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  1. Todd scared for his life yet FOUR times he was on his way down the stairs before the front door closed after visits from Mick, Gary & Craig.
  2. I’ve mentioned it numerous times on other threads, but I’ll try again here in hope that someone may give it a shot... Rudderless
  3. I think someone earlier in this thread likened Brechin to the new East Stirling - he’s not wrong..
  4. 20 goals against in just under 4 games. Good start to the new season... Edit -As I typed make that 21...
  5. The Bridge is worth a watch. It’s basically a documentary about people who jump from the Golden Gate Bridge. Interviews with their family and friends. Also interviews with one or two who actually survived their attempt.
  6. Can’t have been just me who hoped Michael would have actually got on that plane and fucked off? That family are awful, especially the dad.
  7. I stopped watching for a few months again and have recently dipped back into it these last 3 or 4 weeks. Still dog shit.
  8. I went to Sunderland West End last season to watch my local team play them in the cup. What a strange place that was to visit! I think we’ve drawn Bedlington in the cup this year so will be going up for that one too.
  9. I was half watching that new Joker film that’s just come on Sky recently. It probably did explain it in the film and I missed it as my flat mate came home and started talking to me for ages, but I’m sure I saw a young Batman talking to a 50 year old Joker at the gates of Batman’s dads house. Weren’t Batman and the Joker both around 35 years old when they met in the Dark Knight?
  10. Anyone notice the time on the cooker in the scene between Sally & Tim in the kitchen kept jumping back and forth?
  11. This weekend marks the 8th anniversary since my last bet. I’d suggest going to GA meetings for anyone who is struggling.
  12. Looks like Burnley might be in trouble tonight. Can’t fill the bench and two of their subs are keepers.
  13. Can’t remember if I’ve already posted this but the scene in Spartacus when he’s on the cross and his wife shows him his kid.
  14. Who was that poster who said he’d fucked Hayden Panettiere?
  15. Someone tell me who the three teams who are going to be relegated are?
  16. 19 posts in the last 44 days is a sign of how w**k Corrie is these days.
  17. Nick_BCFC

    Game of Thrones

    Are we all still mad about the final series?
  18. Did Tracy not quit Street Cars last week during the hot tub scene? Why was she delivering the food to the hotel?
  19. I’ve been going for around 12 years now I think. The bell ends in the surrounding pubs before the event are annoying before they even get in the venue.
  20. This factory roof thing can just f**k off.
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