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  1. 2-1 win for the Queen's; a free kick in each half from Simon Murray.
  2. Expediency is perhaps not correct adjective for the speed with which the redevelopment is moving. My theory is that perhaps the original plans were pulled as they would not match the ambitions/ requirements 10 years from now. Certainly the way the new plans for the dressing rooms were described, would suggest the original plan was not fit for purpose. So rather then rush in and build for sake of building, we are drawing breath in order to get it right.
  3. Confidence is growing, the passing becoming slicker; but is an away game, different surface; 2-1 win for QP.
  4. That said, you still must decide on how to spend the budget wisely. Seasoned pros or promising youngsters, experienced manager or next the next bright young thing. An example being the bold decision to part with a winning manager in Ray McKinnon. Having the biggest budget is no guarantee of success - although admittedly a huge advantage. There are too many talented players among a lot of teams in this league to take anything for granted. Against Dumbarton, before we scored the third, it could have easily been 2-1 with 15 mins left to play.
  5. Having watched the highlights this morning; the passing leading up to each goal was very pleasing to the eye. Laurie Ellis must take a lot of credit for the way the team have changed their style of play and improved since last season.
  6. Agreed; whilst frustrated at the way communication has been handled so far, I am encouraged by the steps taken to ensure we have the correct structure in place first, for where we want to be.
  7. Am looking forward to this one, restriction free, not too far to travel for both sets of supporters, both teams starting well, - should be decent crowd. 2-1 to the Queen's.
  8. I was really surprised watching the Cove tactics of lying about on the surface for most of the first half. They are a big strong team and yet crumpled under the slightest of touches from our wee boys. Stuart Morrison, what a performance. Am really pleased at the way we continue to pass the ball about the park.
  9. It's a unique position within the team and therefore will require specific training.
  10. Agreed; the Cove squad look to have more experience and are certainly a club that are used to winning games, play-offs and leagues over the past few seasons. Am looking forward to this one. I would take a draw, but feel we could win this by the odd goal - 2-1 to the Queen's.
  11. Being passionate is never an excuse for abuse.
  12. There is no need to go out of your way to abuse your own player, even if they have played badly. The excuse of "I pay your wages" is never justifiable. That said, I still believe that Bob will do well this season. His career stats are not too bad.
  13. That would be a wee shame; I think he could do us a good turn this season.
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