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  1. Why is dugdale dressed as miranda hart?
  2. To be fair govanhill has always been a shitehole but in the last 5/10 years it really has become a health hazard with people throwing their shit into the back courts. While no culture or peoples is 100% good or bad multiculturalism will never fully happen as people are basically tribal by nature.
  3. An old guy that worked at the paper stall in stobhill hospital was a septic tank and his name was CHUCK McPROUD
  4. I hardly post on here but read the gambling forum quite often. Just thought id post to say well done for going 43 days without pumping money into these machines. Quickest way to the poor house mate. Coupons and bets are bad enough but the machines are poison
  5. "Doing the washing" Ye mean pressing a button, hardly dragging it down to the river and rubbing it on the rocks.
  6. Todays winner .... "Helicopter overview" I have no idea
  7. Genuine electrician here: what is tripping? Main rcd? Rcbo? Surely your "electric fence" needs to be fed off a main switch. Either that or your first victim/tresspasser will blow the breaker letting zombie hoardes/cattle into your compound/land????
  8. I chucked the record and the sun after the disgraceful coverage of the referendum. To be fair if i want a laugh i will buy the daily mail
  9. Being a liar has made him a rich man so why start telling the truth now
  10. Offering a service in good faith.....you'll have me greeting in a minute. What about the times you've had a bet on and they change the odds after the event and cite a pricing error. f**k them
  11. Get the c**t fired into a bag and play a tape of a dog barking.....you'll soon find out if its not well
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