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  1. Game Day! There is much, well-founded, excitement around this team at present. We should get back to our free-scoring ways this evening. 3-0 for the Queen's.
  2. Let us hope this is the start of getting relations with the existing support on a better footing. And the with the informal meetings taking place this week, at Lesser, am beginning to feel hopeful that good news about moving back to the Southside is not too far behind. Only then can we seriously tackle the important task of growing the fanbase.
  3. That was very pleasing; I don't believe there will too many 1-1 draws going forward based upon the way in which we set out our stall yesterday. Should be an exciting rollercoaster of a season.
  4. Are they now called the Young Queen's Park; the sqaud that will play in a variety of competions (Glw Cup, Reserves League, Reserves Cup) and friendlies.
  5. For the sake of your mental health, stop. Looking at other stadium builds for comparisons is depressing. I've even stopped walking by Lesser - seeing little progress is saddening. Especially when there is so much positivity on the park following the recent performances, of all the teams.
  6. This could all be resolved so easily - by getting Lesser completed. Some honest communication on that subject is all I ask.
  7. I for one would be up for this; is this something we could arrange via the Supporters Assoc? And not just for one kid; a few ST for the local primary schools for them to distribute each week as they see fit.
  8. We should bring next week's KO forward to 2:00pm allowing folk to get a train home.
  9. An enjoyable night of football; when we pass the ball to feet quickly, we create chances and score goals. It has been sometime since we last scored more than three in consecutive matches. Ony two points of concern; too often we allow the opposition to get their crosses into our box and can we please learn what to do with our throw-ins.
  10. My first instinct was that the away kit was bland, considering the good reds tops we have had down the years. However, watching the teams run out Saturday. changed my mind, I like it.
  11. We should be; although am sure St Mirren thought the same ahead of the weekend.
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