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  1. enough is enough. I won't be back till Locke has gone. Can only take so much of watching a car crash every week....no positives to take from killie at the moment, on or off the park...we are in total free fall......the new board are just a f'cking joke!!
  2. MJ spent years telling killie fans to F off and, surprise, surprise 000s have...new board doing nothing to get them back
  3. Big Josh can piss right off....calling a killie season ticket holder 'poison' when all he does is say it like it is really is ridiculous! RC game was a total joke of a performance ...Josh doesn't even realise how bad we were during the game. He needs to shut up and focus on his own game, not slag off fans who have probably given the club £1000s over the years.....killie fans would love the players to show half the passion that fan did
  4. Not just MJ...smith, kiltie, Bowie ...they can all F off now
  5. Lock has to go now! Heard his interview and he is utterly clueless as the problems we have and how to solve them....jim Mann on holiday for 4 weeks! Mann can bugger off and take the rest of the board with him.
  6. Surely even Gary Locke can mastermind a home win against brechin !
  7. dundee were fabulous an saturday...they possessed all the attributes you would want in a your football team...Stewart / Loy / Hemmings will score a barrel load between them. Killie were utterly abysmal in every department - starting with the manager. As far as i'm concerned Locke can go now - i've seen enough. He didn't have a clue last season and blamed it on the team not being his. Saturday was just the same old crap with his new signings. Most killie fans i know were were quite pleased with his signings (except missing a creative midfielder) and were quite positive for the new season - Not now ! I'd get mixu in straight away and Jim Mann can hopefully admit his mistake. Keeping Locke on is just delaying the inevitable as far as i can see it.
  8. Woodstock (ex director) stated yesterday that it is, surprise , surprise MJ fucking up all the signings
  9. You would be surprised...first entry comes up about an Irish pub from 2012! Was looking to some local knowledge
  10. Can anyone help? In split, Croatia at the moment - does anyone one know any pubs that the game will be on in?
  11. The budget has been slashed from last season due to the team being abysmal in the later part of season and the directors not willing to pay directly for players in the coming season.
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