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  1. A colleague who I message hourly on Teams constantly tags me when writing my name, even though the chat is between just the two of us. Then I have to go on and clear the notification of him tagging me. It fucks me right off.
  2. Car went into the garage today for its MOT. She arrives at the garage and the gates aren't open for the car park, so she has to park on the street and walk in with the keys. She feels the need to phone me at work purely to tell me this plan of action. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Train from Dundee to Inverkeithing at the weekend, typically stowed out. I'm in the aisle seat at the end of the carriage with a girl sitting at the window. Guy gets on and stands behind our seats between us and the wall, next to the door at the end of the carriage. Christ knows how long goes by of me sending messages on my phone, checking Facebook etc before realising this guy is leaning on the back of our seats with his elbows, effectively hanging over us, in a position to be peering over our shoulders at what we're doing. Girl next to me also notices and shifts awkwardly so as to stop him snooping on her messages. Then the c**t starts coughing. Thankfully I got off pretty soon afterwards but was ready for smacking him.
  4. In no particular order... Writing to Reach You Side Blue Flashing Light Happy Humpty Dumpty Love Song
  5. Usually get a discount if you ask for 'toe in the hole' instead. Bit of an inside joke but it works brilliantly. The lads in there love a bit of tongue in cheek banter.
  6. A friend liked a status on mine where someone was announcing that out of respect for those killed, she wouldn't be posting again tonight. I mean, for Christ sake.
  7. Klozet does a terrific toad in the hole, which is the perfect pre-match warmer, usually washed down by a pint of the black Irish stuff with creamy head. They also do a tasty Cumberland Sausage. Either way, their selection of meats probably won't be beaten in Dundee.
  8. Happened to me a few weeks ago. Two weans born around 5am and by 6.30am, at least three members of my partner's family had posted congratulations with names and pics in some cases - not to us, but on their own walls, tagging us in the statuses. This was before I'd managed to tell any of my aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends. I had to quickly put up a post myself about them so that if anyone logged on that morning, they would hopefully find out the news from me and not others. Fair to say I wasn't all that chuffed. The most important event of your life and you've got folk breaking the news for you. Lovely...
  9. Some roaster on my Facebook liked this today:
  10. ^^^ Another embarrassment for the Catholic Church IMO.
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