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  1. I don't know if he any choice in that. The monarch's spouse and the next four in line to the throne (as long as they meet qualifying criteria e.g being an adult) are appointed.
  2. You or I could add a verse. Some might sing it, but it wouldn't make it a bona fide part of the song. Apparently Katherine Jenkins has recorded a new official version, it doesn't contain the offending verse.
  3. It has never officially been part of the anthem, and fell out of use shortly after 1745. At the time of the Jacobite rebellion the song was a hymn, not a national anthem and the verse wasn't included when it was adopted as the anthem later in the 18th century.
  4. We already had Monday off and now have Tuesday off as well. Hasn't softened my republican tendencies though.
  5. That's one use of it. It's also used for a smaller church which doesn't hold regular services or with an assigned priest/minister/whatever. There are loads of tiny chapels dotted about southern Europe. True. It was after I'd posted I remembered that I'd been in a chapel within the Upper Basilica at Lourdes. A long time ago now.
  6. I don't think Whitletts are anywhere near the application stage yet. Their biggest off field priority just now is moving back to Whitletts. I think once that's done they'll be ready to start the process.
  7. A chapel is a room used for religious worship in a larger building e.g. hospitals, schools, prisons. It was also (inaccurately) used to refer to Catholic churches, certainly in the West anyway.
  8. Other events are going ahead, including some sporting events. Officials are too afraid of what the Daily Mail would say, it appears.
  9. By my reckoning (could be completely wrong), the funeral is due to take place on a Monday. Supposed to be 10 days after her death, but that's a Sunday.
  10. Not the case. The body will be taken back to London after lying in repose at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. The funeral service will take place at Westminster Abbey and she will be interred at Windsor Castle.
  11. It was our new analyst who filmed it, so I would assume that first team games will be done from now on. As far as the reserves go, the fixture of most interest to Ayr fans is on 1 November at Cumnock.
  12. Fair enough. There were a few players in the box and my view was slightly obscured. The game was filmed, and when QoS scored their first Lee Bullen and Tommy Tait seemed to be analysing what went wrong with the aid of a tablet.
  13. Finished 4-2. I'm sure it was Smith who scored the second rather than Mullin , could be wrong.
  14. Tommy Bryce scored a hat-trick in 1m 46s for Queen of the South against Arbroath in 1993.
  15. Could be more than one. I'm also wondering whether anyone will be heading out.
  16. Good chance of Frankie Musonda being unavailable. Zambia are playing Mali that weekend.
  17. Had a Speccy back in the day and although the games were incredibly basic by today's standards, some of the games had playability in spades. The C64 had larger RAM, with double the number of colours and better graphics, but the Spectrum always felt like the better games machine to me. I had an Amiga a few years later. It was a cracking games computer.
  18. Unions have indicated that 5% will not be accepted according to STV news tonight. Not even going to put it to the members by the sound of it. I can't actually recall any of the unions involved stating what their members are holding out for. The claim submitted in January was £3000 for all grades, plus other things relating to terms and conditions. I doubt that's the final negotiating position. When you consider local government staff in England are being offered £1925, 5% won't be acceptable for the majority.
  19. I read somewhere that the window has been extended by a day, and will shut a week on Thursday.
  20. Officially referred to as gold and crimson hoops with navy blue shorts. The away strip from 2009-10 was a nod to it.
  21. Following in the footsteps of his brother, who was the last Ayr player to be capped at youth level.
  22. It is, though there are some inaccuracies. Those late 70s and early 80s strips didn't have sharing for a start. With regard to the badge I prefer the old one, but I'm not hung up about it.
  23. Bit odd that the club has been fined when the player wore the offending t-shirt at a concert. I could understand if he had worn it during a game. However, the player deserves all he gets.
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