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  1. Queens Park vs Ayr United

    While I would like to see him feature, I'm not sure if Finn Ecrepont will play since he's off with Scotland U17s at some point during the week. Possibly Bell and McCowan to feature as well.
  2. Now I think about it, that sounds familiar. Don't we really got our money's worth there, apart from that free kick at Douglas Park.
  3. We didn't pay £150k for Peter Weir, I'm not sure we actually paid a fee for him.. Our most expensive purchase was either Gary Teale or Mark Campbell, and neither of them cost that much.
  4. Dundee v Ayr Utd

    And me for you. This is what happens when daft wee boys get access to the internet. You remind me of the old boy we used to meet in the Clip. Quite patronising when we lost at Dens, but when we didn't he avoided us like the plague.
  5. Dundee v Ayr Utd

    Great comeback. Your attempts at humour are quite lamentable. Eh like.
  6. Dundee v Ayr Utd

    Accusing Ayr fans of being arrogant whilst make a statement exuding arrogance. The irony.
  7. Well if he's going to make a statement he should make sure the facts are facts. And the claim that Rangers were top scorers is false. I wonder if anything else in the statement is inaccurate .
  8. Just catching up with the thread, hadn't seen King's deluded statement. Not the most significant inaccurate claim contained in it, but he thinks Rangers were the top scorers in the SPFL last season. Clearly has no idea that the league has four divisions, and both Ayr and Peterhead scored more.
  9. The Development League has been replaced by the Reserve League. The SPFL clearly need to update their paperwork, there is no u17 league any more, it's now an u18 league. I was at the game where Muir was sent off but I can't remember if it was a straight red or two yellows. It was a pre season match against BSC Glasgow.
  10. At least two part time teams have been to semis in the last 30 years. St Johnstone took Rangers to a replay in 1989 and Clydebank played Celtic in 1990, both in the Scottish Cup. Probably the best performance of that era was in 1982 when bottom tier Forfar took Rangers to a replay in the Scottish Cup semi final.
  11. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    He is, plays almost a no.10 role.
  12. Graham, Baird, Ecrepont, Thorburn, Griffiths, Faulds, Martin, Millarvie (I think), Hilton, M McKenzie, Murphy. Balfour replaced Millarvie at half time. Don't know who the other 2 subs were. Murphy scored our goal. Maybole were awarded two of the softest penalties you will ever see.
  13. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    I think Luke McCowan might feature. He didn't play for the reserves the other night.
  14. William hill Scottish Cup

    Girvan v Golspie or Burntisland