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  1. Makes sense to me; we must remember; that what got us here will not necessarily get us to where we want to go.
  2. That would be a shame if, as you say, you will be gone.
  3. This could be our most significant signing.
  4. Agreed sir; there was a lot of good footballl played last night. A credit to the lower leagues.
  5. "QP loyal" we're trying to endear ourselves within the wider local community, not alienate them.
  6. Well, I got the 3 bit correct. For me when we pass short and with pace we look comfortable; the long diagonal does not work. I have liked the variety of play at corners we have employed, lead to the penalty yesterday and goals in previous weeks.
  7. Am looking forward to this one; EC are a good team, although we will prove too strong, I hope. 3-1 win for QP with a couple of goals coming late on.
  8. I would say that it would not be unreasonable to be aiming for the 2,000 plus mark; albeit the capacity of the New Lesser will be around 1,700 when completed. A few years back on our return to Hampden following the year away for the Commonwealth Games, there were over 2,500 for the New Year game against Clyde. Now, there were several factors contributing to the attendance that day; it should be the benchmark.
  9. Agreed, Carroll has been the stand out player since he joined.
  10. Simon Murray - was that the AGM's big announcement?
  11. This squad could now be a match for any in a off-one game; on that basis it may be worth a wee punt on a decent cup run. It would be fun to have our last game at Big Hampden this season see us lift the Scottish Cup aloft, for the 11th time!
  12. I agree with all of this - a great season; one of the best in my lifetime; and yet the crowd is woeful. There are teams in the league below, who got bigger crowds and they weren't going for a play-off place. Am not wanting put a dampener on what was a good performance; but, the size of the crowd has to be addressed at some point.
  13. From the President blog today; "but members and supporters of Queen’s Park FC would be well advised to rely only on official announcements from ourselves and from the Scottish FA." Safe to say, that I will not be relying on anything the SFA announce; on the subject of our ground or any else for that matter.
  14. Can't really disagree with too much of what you say; however, we are a football club, not a concert venue. I value enormously the history and heritage of the club but have no sentimental attachment to a stadium layout of less then 20 years old; which the media and some sections of Scottish football fraternity use as a stick to beat us with. Finally; I don't think it is our responsibility to be some sort of holding-pen for other clubs.
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