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  1. A sizeable portion of the cash going to English sport is in the form of loans, rather than grants. Not sure if this is the case for the money for non-league clubs.
  2. No matter what people think of Doncaster he is still entitled to represent the interests of the member clubs (and yes, it is an embarrassment that some of the prize money hasn't been paid yet although that doesn't fill the financial black holes said clubs are encountering). Any business which has had its trade restricted by a government is entitled to ask for support. I don't think everyone who questions why football stadia remain closed , or are likely to for the foreseeable future, can be labelled as a politically motivated ignorant moron. Undoubtedly there are some, but debate is always better if it's civilised.
  3. Merely pointing out that clubs tend not to use crystal balls.
  4. If they had delayed the season until January most clubs would probably have had to make employees redundant, since at the time the furlough scheme was scheduled to be withdrawn at the end of October. It was extended reasonably close to the original withdrawal date.
  5. Very true, I had to read 8.3 a couple of times. My interpretation is that players who played in the group stage can play for another club in the competition in the same season.,
  6. I get the impression some folk will never be happy unless we're winning by the sort of margin Ajax did today.
  7. It won't be far away, from the kit that's probably early to mid 80s. He was born in 1952. Yip. Our goalies wore that, and a green version, in the mid 80s. Hugh Sproat's second spell at the club was 84-86.
  8. Ok, I'll be the pedant. Junior football no longer exists in the West of Scotland. The former junior clubs are now tier 6 and 7 seniors.
  9. That is the Enclosure. Possibly known at some point as the West Enclosure but usually referred to as the Away Enclosure.
  10. Especially if it involved a certain pair of clubs 30 odd miles up the road. Or Hearts. Anyway this might be ok if it was introduced prior to the league season starting, but not when it has already kicked off and some games have already been postponed due to COVID.
  11. Perhaps if Buchanan hadn't been pulling at Baird it may well have been a red card, but he wasn't completely innocent either. That's probably why the ref didn't take that course of action. McCowan displayed a bit of inexperience. I can understand why he pushed Buchanan but when an opponent grabs you by the scruff of the neck there are better ways to get even.
  12. Possibly, but I don't think so. I haven't problems with any other sites, streaming etc. After our game had finished I watched the penalty shootout from the FA Cup qualifier on the BBC Sport website. It worked perfectly.
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