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  1. At this late stage in the tournament it would be difficult to expect a change in the top 3. After a lull yesterday the Sneezing Princess team racked up a few more points. Singapores workmanlike performance keeps bagging the points at a steady pace. It is China though who keep driving the points tally closer to 100,000. Surely it is only a matter of time. The shine may be taken of f their achievement as questions still arise about their calculations and methods and the world governing body may ban them from future competition for breaching fair play rules. France are the first European team to join the elite category alongside China, Japan and Philippines. Tables below. For the hard of understanding. Time is continuous and this the posted table is as of now, which is now currently in the past and subject to change.
  2. Or way ahead. (8 hours to be precise).
  3. A lean day in front of goal for the Sneezing Princess team as they start to offload a few free transfers to Japan. ‘Punching above their weight’ is now being banded about for little Singapore who continue consolidate third with a healthy points tally, double their nearest rival. China punch in another strong day, but rumours of match fixing abound for them. A strong possibility of still re addressing the numbers from before. Egypt are the first African qualifier with there first point gained.
  4. I wouldn’t necessarily class Zhejiang as being more developed, but know what you mean :-) . Having said that I would say you are pretty much spot on. Many pages ago I noted from the very start there were discrepancy in figures. Some UK lab reporting nearly 10 times the number and a couple of weeks later a french lab. Both through data modelling. The way this was announced yesterday strikes wholly of mianzi and since, two more officials removed from there posts. Pretty much guaranteed that things have been under reported in China from the start and that has really contributed to it getting way out of hand. Its likely we will see more ‘spikes’ for whatever reason in the coming days/weeks (not as large) and maybe built into the daily true figures. If that happens it then makes it difficult to predict the end, but it looks likely it is somewhat under control now (health wise). The imbalance of reporting in the regions could be down to several factors. Poor infrastructure, rural and in some of the, less ‘balanced’ cities (Yiwu springs to mind) or just a lack of care, management or understanding. In Xinjiang, they probably won’t bother reporting it ;-)
  5. Frequently in The Philippines. They have an auxiliary list of names (back to A). You can see the prepared list for 2019: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.rappler.com/nation/special-coverage/weather-alert/220239-list-pagasa-tropical-cyclones-names-philippines-2019
  6. China march on with dominance, homing in on 60k. Can they make 100k is anyone's guess, but if anyone can, they certainly can. The independents on the Sneezing princess continue to pull together and sneeze and cough their way to second. Their perservernce is lamentable as they see another cruise ship finally dock in Cambodia while they soldier on aboard. Singapore add another 8 points, with the little nation now cemeting third place as there own. As things look like the start of the end, the wording from both China and the WHO ring of mianzi for China as they readdress the original cock up and probably falsifying of figures at the outset.
  7. Just back from Vietnam last night. They seemed pretty well organised although a little blase about things.
  8. Just seeing that. What a goal flurry!!! Could be China ’balancing the books here’. Unqualified reports of a death in Iran in the amateur event as well. Reviswd top of the table below for prosperity. Could China shoot for 100k?
  9. A slow day for China, with experts claiming their are finally running out of momentum, but the 50k total still seems in sight. Even the competitors on the Sneezing Princess had an under-par day, notching up one solitary point. Singapore continue with a steady pace adding a further three. The UKs most recent signing notches a point on their debut to keep the UKs hope to become best of the Europeans alive. F1 cancel the Shanghai race in April due to the high scoring potential of COVID-19 to put them top of the manufacturers as well the drivers leader board. The US doping committee call foul on the test kits issued by the CDC that were faulty and could have given the US an unfair advantage. Just like the world cup, after the flair of the opening stages and quarterfinals only for caution and fear setting in culminating in a rather boring final. COVID-19. Like any good sports coverage though, we can await the tenuously linked, ill-informed or basically incorrect links from our roving reporter to follow. Let's see what gems appear today.
  10. A few surprises for sure. Laos and North Korea are probably competing in the amateur events and scoring highly I reckon.
  11. The governing body rebrand the tournament to appeal to a wider global demographic, but seemed to have missed the mark with COVID-19. Hopefully the accompanying logo/mascot will have more appeal. Maybe Gauchito from WC-78 or Fuleco from WC-14 lying in a bed or sneezing Thailand and Singapore add to their tally, but it is Hong Kong who grab the limit with them being on fire in front of goal. However, could be for nothing as China cannot pick and choose when they represent the middle kingdom. Little Singapores workmanlike performance in this tournament is gathering some recognition with Israel and South Korea advising their citizens not to travel and Indonesia issuing cautionary warnings. However, with their world reputation that even people that have never been can testify to, China, with their undertrained staff, paper cut death sentencing hospitals rack up another high score and zero in on the 50,000 marker. Like the kids of the Favelas are the heartbeat of Brazilian football. The locals of hubei add a little more flavour the Chinese team. Surely we will see 50,00 chalked off from the China team and entry into the hall of fame for prosperity. The independents of the Sneezing Princess continue to pull together with a team spirit not shown outside Hubei. Plaudits abound for their unselfish commitment to the competition.
  12. It may have been mentioned here before, I am not so sure. If your employer asks incubation is not 3 days, nor 14 but 24. Best make 30 days self quarantine to be on the safe side!
  13. Thing is, if someone is not diagnosed with this and dies. They will be a ‘stat’ elsewhere. With such a low kill rate, deaths could easily not be accounted for. Statistically more people die of paper-cuts in China.
  14. Bloody phone! You read correct. A Chinese-Indonesian population doesn’t constitute a strong relationship overall. Indonesia and China have always had a fractured relationship including long periods of suspended diplomatic relationships. Jokowi has come under a lot off pressure for aligning closer to China and is seeking more and more investment from the Middle East rather than China. There has always been an underlying (and sometimes not so underlying) issue of racial discrimination of Chinese in Indonesia. In January they made there biggest ever troop deployment including troops, missiles and submarines to Great Natuna in response to China. Its kind of safe to guess there is no great love lost between them. From a study last year: Bilateral relations between Indonesia and China have always been complicated by being entangled with Indonesian domestic politics. Anti-Chinese sentiment and discriminatory policies against the sizeable ethnic-Chinese minority in the country have been prevalent throughout Indonesian history. China has now become Indonesia’s largest trading partner and its third largest foreign investor. President Joko Widodo’s courting of China’s investment in major infrastructure projects has come under intense domestic criticism, especially due to the allegedly large influx of Chinese workers into Indonesia.  The rise in identity politics in Indonesia has again conflated Indonesia-China relations with tensions over the role of Chinese-Indonesians, thereby threatening Indonesia’s hard-won and still fragile inter-racial harmony. On the virus, definitely there will be cases in Indonesia
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