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  1. I'm a big critic of conor Sammon, but he's a much better player than Francis.
  2. Nice play by leitch to turn away from his man then past the decent full back. Dowds [emoji86] FFS Morrison clearly our main threat again. Would like us to have someone on Doherty. He's always got time to get the ball down and spread it wide.
  3. The lad Doherty in midfield picks up a lot of second balls and starting thistle attacks. Would be good to have someone on top of him.
  4. That gave me some horrible flash backs. *shudders*
  5. That worked for a wee while then became a sure fire way of losing possession within 10 seconds of the kick off. I ended up hating it.
  6. Dixon, Todd and Morrison the only ones getting pass marks from me so far. I'm actually thinking we should get Sammon on [emoji86]
  7. Does our strip make us look like Dundee United to anyone else? Very orange looking
  8. I would say Mercer looks a better footballer than Doyle. Linking up with Morrison quite well. He got roasted at the weekend defensively though.
  9. Conor Sammon. Crosses. His meat and drink??
  10. Oh dear. Almost a carbon copy of our goal. Just breezed through between Bill and Ben our centre back men
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