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  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/gang-break-hearts-fans-jaw-18956106 Folk still get up to this pavement dancing shite in 2019? f**k sake.
  2. Naismith player-manger, or Jack Ross back before he gets pushed out the door at Sunderland?
  3. When are these games being played?
  4. If you say so, wee man. I'm just thinking of your blood pressure.
  5. Calm down son. You'll do yourself an injury,
  6. An entire post-football career, and a reputation for intelligence based entirely on liking Joy Division.
  7. Someone shitter than Main? But we just released Sammon.
  8. 5-0 defeat away to Livi. Naismith going off in the League Cup semi. Levein's tactics in every game in which we weren't pressing Celtic.
  9. Not the worst, no. But in the bottom five or six, yeah - and the contempt Levein routinely shows to the fans is new.
  10. First time I've left before the end of a game since 1984. I wasn't staying to clap those useless b*****ds. Brutal season full of brutal football
  11. I thought Partick were pretty decent in this - the Championship must be some league for them to be in relegation trouble. Storey's was a stonewall penalty (Cardle can get to f**k though), but I thought the other Anderson tackle on Uche was a penalty too, so they balance up. Clare might have found his best position, commanding central midfield, and both Wighton and Mulraney could end up being important players for us next year. Thistle fans were right though - what a shitrey home support we have. Greeting faced, know f**k all arseholes, a lot of them (amplified by it being a cup game, I suppose, with a percentage of folk just having a night out - how else to explain people leaving with us under the cosh, 2-1 up and five minutes to go). Best of luck to Thistle for the rest of the season...
  12. Nope - away back to Man Utd. No chance he'll be back.
  13. And yet large chunks of the Old Firm's away support continues to be able to buy tickets. Weird that.
  14. One great tackle in the first half and some decent bits of trickery here and there too. I reckon he'll do alright.
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