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  1. They signed a player from Kilwinning for 12k a few weeks ago. He won't be playing against Tranent as he got a season ending injury a couple of weeks after signing.
  2. Adi Hütter leaves Gladbach after a fairly poor season for them by recent standards.
  3. I'm sure we paid £90k for Mark Campbell as well. It was reported that we paid £100k for Sammy Johnston down here, but in Perth it was said to be £50k.
  4. The impression I got was that it was more than just expecting to have first dibs. I think he was close to signing before doing a u-turn, a bit like Todorov.
  5. Can't see a date in the article, thinks this one was published after it. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/bigger-and-better-for-lesser-hampden/
  6. Not a lot, from what I can find. A 1000 seat stand running the length of the pitch in phase one and a 500 seat stand for away fans in phase two. I would imagine there will be some hard standing but not convinced it'll be terraced.
  7. We already knew that Muirhead and Baird were offered terms. The club issued a statement the other day. https://ayrunitedfc.co.uk/squad-update-end-of-season-2021-22
  8. The previous Tory councillor left the group earlier this year and stood as an independent, and has clearly done some damage as well as Labour taking back some of the vote lost to the Tories in 2017.
  9. The Rubbish Party has been re-elected in the Irvine Valley ward of East Ayrshire.
  10. I do love a bit of spin. He might want to talk to the former leader of Carlisle City Council after the Tories took a doing in in the new Cumberland Council. He didn't miss and hit the wall. Clearly not the spectacular result Labour would have hoped for in quite a few areas (Hull being the perfect example) but I'd rather be in their shoes than the Tories.
  11. I know which ward you're talking about. Same one as me . There is a Scottish Family Party candidate in one of the neighbouring wards, Be interesting to see if he breaks double figures.
  12. Perhaps they are still discussing the terms rather than making an offer yet. I don't know, only guessing.
  13. Connor was one of Dalziel's assistants. Whenever things started to go wrong he replaced his sidekick.
  14. There is likely to be a Reserve League next season, although I don't know which clubs will be involved. It could just be the Reserve League 2 clubs, or a combination of both.
  15. In other news, good to see Paul Smith in the SPFL team of the week. https://spfl.co.uk/news/team-of-the-week-48423
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the usual Aberdeen / Dundee Utd cast-offs clubs that way normally sign. Hybrid hasn't done Airdrie any harm, but when we did it in the early(ish) 2000s it split the dressing room.
  17. I think the talk about Cove is they could have a hybrid set-up next season.
  18. Those three players have all recently signed contracts until the end of the 2023/4 season.
  19. Michael Hewitt signed a three year deal last month.
  20. Killie's training top is going to have the Ayr badge on it? Interesting.
  21. The assumption about the Reserve League not resuming next season isn't true. Albeit it may be for "lesser" teams than Hearts.
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