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  1. That was the game Paul Lambert, Barry Lavety and Chic Charnley were all sent off and some St Mirren fans tried to storm the Main Stand after the game. Apparently they didn't agree with the referee's decisions. If I remember correctly Lambert's tackle snapped Gordon Mair's shinpad, from the resulting free kick Lavety elbowed Mair and later on Charnley spat at Duncan George.
  2. The rule isn't so much about clubs at our level streaming matches, it's there to prevent TV companies broadcasting games at 3pm. It existed long before streaming was a thing. It may change in the future, who knows? Spotify probably isn't the best example as artists receive a miniscule amount per stream. A song has to to streamed an awful lot for a reasonable amount to be made.
  3. You miss my point. Without the ban some big fixtures could be televised at 3pm on a Saturday.
  4. The fixtures I'm thinking of weren't played at 3pm on a Saturday.
  5. I'm sure you will know this, but every member association has the option to enforce the rule. Only the SFA and FA opt to do so. I have no problem with that. Clubs at our level and below would suffer if certain fixtures were broadcast live at 3pm on a Saturday.
  6. It's a UEFA rule which was suspended during the pandemic. It is now being enforced again. https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/about-uefa/administration/marketing/blocked-broadcasting-hours/
  7. I would maybe add Morton to that list, and Raith when they are on a good run. I've always thought the big Dundee support was a bit of a myth. They've very rarely brought a decent support to Somerset. With Killie and Dunfermline both departing, the average crowd for the division will likely be down a fair bit this year.
  8. The only supporters watching from the Railway End on Saturday will be those attending the Family Fun Day.
  9. I'm pretty sure we went full-time prior to the start of the 89-90 season. If not, it was 90-91. Before that it would've been before WWII.
  10. Just noticed this, nearly two years late. Both games were at Somerset rather than Balmoor, the replayed match took place on 3 March and it finished 3-3. From what I recall Rory McAllister scored a hat-trick in the voided match.
  11. Partick's, not Thistle's . You're not even the original Thistle.
  12. At one point Brechin's effort was up there, along with their cheeseburger with grated cheese. Might be a while before we visit Glebe Park again.
  13. I would've said you're not missing much but they have a great pie stall.
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