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  1. Some twat on Talksport racist radio wanting english colts teams in the scottish league ffs
  2. Was at the Star Colts match, well impressed by Star huge fitness levels and work ethic, Currie a real handful up front , Colts very well coached keep there shape and try and pass the ball maybe a bit lacking in the final third
  3. Watching Broomhill v Vale on twitch , its 1 0 Broomhill with a 43d min penalty , not the most exciting of games
  4. Ipswich not playing any players who started on Saturday
  5. Would be interesting to know if the LL teams are travelling on the day , or going at least part of the way there the night before
  6. One thing for sure they will not stop offering ,its there biggest earner they have the fastest feeds and can decide what bets they want,the books are easy beat when they offer odds on under 20 matches and lowland league etc which they have started to do , as they are relying on a minimum wage man on an I pad so they are pricing up of stats as opposed to any feed
  7. It works both ways though , In Running betting is a big earner for Bookmakers its all about fast feeds and split second decisions , plus the bookmaker has the option not to take the bet or keep the punter waiting on the spinning clock until something happens then conveniently take or refuse the bet Bookmakers are not squeaky clean
  8. I wouldn't bother to much about McBookie , show any semblence of knowing what your doing and they will close your account
  9. Do bookies take that sort of bet on correct scores
  10. As for the offside 'goal', I presume you were bang on line with play when the ball was played just like the linesman who put his flag up well before the shot was even I was bang in line and although it was close the Threave player was onside ,he checked his run to ensure he was onside
  11. No Gary Anderson hates it as well , he tried 10 times to win it and made one semi final
  12. Yeah they are a shower of twats ,most are like this they hate peolpe winning or even taking best price ,its also best not to access any accounts through oddschecker as they limit them quicker
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