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  1. The good news is that it has been raining overnight in Ayr, with the promise of more to come. It should see the pitch thawed out.
  2. It was definitely Hewitt with the second goal.. Murphy 2 pens, Hewitt, McKenzie.
  3. Depends on what you mean by poor. Quality of football, competitiveness, gap between teams in the Championship and other divisions / leagues etc. Anyway it's good to see virginton has finally been broken. By a Highland League team 😁
  4. That is correct. Jamie Martin had left Ayr prior to signing for Troon.
  5. Slightly ironic, a Partick fan moaning about the queue when the same thing happened to us at Firhill. Anyway,back to game. Watching the move that led to the first goal had me thinking back to the days when the tactic was to lump balls up to Kevin Kyle. Or Ally Graham. Or Lex Grant. Long may this continue.
  6. Harvie has been the first choice left back recently. Kelly came off the bench during the last match, not sure about the previous one. And as you say, Doohan and McCrorie are sharing duties a la Clemence and Shilton back in the day. Kerr suggested that we wouldn't be playing on the 16th in his post match interview the other night.
  7. I don't think they are in a position to show anything before 29 November. BT are showing the Dundee derby on the 8th, the following weekend is the Challenge Cup (Raith v Elgin on Alba) and the weekend after that is the Scottish Cup when BBC Scotland has Linlithgow v Falkirk.
  8. Jim McIntyre was at Dunfermline at the same time as Steven Bell. Darren Young may or not have been at East End Park when Bell signed but it's possible he left before then. And McIntyre and Stewart were at Airdrie together.
  9. If it was The West Curve, he or she is a Killie troll.
  10. That would be Ross Love. Regular for the reserves this season.
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