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  1. I believe Neilson will get United promoted provided he isn't hounded out by the supporters who are, as you say, a strange lot.
  2. From the GF I thought it looked like he was attempting the triple jump so late was his collapse.
  3. I would say United were worse than this from 2000 to 2005. How we avoided relegation in that period is anyone's guess.
  4. 1. Dukla Prague 2. Honved 3. Tranmere Rovers 4. Supercalifragilisticborussia Moenchengladbach 5. Stromsgodset Under-Fives
  5. I'd like you to give consideration to the cheese plant in my front hall for that problem left back position. Possibly better awareness than Robson?
  6. I was told by a Football development guy that the FA are dropping 9v9. There's also the issue of facilities and equipment. The transition from 7s to 11s is interesting, some teams manage it easily, others are lost. The age they do it at means you have a mixture of guys who are still very small and others who are well on their way to becoming young adults. The team I coach has a couple of big, fast boys and the difference it makes to games is amazing. The rest will catch up, but at transition it makes it very difficult for some. Not sure 9s would address that.
  7. I would phone Mitch at the SYFA at Hampden and explain your situation. As the guys have said, I think Early Touches would have expired if you haven't moved up the pathway or attended In-Service days since then. It's only a day though, isn't it?
  8. Worse than Riski? (actually, did he even play at Tannadice? I saw him in the cup tie at Airdrie and I thought "I wish I had a Finnish granny cos if Riski's got 25 caps then I'd be a cert for 100, even though I'm 45 and never played above Sunday amateur level").
  9. Edge looked good when he first arrived. Recently it looks like we've successfully dragged him down to our level.
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