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  1. Indeed. That's why they currently lodge with Benburb.
  2. Surely they need to keep their own fans up to date, if nothing else.
  3. Unless there are a few non WRJFA clubs applying four would do. They operate in a 4 division league just now.
  4. Agreed. The season is gubbed, probably at every level now.
  5. He isn't getting it, is he? Thorniewood, and I dare say some others, need to have a good think about the implications of not applying very soon.
  6. Hardly rewriting history. Your account is quite detailed, and confirms that Whitletts were active in the successful attempt to change the league structure.
  7. The graphic is very helpful, particularly for folk who don't know much about the non-league structure in Scotland. They've got the number of teams /games in the Highland and EoS wrong. Minor thing though.
  8. IIRC did the proposal not originally come from St. Anthony's, and it did mention the fact that Central clubs could drop 2 levels away from the Super First, while the Ayrshire clubs could only ever drop 1 level from there? I think Whitletts were very active in pushing the proposal.
  9. Not necessarily. There have been suggestions of expanding the Premier by X amount of clubs, at least in a temporary basis.
  10. For applications to WoS. Not sure that's the case for EoS.
  11. No. It was 2 years ago. Forrest, Bell and Moore were the scorers.
  12. You'll be aware of this far more than me, but some of them aren't great at communicating at the best of times.
  13. It's also possible (although maybe unlikely) that current West Premier teams could end up in tier 9 as well.
  14. Absolutely. Some folk take the term NIMBY to extremes. It's certainly worth Pollok having early discussions with Glasgow City Council. Auchinleck are planning to erect floodlights in the near future, and their ground is surrounded by houses on all four sides. But no-one would dare object ....
  15. I thought Maybole had applied. I could be mistaken but I'm sure there was a reference to it a few pages ago.
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