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  1. Plenty of ATM’s around Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap. Never had issues using cards, but of course cash for street food and local shops.
  2. Yes, and that upsets you why?
  3. Who said anything about Scotland specifically? The reach and investment of China goes far beyond Asia. Yes they want their regional dominance, but their investments and strategy into Africa, Europe and elsewhere would suggest they are aiming to be a global empire. Just a quick snapshot for Europe: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-china-business-in-europe/ https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.scmp.com/comment/insight-opinion/article/2131334/europes-security-concerns-over-chinese-investments-need-be
  4. Used them all before, they were shit. Just some foreigners trying to profiteer. ;-)
  5. There isn’t going to be any ‘attack’. The PLA have to be invited in, which, if things continue they will do as part of martial law to quell the protests. Either way, either by presence or intervention, China will get their way. Agree on the protesters being deluded, but they haven’t much choice. They want to try and stop the inevitable. The west should be concerned about China in general, nothing to do with Hong Kong; the belt and road initiatives, control of rare earth minerals. Claims on the South China Sea and the building of artificial islands and the investments of projects in developing countries, locally; mainly Philippines, Laos, Cambodia (and the general raping of the land there). Should be a concern.
  6. Don’t think they have claimed the US has ‘incited’ any riots. They suggest they have evidence of the US encouraging the protesters (I’m sure the UK probably has as well). Which if true is ridiculous of the US or anyone else, kind of Hungary ‘56 style. Was in Shenzhen and Hong Kong last week, left just before the airport was occupied. Spoke to some of the protesters and they are hoping the ‘world’ sees their dilemma. Hence the occupying the airport last week. They are on a hiding to nothing as I doubt anyone is going to truly stand up to Mainland China. The only chance Hong Kong has is the northern/north western autonomous regions rise up in China, but that is not going to happen as Beijing’s iron fisted control of these regions stops anything before it starts. The build up of troops in Shenzhen, although probably a threat at this point, is alarming. Martial law in Hong Kong in the coming weeks would not be a surprise. China really should be a concern for everyone these days.
  7. What simplified nonsense
  8. Is there really a ‘huge drug problem in The Philippines’? It’s a truly debatable statement. some reports put it well below the global average and near neighbours. There hasn’t been a great deal of clear and accurate data to back up Duterte’s claims. His opinions on drug users and his general sensationalism is at times very questionable as well.
  9. That’s one to watch. Very common for them just to refill bottled water. Was in a restaurant a few weeks ago and they were refilling all the bottles and putting them in fridge for resale. Even happens with the bottled water in your hotel room.
  10. Food is not at all spicy on the whole and far better to eat local food than hashed up western dishes. Most hotels play down the spice anyway. You would have no issues.
  11. Not worn a tie in 20 years. Used to get a bit of stick from my boss for attending the companies conferences in jeans and casual shirts while everyone else was in suits and ties (work for a Swedish company), but they have now given up, so I consider that a small victory. Do a lot of Skype calls, but no video, so mostly sit outside in shorts and nothing else (always too hot to be wearing much more). We may be moving to more video conferencing so that may mean pulling on a t-shirt for the calls.
  12. £300 a cup! It’s Kopi luwak and is more like £10 a cup, probably more in Europe, but nothing like what your exaggerating. True they are farms set up to maximise the profitability, but still plenty of ‘free range’ options particularly from Sumatra where it originated. Actually it’s a decent cup of coffee, but of course questionable if worth the cost.
  13. I am in India one week a month more or less and never (touching wood, rather than cloth) had a problem. The hygiene is a joke and the water seems to be the key. Have always ate local, cooked and avoided anything raw or could have been washed without cooking and seems work and avoid anything with tainted oil. Ended up in a bar in Nashik last week that clearly was a den for ecoli. Discreetly dumped the food rather than eat it. Was starving on the drive to Mumbai, but better that than having constant shits. As for Street food, you really can't beat South East Asia, with Thailand on top, but Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia are pretty good. Philippines not so, but you can pick up some nice things. Singapore and Malaysia are probably the weakest. Not food, but kvass in Russia during the summer is pretty good.
