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  1. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    The moment she doesn't wake up, The undertaker will need to put on her make-up......
  2. Orange Walk / Scottish Cricket thread

    In over 300 years Orange "culture" hasn't evolved beyond walking down a street banging a big drum, and burning a big pile of pallets.
  3. Hibernian Championship Thread 2016/17

    Rangers fans have the memories of goldfish, they won't remember that quote (or they'll choose to forget it).
  4. Favourite England Tournament Lawlfest 1990-2016

    Jupe, he's raging. On the England v Iceland thread he said he supports all the "home nations", which I pointed out was Rangers-speak for "England are my big team". Outside of possibly Russia, there is no group of players or fans more odious and less worthy of our support than England, yet guys like red rob thinks we should because we're close to them on a map.
  5. Favourite England Tournament Lawlfest 1990-2016

    I'm surprised the Iceland humiliation has only 46% of the vote, by far the funniest failure in my opinion.
  6. Favourite England Tournament Lawlfest 1990-2016

    In 98 when Romania were giving England the runaround at 1-0, I recall Keegan, without any sense of irony whatsoever, saying "we can still win this......we just need the ball" :lol:
  7. Mrs Bunfield's barmy army

    I don't think I defend the republican side. At all, let alone to the hilt. I hate Sinn Fein and all incarnations of the IRA. I think the Easter 1916 Rising was utterly destructive and were I alive at that time would probably think the leaders were a bunch of scumbags (although with hindsight most appear to have been deluded poets with a death wish).
  8. Mrs Bunfield's barmy army

    Yes, many non-Jews were also murdered at Auschwitz and other camps, but are you saying that "Arbeit Macht Frei" daubed on a synagogue wouldn't be deemed anti-Semitic? I contend that it would be.
  9. England vs Iceland

    Clive Tyldesley (can't spell it) really is an odious little Englander c**t. You can really hear it when he commentates on Germany games too, making sneering little comments about penalties and the like. Was it Guy Mowbray doing the BBC commentary last night? He's fair enough.
  10. England vs Iceland

    I've outlined my reasons why I don't support England, or certainly the England team and fanbase in their current incarnation. Can you explain why you support them? They're beside us on a map? We share the same queen? Really, why?
  11. England vs Iceland

    Overweight didn't stop England picking Rooney.
  12. England vs Iceland

    The England football team is made up of overpaid, overrated, underachieving, arrogant, conceited big-time Charleys who think they're better than everyone else bar perhaps the true elite of Germany, Spain, Italy etc. and who thought all they had to do was rock up to Nice, sing GSTQ, have Iceland roll over and get their bellies tickled and move on to the QFs. The England fans, a substantial proportion of them, are obnoxious, odious, xenophobic and violent yobs who take pride in insulting every country they ever visit, fighting with the locals and the police and smashing up whatever towns and cities have the misfortune of hosting them. Outside of possibly Russia, I cannot think of a team or a set of fans in international football less worthy of support. This “home nations†crap means nothing to me – what, we're supposed to support them because they're geographically close to us on a map? By the way, I was happy that Northern Ireland did well too as their players are the exact opposite of England's in terms of attitude and most of the fans seemed decent (though they should drop the "no surrender" add-on to GSTQ).
  13. Mrs Bunfield's barmy army

    Both phrases are sectarian because they are used by sectarian hate groups. It's like saying Arbeit Macht Frei isn't anti-Semitic. To the best of my knowledge though, I don't believe ROI fans use either tiocfaidh ár lá or "our day will come" in any context, let alone in their national anthem.
  14. England vs Iceland

    Another one who's hurting this morning.
  15. Mrs Bunfield's barmy army

    The gawa repeatedly shoehorn the sectarian "no surrender" slogan (used by loyalist paramilitaries and far right groups in Britain such as the edl) into gstq. "Eschew such chants" my arse.