we last visited.
  3. Lived there for two years and November is cold, so take some warm clothes and good comfortable walking shoes. On arrival at CDG get the free shuttle to the train station to transfer onto the RER into the heart of the city. Air France bus can take hours depending on the traffic on the Peripherique. Tell your missus not to carry a handbag, best to put your cash in the front pocket of your jeans. I personally never had any problems. Use the RER if possible as its super quick. Louvre used to be half price on a Sunday but you could spend 5 days in there easily. Montmarte is a must see, if you go on a clear day pay the extra to go up on the roof of the Sacre Couer and visit the crypt. It's amazing and you'll love it. If you are on a budget most cafes do fixed price menus for the workers at lunchtime and you can get a two course meal very reasonably, albeit a limited menu, but try some local fayre. If you are looking for food to take back to your hotel room, each arrondissement has a market where again the food is fresh and cheap, The French avoid supermarkets and buy fresh every day. If going out to restaurants/cafes in the evening to eat look for places packed with French folk and avoid the tourist traps
  4. What a fuckin knob you are British Patriot (name says it all really). "Glasgow is ours" don't fuckin think so. You might win the THIRD tier of Scottish football this year but you'll probably go bust before then. Did your Granny no teach you the proverb "people in glass houses........." or was she too busy dragging her knuckles round Govan. I would give anything I could to help DAFC survive, conversely I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.
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