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  1. Weak, weak patter there - and with a basically open goal to aim at as well.
  2. I will be absolutely gobsmacked if this is not true. It's the only way to avoid carnage, and the SFA know it. The only fly in the ointment then will be Celtic - and if they're not awarded the title, then their fans will at least have the consolation of actual 'evidence' that the authorities have it in for them.
  3. Nobody seriously thinks there any chance of a points deduction for arrnaging bookings, do they? If so, I know of at least one current Hibs' player who must be shitting himself, and I doubt he's alone in that.
  4. Eh yes. And since he isn't behind his team mate when the ball is passed, he's offside. Your insistence that he is offisde, in the face of actual evidence otherwise is pretty baflfing, tbh.
  5. I'm not sure you understand how offside actually works.
  6. Why do people keep posting a picture of the Hamilton player in a blatantly offside position as evidence he's not offside? And being 'in the box' has nowt to do with the offside rule that I know of.
  7. Well I've no idea what other clubs pay, but Hearts, Aberdeen, Rangers, Celtic and Hibs is a fair proportion of the SPL. Plus Hearts have a bigger income than the clubs you didn't mention, which means that 'bulging' is very much a comparative term.
  8. Whelan's contract was simply cancelled - no payments made, and his wage will have offset some of the incomings. Walker is on a standard SPL level salary. MacLean will not be on a huge wage. No idea about the rest but yeah, imagine the likes of Washington are on a few grand a week.
  9. Dale Tonge joins Stendels' back room staff. Good news, but seems odd it's only a six month contract. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/dale-tonge-joins-hearts-coaching-staff-daniel-stendel-gets-his-man-1376741
  10. There'a no chance of that, no. But that's fine by me - while Stendel is creating the Scottish Liverpool, probably best to play five games agianst teams we can beat than drag ourselves round Pittodrie and Glasgow. The loss of the derby is a shame, but swings and roundabouts...
  11. Anyone who saw the performance against Aberdeen knows that the players are plenty motivated. The (positive) impact was plain to see.
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