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  1. Strange to think that Hibs, Hearts and Meadowbank were all scheduled to be at home that day. I was well on my way to get the supporters bus when the Meadowbank v Ayr game was called off.
  2. The last full card of Christmas Day fixtures was in 1971. Of course Dundee couldn't play Third Lanark by then, and had to settle for a 0-0 draw with St Johnstone.
  3. Could be whatever device you're watching them on. Works fine for me.
  4. I was somehow kicked off the stream and couldn't get back in. Many thanks to AUMedia for sorting it, especially as I was able to log back in about two seconds before the penalty was awarded.
  5. We definitely had at least one on target - the one Walsh was claiming was over the line. I don't think Dunfermline had any on target, unless you count the attempted cross which Sinisalo gathered easily in the first half.
  6. Possibly, but then an hour becomes 90 minutes which becomes two hours etc. I do agree that the pitch inspection system leaves a lot to be desired at times.
  7. Hard to tell from a picture at distance. You really have to standing in or walking through the affected area. Perhaps the kick-off could have been delayed, but there is no indication how long the delay would be.
  8. If you mean the car park behind the main stand, then the short answer is no. It was so!d to the Kirkwoods a number of years ago.
  9. I imagine it would be the the yellow area. It would allow the terrace to be straightened, and possibly a car park.
  10. Although not exactly a legend, you can add Mark Humphries to that list. Game against Hamilton at Fir Park in 1997. In the first few minutes Accies played long ball towards Jose Quitongo. As Humphries headed the ball out of play he also nudged Quitongo into an advertising board. Accies' most dangerous player was anonymous for the rest of the match.
  11. I suppose with Scotsport being a family show they couldn't show the bit where the Morton fans made their feelings about Airdrie known.
  12. In other words individual clubs won't see terribly much of the £10m since it will have to stretch very, very far. Clearly a grant is much preferable to a loan and any contribution is welcome, but it irks a little that 12 clubs will have access to a £20m pot and a far bigger number have to share half that amount.
  13. The commentary box is on the North Terrace, saw it when I drove past last week. I would assume the main cameras will be nearby.
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