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  1. *in January. Think of the saving in wages Broon!
  2. Buy him the socks then take it out of his wages, birthday sorted and infrastructure preserved!
  3. You were quitting the site until he’d signed. I’m taking your posts today as confirmation that he’s signed.
  4. Every single one of his tweets could be summed up by 'seething', 'verge of tears' or 'scrambling for relevance'. He'd be an outstanding addition to P&B.
  5. I’ve got it and enjoying it fine. It’s no RDR2 for sure, similar to, but seems better than Mad Max.
  6. Third least significant - you’re above St Mirren for now.
  7. *something about a conspiracy that's aimed at preventing the team that wins 90% of the trophies from winning trophies.*
  8. Gordon Whitelaw is the name bottom right of the first page.
  9. I don't think we've got the spare players, Scougal aside. Easton will hopefully be back in contention soon, but can't see him being loaned. Anderson is moving towards the fringes, but same, think we'll need him for the run in.
  10. ^^^ Jama’s new CD, Original #Perthshire Material, will be out in the new year.
  11. I don’t have anything to add, I just felt bad that you were stuck on 54 (replies).
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