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  1. Maybe Dundee should do it again then It cost us 25 points the last time This one would be cheap at the price and it's probably the only chance we have in going on a long unbeaten run
  2. What are the odds tomorrow that just before the SPL meeting Neil receives a message from Stuart as follows Stuart: Hi Neil. How's it going. Just wanted to let you know we in the SFA have had a little glitch with the Sevco registration issue. Although they have been accepted in principle to the SFL. Not sure we can resolve in the next 14 days so maybe looking at a delay in moving them into SFL3. Can you live with a suspension of Sevco for a year and a plan to merge the SPL/SFL and expand the Scottish Premiership to 14 next year. Neil: Well Stuart we were keen to see this through on the basis of sporting integrity but in the interests of the wider footballing community we will just have to live with this. It couldn't happen could it.
  3. Not here to support Gilmour or Cameron but I think there is a massive revision of history going on here re the Good Guys V's Wanks We now know from Regan's Email who knew what and when Petrie was asked to keep Green up to date but I have no doubt all the SPL chairmen were briefed re the Regan plan at all the SPL meetings when decisions were constantly deferred It is clear now the SPL chairmen only finally voted No to Secvo in the SPL because of the pressure from the fans AND they had the Regan plan in place. IMHO now that the plan, bribes and threats have failed we now find the SPL chairmen following into 2 groups Those who can afford to be without Ex Rangers for more than a year and those who can't They are no more honourable because they can and have now made statements one way or the other They are/were all involved Lets see what happens tomorrow
  4. Stuart McCall We are not living outwith our means We just have contracts committed into the future and no guarantee the money will come in to pay them WTF
  5. Not sure if this has been covered in last few pages so apologies if it has. I think Motherwell's denial is important for what it doesn't say I can confirm no one from Motherwell Football Club had any input into the production of the document you linked and in fact had not seen it prior it to it being distributed. Furthermore, no one from the club has taken part in any discussion with anyone from the Scottish Football League. So they had no input to the production They had not seen it before it was distributed They have not discussed with the SFL It doesn't say we are against this document. It doesn't say we didn't know about it before the SPL vote. It doesn't say we did not discuss this with other members of the SPL. I have no doubt the SPL chairmen knew about this before their vote. John Brown appears to have known I have no doubt they congratulated the Cockwomble and Regan on their sleekitness Can't prove it but as far as I am aware not one SPL Chairman has disowned it or Doncaster since it's release and he is employed by them. Why
  6. Fans of SPL clubs are in no way to blame for this but does any SPL fan actually believe that if John Brown knew about this last week the SPL chairmen did not? I believe this was all arranged before the SPL vote and held back.
  7. Don't think this is an available option In my opinion I think the SPL would be delighted with this as it would mean they have the perfect excuse to vote Newco back in given there is nowhere else for them to play. We threw them out but the nasty SFL refused to take them As General Melchett might say "it's time for a meaningless gesture"
  8. Guys, Guys calm down we can all trust Longmuir, Ballantine and the SFL board to do the right thing You will remember their anger and righteousness regarding Dundee's £300K debt to HMRC "We are of the opinion that lessons are not being learned. For example, clubs have to realise that, going forward, they cannot treat their HMRC obligations as something akin to a credit card. Following a recent mandate from our clubs, the SFL will now prepare the introduction of an early warning system, designed to allow us to intervene at any stage, if advised by HMRC that clubs are defaulting on their obligations. (one I've no doubt they shared with the SFA and SPL to make sure it didn't happen again) We also wish to reiterate that duties of care and financial diligence are of the utmost importance for any director or official of any club" I'm sure they will not allow "a club" with almost £100m credit card bill with the HMRC to receive special treatment. If they join they will also get around a 7,500 point penalty by the SFL calculation. Oh wait its Ex Rangers We are about to be shafted New SFA/SPL/SFL vision statement from 2012/13 season - All clubs will be treated equal it is just some are more equal than others PS - not complaining re Dundee punishment by the way but you have to laugh
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