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  1. What point are you making, then? That Dennis and Brophy are as good as, or better, strikers? Or simply that we don't need a striker who can score goals?
  2. Hold on, so you're suggesting we shouldn't sign Lafferty because of his 'poor' record, while also saying we shouldn't judge Brophy or Dennis on their records before joining us? FWIW both those players have marginally better goals per game records than Lafferty, but both at a significantly lower level. Also, please specify this "baggage" he brings? A dive against Aberdeen years and years ago is all you've offered thus far.
  3. ...and you clearly have not paid attention to his excellent scoring record at Killie. We can hardly talk about cheating when one of our own much-lauded strikers was booked in a cup semi-final for... cheating. My argument is that Lafferty is a better striker than anyone we currently have at the club or have had at the club for several years. Who would you rather we signed that is of the same or better quality?
  4. Got to laugh at everyone willing to turn down Lafferty, a guy who scored more goals in half a season for a struggling team than Erwin has scored in any season in his career. What "baggage" does he bring that would be so detrimental to the club, may I ask? Notably he fronted up the Killie fans last night and apologised to them for getting relegated. Seems like a decent thing to do for someone who would apparently ruin the atmosphere of our dressing room.
  5. The guy has appeared for us 33 times this season, either starting or from the bench, scoring once every 11 games on average. How much more opportunity does he need to "come good"?
  6. The same Goodwin who fucked up his good progress as soon as he had a bit of pressure on him?
  7. Goodwin has been fucking it all season, sadly. Some might see it as a successful season, but absolutely no St Mirren fan is looking back on this in five, 10, 20 years time as anything other than another one to forget.
  8. From a St Mirren fan, he's very, very far from that. A win over Rangers really has added an incredible amount of gloss to what has been a season of constant failures when it really matters.
  9. f**k off Goodwin, don't let the door hit your arse on the way put. Shat it every time.
  10. So fucking easy for St Johnstone. Not an attempt at a tackle. So sick of this team not bothering to turn up for big games. Bunch of shitebags.
  11. Speechless at lack of movement from Erwin when Durmus won that ball a few moments back. This game is there for the taking but we are usually hopeless in these situations.
  12. The goalkeeper didn't have to do anything because the ball was hit straight at him...
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