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  1. If they’ve been training with the rest of the squad there may be a number of players developing covid who wouldn’t test positive yet. It’s utterly shit but it’s the right decision.
  2. I can't believe she didn't offer United £8 million on Friday for your place in the premiership.
  3. It's their first game back in the top flight, their first under a new manager and they'll likely add 3-4 more first team players. Judge them after the first round of fixtures maybe but not after one game.
  4. Probably not training with the main squad as they’d need all the covid testing.
  5. Random's dad had already named his mum in the Mrs position, so Random wasn't allowed to strengthen the squad.
  6. Ah, that’s probably why. I look forward to watching in 640x480 on saintstv next week!
  7. The video quality was great, but I had to mute the commentary after suffering about a minute of it.
  8. The Cockwomble turning up to show support for the establishment clubs.
  9. I look forward to covid causing a stop to the league with 21 games played and Hearts 4 points clear. It would be unfair to disproportionately reward them in such a scenario.
  10. Trump was definitely goaded by all that 'Presidenting while black' stuff Obama got up to. It's hardly Trump's, the Republican Party's or the media's fault at all.
  11. Well Thistle fans claimed they’d rather get relegated than play like us, and they’ve done it twice now to really ram the point home.
  12. Would it not be fairer to compare to the clubs which were bottom of those leagues with 8gamestogo? You know, the ones that went doon.
  13. If they did that and won the rest of their games they’d have to refuse promotion as there would be sixgamestogo.
  14. I feel you ali, but it's much more fun seeing them yo-yo up and down between the leagues in a Jambo fashion than it is watching them wither away down there like Falkirk/Dunfermline/Thistle.
  15. The season hasn't officially started until Fifespud does:
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