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  1. Used to spend a lot of time working in Poland early 2000’s so definitely out of date. Warsaw was decent then, nice old (new) town and enough to do, but for me, doesn’t quite stack up to many of the other places in Poland. For what its worth: Krakow is excellent and the ‘go to’ tourist city. Gdansk probably follows on the ‘go to’ stakes but is also very good. Sopot, winter or summer is fantastic. Used to regularly drive Gdansk-Tczew-Kwidzyn-Lysomice-Bydgoszcz-Lodz. Could be a real shit trip depending on the time of the year and the roads (at least then), but always made sure I had time in Torun as it was just a really good town, although not specifically much to do. Plenty of nice places to stop off enroute in the summer. Wroclaw always stuck out more than many places and was always enjoyable. Rzescow is decent enough. Katowice is always great for me as it was the first place in Poland I went in the early 90’s and returned to working soon after (its actually and industrial shithole). So many smaller towns that I for forgotten about, but all in all Poland is and excellent country.
  2. Pretty much on the border of Kuta and Seminyak. If you like the beach it will be good. The beach is massive and pretty decent. A lot of bars and restaurants around (how they will be currently who knows). I prefer more up towards Ubud, but everything is pretty easily accessible with a car or bike.
  3. All the furlough, poor government decisions and not following simple guidelines will come at a cost at some time. How much and how long will be the only question.
  4. Its possible you’ll see more companies failing at the end of this. Companies with cash reserves or government assistance could survive through down sizing/scaling. As things ramp up and cash or support has dwindled companies could hit serious cash flow issues during ‘recovery’. Then we will have a picture of the future and any prolonged recession/austerity as a knock on of all this.
  5. Do hope it works out for you, but keep an eye on it. Yes there is a direct flight from Doha to Denpasar.
  6. Thats a brave one. Hopefully by then all will be fine. Bali and Jakarta are the two worst affected areas that are back in lockdown and Indonesia have re-introduced their frontline defence of banning all non-residents. So unless you have KITAS or KITAP you can’t enter. This is initially for the next 2 weeks, but may be extended and is a defence they have been using on and off. They are currently the worst affected country in ASEAN and recording their worst daily rates now (something nearing 100,000 in the last 10 days). They start their vaccination programme from tomorrow from Jakarta using the Chinese vaccine. They have 3m doses (population 270m). They are buying vaccines from everywhere and need to vaccinate circa 168m people to reach some kind of herd immunity. There is a lot of opposition/concern to the vaccine roll outs due to the limited number and the true impact, how they can distribute over so many islands and if they will truly be halal or not. It will be a huge challenge for the government. They will probably be the last country in Asia to get this under control. We were supposed to be back to see family for Hari Raya last year, no chance of getting back for Hari Raya this year and looking at only getting over to see the wife’s family maybe september or october. A few of the wives friends lived and worked on Bali and most have left now as this has of course decimated the tourist industry with nearly everything closed down and no work. About the only plus for a holiday in Bali this year will be the price, but at the expense of nothing being open. As said hopefully things will start to pick up by late July for your trip. Where would you be staying? (sorry for the vey negative message, but better to consider all that and check into to it yourself. As said, hopefully there may be semblance of normality by July, I just wouldn’t hold my breathe for it).
  7. It doesn’t get less mental with time, but always interesting. Any road trip can be enlightening.
  8. Agree with that, wandered about the muslim part of Bangalore and it was pretty bad, even by Indian standards. My colleagues were shocked I had walked about the area when I told them I had done so and launched into a lot of shit about how bad muslims were which turned out a tad embarrassing for them. India is a fascinating place but utterly filthy especially if you get off the beaten track. I am usually over every couple of months and traveling throughout and with Covid, a year since I have been and missing the place.
  9. Non residents weren’t/aren’t allowed into Singapore for some time. Its been a bit of a cornerstone of their defence against this. Of course, as you say, doubling down on the UK now as many countries have out here. The police access for test and trace here is not a simple as being reported and I’d take our situation here over anywhere else without doubt.
  10. Short term visitors have been blocked for months.
  11. No issue there. Just a general need through the years due to the amount of travel. ie: traveling on one passport while the other is getting a visa for some place. Its a huge bonus when your job revolves around constant travel, but can get a little confusing as in the case above. Passport related: Philippines only started stamping Chinese passports last year after 7 years. China brought out a new passport in 2012 that showed sovereignty over all the disputed islands snd Philippines refused to stamp them. China stopped issuing visas for Filipinos into China for a while.
