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  1. Did Tracy not quit Street Cars last week during the hot tub scene? Why was she delivering the food to the hotel?
  2. Garbage final that.
  3. I’ve been going for around 12 years now I think. The bell ends in the surrounding pubs before the event are annoying before they even get in the venue.
  4. This factory roof thing can just f**k off.
  5. The thread grows weaker as the months pass by. Once of a day there would be several posts to read after each episode. Recently there’s just a couple a week to slate whatever shite someone has just caught up with in the omnibus.
  6. Anyone going to this tournament this year? I’ll be there Thursday night. I’m not looking forward to it as much as I used to.
  7. Please, please just write Gary out of the show. How awful is that Geoff controlling Yasmeen storyline?
  8. The Good Will Out - Embrace.
  9. Nick_BCFC


    That's season 2. Bloody hell - Netflix has them in the wrong order!
  10. Nick_BCFC


    The Slasher I just put on was about some people who killed some tart at summer camp! Wrong one I think!
  11. No sir, I go first thing in a morning when I get a haircut so I wouldn’t have a beer at that time even if there was a queue.
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