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  1. Without wanting to get into a debate about it, I think that's debatable. We both had opportunities where we coulda shoulda done better.
  2. I don't think for a second fife deserved the win today btw. Draw was a fair result and they were hanging on a bit at the end. Plenty of time wasting at the end and only looking to hit us on the break, which to be fair they nearly did, but they had pretty much settled for a point.
  3. Thought East Fife were there for the taking in the last 15,albeit they could have done better on the counter attack. Disappointing performance all round I think. Some little spells of quick passing, but not nearly enough. Shows they're capable of it and hopefully M&M are working on producing more of it. Resorting to hoofing it too often though.
  4. Meh. Too many hopeful long balls still. Referee could have had his cards out a few times and hasn't. Durnan has caused a few heart in mouth moments. I'm not usually a big critic of his, but he's been piss poor at times today. Who missed the free header from 6 yards from a corner? That should have been buried. Chances daw and far between otherwise. Positives...? There's 45 minutes to step up and start creating more chances. That's all I've got, really.
  5. This idea may not be lost on lee Miller. A system which transformed an average right back into a goalscoring machine so good the only way to stop him was to break his leg.
  6. Mikey Doyle [emoji7] That's been OK. Miller in midfield has looked pretty good. Loved Gomis's double pirouette. Toshney had looked solid. My main gripe with the team is I still don't think either McManus or sammon link the play well or link with each other well. If the two of them worked together better we'd look much more dangerous. In other news, East fife are getting pumped by airdrie. Is this them falling away now? They've had quite a few poor results of late. Raith being dominated by montrose according to BBC stats - 29% possession and no shots on goal.
  7. Who's paid for the new astro pitch and are those costs included in the £600k?
  8. Away to Livi is a shite draw for Raith. Fact.
  9. What Champions said, plus there's a lot of goodwill towards the club generated from just these conversations. The intangible benefits to the club from this shouldn't be underestimated.
  10. This seems the most likely to me. Lithgy have some big lumps in midfield apparently who would likely ragdoll McShane and Telfer, so Miller and toshney in there to compete physically. I've been wanting toshney to get a run out as a defensive mid for a while now actually.
  11. He looks a big lad in that video. Can't imagine time has improved that any. Doesn't look the most mobile either. Hopefully we can keep the ball and run around him.
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