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  1. Can't remember exactly, but I think it was a trade-off between UEFA and the court after Bosman won his case, in order to preserve the transfer system.
  2. Perhaps, but if the player in question has a young family to look after then it could be a bit more complicated than that. Or he may have an offer closer to home.
  3. The 87-88 squad was inducted a few years ago, so Stevie Evans mk2 is already in it.
  4. I personally don't care if our chairman has an ego or not, as long as he does the right thing by the club. Seemed fairly down to earth when I spoke to him a few months ago.
  5. That's correct. Don't know if he has played for them yet but he did play with Hampton & Richmond Borough earlier this season.
  6. Nah. Think I paid about a fiver for a pint of Neck Oil there a couple of months ago. I recommend the Spurs Signature Pie as well.
  7. Thanks, I'd forgotten about the 4000 rule. Only two fixtures this season when Ayr will exceed that figure.
  8. Indeed. You are complaining about people complaining
  9. If say 1400 people turn up at 2.30 to have their vaccine passports checked I would hazard a guess that not everyone will be in by 3. And of course you will end up with people sitting / standing beside each other for a bit longer than normal. My argument is that it isn't necessary, wasn't the lower limit 10,000 previously? If it really is necessary, why aren't large indoor shopping centres included? Our forefathers didn't have to produce a pass to get into the football, but enough of the false equivalence.
  10. How early do you have to turn up, and how many staff does the club need to employ? It might be achievable at a stadium like Hampden where there is plenty of space in front of the turnstiles, but it's much less practical to carry out checks at Somerset where people are queuing on the road. There is another issue in that some people have missed a vaccination appointment due to contracting COVID. They have to wait another 4 weeks after their isolation end date. This another half-thought measure without full consideration of the practicalities.
  11. Hopkin won two matches, one of which was against an Elgin side playing their first match for two months. At least Roberts managed to get to a play-off.
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