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  1. Remember last year when we were supposed to believe Debbie was a master manipulator and excellent businesswoman? Last week she was duped twice in the same day by both Leanne Battersby and a local fish monger.
  2. I see the dullest man on the planet decided to spontaneously put in an offer for a restaurant after giving it 10 minutes thought while he ate a fish pie or whatever it was he ordered. Where does Johnny live now? I saw he went in the Rovers for a pint but can’t recall where his new gaff is. That Daisy going to try and use her snatch on Daniel’s pecker to somehow con him out of some cash he’s going to get from that house his mum just decided to give him? That little goth girl is about the most unlikable character on there. No other comments to add just now.
  3. Amy’s already had her first dick hasn’t she? In fact, wasn’t she pregnant? Or am I confusing her with that Faye?
  4. Part way through watching last weeks episodes - couple of comments on the arrest/ damaged leg... Why didn’t the footballer just show his licence? Why did his brother get out the car when he was told to stay in it which made the policeman panic? How was the footballer with a career threatening injury back home sat on his sofa with his leg up seemingly hours after the incident? His mum gave him a packet of painkillers then sent him on his way?
  5. Tyrone trying to spark that guy out was another pathetic scene.
  6. I can’t stand that George.
  7. She can mop up the mess afterwards.
  8. Alina or Daisy - who are you having?
  9. Gutted. Raging at that sending off. What a stupid boy. Well done Kelty.
  10. I hope they do bring Les’s son back! He’s just shown up on Classic Coronation Street. I can’t recall the original story and whether he was actually Les’s true son or not!
  11. How many are on the board at the minute? I wonder if they actually had a vote on whether to go down this route or one or two people just dictated to the rest that it was happening.
  12. CLUB STATEMENT - By BCFC Management Committee The Club are disappointed but not surprised to hear that our letter to the SPFL board, which was copied to all League 1 and 2 member clubs has been shared, in part, by various media outlets and feel that this statement is necessary to confirm our position. Today, 30 minutes ahead of a crucial SPFL League match, we sit bottom of the SPFL pyramid, we are currently Club 42, just as we were at the curtailed end of season 2019/20. We have been the worst performing team in League 2 for 44 games, there is nothing unfair about that, we have lost points on the pitch against teams living and playing through similar conditions as ours and are currently in our rightful place in the league. We will continue to fight to improve that position over the next five games, starting tonight. We also put on record our support for the pyramid structure. The teams entering the play-offs from the Highland and Lowland Leagues, who meet the required standards in terms of playing criteria and facilities, are helping drive improvement in the SPFL and they deserve to be given the opportunity to progress and improve our game. However, this season, just like last season, is not normal by any means for the SPFL or indeed the Highland and Lowland leagues. In our letter to the SPFL we reconfirmed our position that we felt it unfair to hold the play-offs in these unprecedented times and explained our supporting arguments for this view, a number of these arguments are based on SFA and SPFL laws and competition rules. The most pressing complaint is not one of laws or legitimacy, it is about a level playing field for both sides in any play-off, we strongly believe that any Relegation playoff games this season will be fundamentally unfair on Club 42. Club 42 will have been affected by injuries, suspensions, lack of recovery time and fatigue – these are part-time players, and most of these part-time players have full-time jobs which requires enormous amounts of travel to fulfil their footballing and work responsibilities. That club will have played 13 league games in a period of 59 days, many of the games having been concentrated into periods of three or four games in seven days. The winners of the Highland versus Lowland League playoff will have played two games in the same period and will not be affected to nearly the same extent by any of these issues (injuries, suspensions, lack of recovery time or fatigue). We believe that league reconstruction is the fairest outcome for Club 42, the Lowland League and Highland League and it is true that we proposed to the SPFL board and our member clubs that as an alternative to a relegation play-off both Kelty Hearts and Brora Rangers be invited to join an expanded SPFL League 2 from next season, so they are not unfairly punished by our position on the legitimacy of the play-offs this season. In summary we believe in the play-offs, we believe that any team that plays a full league season and finished bottom of the pyramid should play off against the winner of the Highland or Lowland league team who has also played a full league season under similar conditions. Season 2020/21 is not that season.
  13. I’d actually be embarrassed to chat to rival fans before/ during games after this. Usually they are pretty complimentary about the club but you can imagine now all the shit the Brechin fans will get if we manage to wangle our way out of relegation (again). It’s indefensible.
  14. Just caught up with last week. I don’t think I have anything to comment on apart from Cathy being shit.
  15. Fucking disgrace. How many games have we won in the last 3 years?
  16. You obviously are in some way connected to part of the problem, constantly defending the indefensible.
  17. Who in their right mind would take this on? Absolute disgrace and has been for three years. Giving this jester a contract that long when we could have just give him a month-to-month one? We deserve all we get (and probably more).
  18. I notice Maria dishing the advice out recently. Didn’t she become obsessed with Tyrone again a couple of years ago and try to break him and Fiz up?
  19. Aspinall vs. Durrant was hard to watch. Cross and De Sousa been decent so far which was a pleasant surprise. Cross is another I find difficult to watch when he pulls that stupid grin when he throws a bad dart.
  20. I’ve watched it about 5 times and I’m still not too sure I fully understand the ending!
  21. John Locke and Ben Linus were outstanding characters.
  22. Watch them both. My favourite two series ever. Lost probably edges it for me.
  23. Brilliant film. One of those that gets you in the mindset of "I wonder what I'd do in that situation". Well worth a watch. Watched it last night. Not bad, thanks for the recommendation.
  24. Watched The Platform yet? No. Worth a try? I like films like Children of Men and just watched a short series called something like ‘Tribes of Europa’ which was an easy watch.
  25. Hello friends, Anyone got any good dystopian film recommendations they’ve seen on Netflix recently?
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