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  1. He did his job. No matter what he does in his career he’ll always be a hero.
  2. Both sky and bbc have the new keeper on the bench.
  3. Now that there’s signs of fans getting back into grounds, does anyone know what our plans are? I’m sure we can accommodate all season ticket holders if we use all 4 stands.
  4. Doubt we could get Tommy. The amount of players that pulled out the last NI match for personal reasons make me think that gig will be up for grabs soon.
  5. 30k revenue minus the costs of acquiring the food/drink and serving it. You could always get Fat Tony to rustle up a cold buffet with ingredients from a Foodbank but he’d probably eat half of it.
  6. Someone cashing in on day old news. Adverts for bankruptcy, opening new bank accounts, FIFA 13 and Manchester holiday villas.
  7. Is that Brian Kennedy? Do season tickets give you first call on champions league tickets?
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