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  1. To follow up on an idea mooted previously, of seating above new changing rooms; if this were standing instead - walking out of the Social Club to an elevated terracing area, that would be fun, although might not qualify as safe.
  2. The previous stewarding of the games at Hampden was awful, with a few notable exceptions. The over-zealous searching of bags would not have looked out place at the Gazza Strip border entry. Hopefully that nonsense is behind us. Will the Social Club be open before the game?
  3. We are through and unscathed. Some wild results elsewhere justifies the reasoning for such a strong starting 11.
  4. I would not be surprised if this falls by the wayside; the same supply issues that have affected many clubs this season. I hope not, as the opportunity next month to get such a top on the Christmas List of every Glasgow school kid is within our grasp.
  5. Instinct is to start with the strongest 11, win the tie and progress as far as possible in the Cup. Taking a big picture view, if we do not trust the Young QP players to be tested this weekend, when do they get their chance. As we will need to play them at some point later in the season.
  6. Completely agree. They are a fine midfield duo, very pleasing to see Thomson get his goal.
  7. Correct, we should be keeping the ball away from our box. Most goals are being lost from crosses out wide. Those playing in wide positions should be stopping the ball being so easily crossed into the box in first place. If they are unable to prevent this, having three at CB may tip the odds in our favour.
  8. Eze Kilday Fox Jarrett Boateng Thomson Robson Savoury Thomas Murray 2-0 for QP.
  9. ...or a three at the back: Eze/ Kilday / Fox. We have been less than convincing at the back with 2 CB. Three may prove more solid. My issue is the number of crosses we allow into the box in the first place. Two from the left against Cove and the one from the centre circle against ICT. I would not write any player off; all are learning and shown improved performances as the season progresses; we will need them all and the options they provide for the second half of the season.
  10. A more dominant performance we are unlikely to see again this season. A joy to watch. The enthusiasm and comradery among the players is self-evident. And getting to play the second half of the season back in the Southside on the lush Lesser surface will surely see this team reach even greater levels of performance.
  11. Other than the hassle of getting and back home again; I have enjoyed the games at Ochilview; the Wee bar, the pie stall the view of the pitch (if seated/ standing at the back of the stand). A big thank you is due to Stenny.
  12. Playing on the Southside is a move in the right direction. The quicker we get into Lesser and can start to rally the local community around this team, the better. As 2022/23 has the makings of being a truly memorable season
  13. Not the time for tinkering; strongest line up possible for this match. My preference is starting with two up-front. And we win this 2-0.
  14. Ferrie did make a courageous save in the first half racing to edge of his box risking a penalty and a red card. That kept us in the game. Overall, he has made the most saves of any keeper in this league this season; if the outfield players can tighten up a bit and reduce the numbers of shots the opposition are taking, the chances of another howler will reduce. I would keep him in, for now.
  15. Defenders diving in is a consideration here; stay on your feet, say big and there is more chance of blocking the shot. That said we invite teams to play it long and put us under pressure. I would have hoped the sore lesson at the hands of Ayr earlier this season would have been learned. Leaving one upfront to chase down four defenders are not good odds. On the positive side, and there is a lot to be positive about; the passing leading up to both goals is a joy to behold, that kind of play will see us score more than we lose.
  16. A tricky away day in the Cup; always been a tough place for us. Should be a fun day out though.
  17. Playing three at the back against any combination of our front two, would be a joy to watch.
  18. We could easily have been one down after the first 10 minutes, once our defence started playing forward passes, we took control. A lot of games this season will be decided by fine margins.
  19. I would not normally take an interest in such speculation; however, it would not surprise me if this were the case in this instance. A disheartening situation.
  20. A quote from the Cliftonville manager after the game: “We’re disappointed to lose but Queen’s Park are a top side and, if things go according to plan, they’ll be in the Scottish Premiership next season and will be playing against the likes of Celtic and Rangers." Was that the plan? At the start of the season I would have been delighted if we were to finish in mid-table safety. Exciting times indeed.
  21. At long last I predicted one correctly. That was a very pleasing win, it's a game where Marijn's mantra about learning how to win came to the fore.
  22. As a person of faith myself I would prefer a more secular reasoning behind the choice of person to open the new Lesser. Having a competition among the various schools and community groups would garner much positive publicity over a period of time; the wean gets to cut the ribbon and their parent pulls the first pint in the bar.
  23. If seating could be somehow fitted above the dressing rooms, connecting with the Directors Box, then that would go some way to increasing capacity and making best use of the social club bars.
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