  14. For Singapore, pretty much as Dutchborder says. Depending on your tastes you can throw in a day at Sentosa, The old Ford motor factory (where The British surrendered to the Japanese, now a museum), around the old town next to Clarke Quay and of course the usual Chinatown and Little India. Football wise, it's shit, but actually some clubs have free entry so a cheap/free evening and a decent laugh. Definitely eat in the hawker centres that are everywhere. Bali, for me is okay. As someone said the south isn't the best, Kuta is more like Ibiza for the Australians. So better spending your time up north. You can get cash easily in Singapore and Indonesia, whether you'll get savings against the UK, probably. Singapore is ridiculously expensive, Indonesia not do. Indonesian food is fantastic from simple Nasi goreng to rendang, satay and of course the sambal (chili). Sambal Goreng is for me, wonderful. Definitely have some martabak when there as well.
  15. Aside the fact that all religion is nonsense and only in response to your simplified thoughts. Muslims do not believe Jesus was resurrected or even crucified, in their own twisted minds may see Easter celebrations as an afront to their prophet and their beliefs. Not an excuse for their idiotic actions, but things are a great deal more complicated and it's impossible to fathom out how, even educated people get so indoctrinated, but it happens.
  16. You can do it independently, just need to show all your bookings and planning. Flights, hotels, etc. You do need to declare all the places you are going as the visa will actually be tied to those places. Not that you are restricted in travelling, but if you are stopped by the police in an oblast you shouldn’t be you could have some hassle. One way to limit your outlay before the visa is to book hotels on booking.com or similar, that offer free cancellation. Use this, print the bookings and use them for the visa. You can cancel them if you don’t get the visa for free and and can cancel them and pick something that suits you better at a later date. There is no issue in changing hotels. This leaves the flights the only issue. Never had any of my Russian visas (all business) declined, but have had a few requests for more money (Russian embassy in Budapest many years ago).
  17. 90% of food is imported. It’s fucking expensive. 30% of the Singaporean population are foreigners, stealing jobs, etc. Good comparison by the bus boy
  18. Around 1982, two skins/punks at the football field opposite the bottom gates. Two fairly well built boys for their ages absolutely hammering each other. At one point, one goes into his denim jacket and pulls out a bicycle chain and starts swinging it about his head. The other pulls a chain with links about an inch thick and swings his. Denim guy then announces ‘nae chains’. Credit to the other guy, they ditch the chains and continued punching lumps out of each other. First and one of very few times I have seen two guys go at each other without all the prancing, dancing and grappling that you usually see. One of the PE teachers was first on the scene and just stood admiring the spectacle until another teacher arrived. On the other side of the spectrum, a friend who was into smoking pot and playing guitar and just an all round nice guy, got into a feud with the biggest b*****d in our year, a real animal, and got called out to a duel at the ‘bottom gates at home time’. As he had to get the bus at the bottom gates, it was kind of unavoidable for him. The bell rang and armageddon was upon him as he walked down the hill to the gates slowly, the sight of this animal, half ringed by blood thirsty onlookers waiting on the annihilation of my friend, had us all expecting the worst for him. As he got close to his adversary, he broke in to a sprint towards him, when he was in reach of him he took one big swing and punched him straight in the jaw without breaking step. There was shock on the big guys face, as my friend continued his run and jumped onto the bus just about to pull away. The big guy, still dumbfounded by the punch, which clearly had zero impact on him, stared at the bus for a while, then burst out laughing. Fair play the big animal as he called the whole thing off and gave a fair amount of respect to my friend for turning up and throwing a punch as most, I included, and most teachers wouldn’t go up against this guy.
  19. Not a restaurant, and as said before was sold a while back and gone right down hill.
  20. Closest: Il Terzo Cerchio, Dohány u. 40, 1074 Hungary Indian: Indigo Indian Restaurant, Jókai u. 13, 1066 Hungary Local: Pozsonyi Kisvendéglő, Radnóti Miklós u. 38, 1137 Hungary Entertaining (but far): Kéhli Vendéglő, Mókus u. 22, 1036 Hungary
  21. You really don’t need any to get around. All the signs in the metro/train are in English. The only real issue may be in some more local restaurants, but still not so much of a hassle.
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