  12. You evidently have never experienced my mothers cooking!
  13. Always loved thick vegetable soups and lentil when I lived at home. A good mushroom soup is fantastic. Borscht is probably the best some to come from Europe. For Thai, most variations of Tom Yam are good, but Tom Yam Kathi is by far the best. Pho Ba from Vietnam is great and Indonesian Bakso a little behind. The best soup by far is Indonesian Sayur Asam. Generally Chinese soups are watery pish. ETA: How could I forget pumpkin soup. Soup is the business
  14. Got detained by immigration in Macau when leaving for overstaying. I used to travel over regular and left the time before on the ‘wrong passport’ by mistake. Had a bit of explaining why I had two British passports, but got it sorted in just over an hour.
  15. Definitely think it would be something to see and certainly on my to do list. Not sure when though.
  16. Its not even that. Set itinerary and travel plan, your only looking around where your allowed to look around.
  17. Wouldn’t disagree generally but your crossing over into the wider topic of ethical tourism. You could argue of the countries you mention that at least some of your money is going into the hands of locals and the local economy and your not directly legitimising a government in your actions. You could argue you are at least helping local people. For North Korea. All your money goes to the government and you are really entering a state run sideshow as real as Disneyland. It could be considered that people going to some outlandish places go for adventure, thrill seeking or to expand their understanding. None of that can be said of North Korea. Its nothing more than a bragging right and ego fulfilling. As said before, these arguments (ironically from a Chinese individual) are not necessarily mine. However, their more detailed arguments moved me from being interested to go, to not caring either way. If the chance was presented to me on a plate, would I go? Yes I would. This was discussed years ago on here, but the person who went was invited to arrange a football match (which is a common request seemingly). He went as far as discussing this with the British Consulate in Shanghai and was roundly told not to go ahead with it in any shape or form.
  18. Agree with that and the time you noted going to Myanmar would have similar considerations. The biggest argument against North Korea is the pretty much a state run package delivery. Probably the breaker for me is needing to go the tomb of Kim-il Sung to pay respects as part of nothing more than a package tour. I’m in the same camp as Welshbairn, plenty of other places to go before there, but each to their own.
  19. Had a long debate on this topic a few years ago with a friend who had went and someone who was all against it. How it is only for the individuals ego and ‘bragging rights’ but it doesn’t help the local people. The money goes to the government, it legitimises the leadership and of course you do not actually see anything that remotely reflects day to day life. Its a fancy package tour where you are chaperoned to the places they want you to see. Had quite fancied it up the point of that discussion, but think the person (who presented the points more eloquently than myself) put across a strong case of it being a bad idea (and there thought: people who go are arseholes). Open for debate
  20. Found a few more pics from Strange places I’ve visited. 1. Lampung, Indonesia 2. Neum, The Bosnian riveria (They hadn’t repaired the bomb damage). 3. Flirtation with a minefield. 4. Trike repair in China.
  21. Varosha in Famagusta? Its on the Turkish side but hasn’t been touched. You can go to the border and look into the town (at least you could 20 years ago, might have changed somewhat since).
  22. For ease of living: Singapore, but that is with a young child in tow. Ho Chi Minh was fantastic, amazing city and half an hour on your motorbike and you could be in the jungle/Mekong. Maybe too consumed by tourism now as you will not find a traditional barbers or coffee shop in d1 now. Hong Kong, whats happening to it now is a tragedy. Moscow, as others have said is great and fantastic place to live (except the weather). Shanghai, Guangzhou, Istanbul are all decent. All in all, Budapest is probably the best place I have lived though. Such a wonderful city.
  23. The jeepneys, although modelled on WW2 jeeps are manufactured by local companies. They look clapped out as they are made from crap materials. A number of the manufacturers have gone bust and the government are looking to replace them. The irony of the armed guards (outside of the banks), their guns are unlikely to work and usual contain one bullet. Its a pretty chaotic and frustrating place, where, if you stay long enough your pretty much guaranteed to see a murder. I have a very much love/hate relationship with the place having stayed there for several years and travel regular with work (pre-covid). Despite having more than enough to hate the place it is, without doubt, pretty unique. Strange/interesting places for myself: Going down an illegal goldmine in the Compostela valley on Mindanao (Philippines) was pretty strange. Love going to Lampung on Sumatra in Indonesia. A lot of very bizarre places in China and India (another love/hate) place. Would like to explore a few places in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh and Latin America. ETA: Found some of the pictures from the Goldmine.
  24. This is possibly an interesting article on how news is presented and plays a big part on how people interpret the same thing. In the local articles it is their to ‘promote’ safe distancing and raise awareness. The overseas articles use a stronger tone such as enforcing. As a foot note, this is actually my local park and I have yet to see it. I wonder if it shits batteries.
  25. Glad you enter into things with an open mind. Your last sentence, a few face palms in that one! ETA: Oh, gone on then. Just for the chuckles. Do tell me why I, as an individual, should be concerned about the growth of Islam in the UK and specifically how Islam is going to impact my life in the future (I assume negatively).
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