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  1. Scotland only have themselves to blame, however that ending was a total shambles. 1 minute added time? Ridiculous. The referee seen the game heating up and wanted out of there.
  2. Maybe the commentators can stop slating the Argentina coach for making subs now that two of them have combined for the goal.
  3. Season tickets going to fall well below the target of 1000. 660 so far and with the first friendly only 10 days away, I doubt that'll increase much.
  4. I don't see Ross Matthews not starting under McGlynn, at least initially, after the way he's talked him up recently.
  5. https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/raith-rovers-await-international-clearance-for-french-defender-1-4949851/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  6. Davidson and McKay signed up for next season. 'Davidson is key to starting play from the back'
  7. It looked ridiculously good on first showing, but it was pretty routine.
  8. We lost £400k last year. We're hardly in a position to point and laugh at other teams spending. Also you're a welt.
  9. Hope Solo not having Shelley Kerr, or Scotland, one bit.
  10. I have a feeling Davidson won't be screaming at McGurn for his own mistakes as much as he did Thomson.
  11. Dunfermline offering the Rovers a modest 5 figure sum. This must be worth, like, a million dollars.
  12. I know people think it's cool to slag players when they leave your club and join your rivals but Barjonas is really, really bad and one most Raith fans were glad to see return to Rangers. I have zero doubts he stands out in the development league (under 20s?), but I'd be amazed if he cuts it at professional level after his inevitable release from Rangers. He'll get clubs for a few years before descending into a life of Herbalife and Nandos. Murray is a very handy player to have, and if you can utilise him at centre half rather than throwing him around the back 4 to fill in, I think he'll do quite well.
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