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  1. The u20 World Cup is in Poland this year. To answer your question, Stevie Nicol and Alan McInally are the most obvious ones, possibly Billy Hendry and Ian McAllister. Not sure whether Robert Connor played at that level as an u21.
  2. Ahem, Reserves are playing on Monday. Townhead Park at 8 pm v East Kilbride Reserves for anyone interested.
  3. Three Way Promotion Battle

    Come to the coast, breathe some sea air. It might enlighten your teuchter mind. And don't compare Ayr to the aforementioned. Anyway it's 'fewer', not 'less'.
  4. It's not the pitch I worry about, it's the referee inspecting it. And fair point, there is no comparison between Beechwood and Central Park.
  5. They've posted a picture on Twitter, and the pitch looks OK. Mind you, so did Cowdenbeath ' s pitch yesterday.
  6. They don't train at Somerset normally but they use the dressing rooms before and after.
  7. He did. Scored one of the goals as Cumnock came from 2-0 down. Hit a real purple patch last season for the 20s after moving to centre forward.
  8. He has played as both, and as a winger. Luke McCowan generally plays the number 10 role.
  9. He could do with a run of games rather than coming off the bench intermittently, so I'm not overly surprised.
  10. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    No conspiracy theories here. He was genuinely injured, did it in training early last week. And he could well be playing at Beechwood.
  11. Robert Scott. Looks like it's the game against Hamilton at Fir Park in which he scored.
  12. Typical of of Ayr fans to panic after 1 defeat at home. Just consider where we were this time last year.
  13. Pointless comparing apples and oranges.