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  1. You obviously are in some way connected to part of the problem, constantly defending the indefensible.
  2. Who in their right mind would take this on? Absolute disgrace and has been for three years. Giving this jester a contract that long when we could have just give him a month-to-month one? We deserve all we get (and probably more).
  3. I notice Maria dishing the advice out recently. Didn’t she become obsessed with Tyrone again a couple of years ago and try to break him and Fiz up?
  4. Aspinall vs. Durrant was hard to watch. Cross and De Sousa been decent so far which was a pleasant surprise. Cross is another I find difficult to watch when he pulls that stupid grin when he throws a bad dart.
  5. I’ve watched it about 5 times and I’m still not too sure I fully understand the ending!
  6. John Locke and Ben Linus were outstanding characters.
  7. Watch them both. My favourite two series ever. Lost probably edges it for me.
  8. Brilliant film. One of those that gets you in the mindset of "I wonder what I'd do in that situation". Well worth a watch. Watched it last night. Not bad, thanks for the recommendation.
  9. Watched The Platform yet? No. Worth a try? I like films like Children of Men and just watched a short series called something like ‘Tribes of Europa’ which was an easy watch.
  10. Hello friends, Anyone got any good dystopian film recommendations they’ve seen on Netflix recently?
  11. I was once talking to the local drunk in the pub about the soundtrack to this film. The guy was off his tits and told me he could play it all on the bagpipes (note this conversation took place in Lancashire, not somewhere you ever expect anyone to have seen any bagpipes let alone claim to play them). The guy could tell I thought he was full of shit and I went to sit down with my drink. He finished his whisky and went out to the car park and into the boot of his vehicle. Two minutes later he walked back in the pub and played The Gael note perfect! Nobody in the pub has ever heard live bagpipes before, including myself. I didn’t realise how loud they were! Turns our he was some sort bagpiper in the army and had performed all over the world and in front of people like the Queen.
  12. Still really enjoying Classic Coronation Street. Les Battersby was an outstanding character.
  13. I foresee Leanne offering her pussy to that mate of Simon’s to try and get rid of him & pay off the debt. Shouldn’t be long now til Tyrone is piping Alina.
  14. Alya is such a vile creature. Treating Tim like that.
  15. Can’t agree with this. Even Dev is horrendous to watch these days.
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