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  1. I'm not Verkauteren my chickens before they hatch!
  2. Life on earth might have begun and been snuffed out hundreds, thousands of times before the planet stabilised enough for it to stick. I’m inclined to believe that as long as the conditions for life are there, life will happen. Whether it lasts is another matter.
  3. How will they position the tramapoline to bounce it straight back to Gyna if Trump doesn't tweet to warn them?!
  4. He's done it time and again, parries the ball straight back or too weakly to the side to clear the goal area.
  5. Conway’s been all over the park, at times wearing #7, 14, 18 and 22... this fucking commentator.
  6. Celtic fans in my work moaning when their game against us wasn't on SKY and they had to pay StMirren for a ppv. They were saying Celtic should subsidise it for them as they paid over £500 for a season ticket. Different breed. Sounds like a plan. We could call it ‘splitting the gate’.
  7. Heading to Parkhead now, I'll make a killing selling protest sharks.
  8. The logic of "Our guy was cheating so hard there's no way the other guy could win fair and square."
  9. The GOP can’t cut him loose until the Georgia run-offs on 5th Jan and the damage he’s doing right now is incredible.
  10. “If I start a big, beautiful war I can declare a state of emergency and stay President, right?”
  11. ^^^£14 on the bet, £99 on the Peterhead season ticket.
  12. I definitely don’t have video and Saints shouldn’t check.
  13. Delighted for McNamara, he’s been really bright again. Killie seem to be giving McCann a lot more space than other sides have been?
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