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  1. Plenty of ATM’s around Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap. Never had issues using cards, but of course cash for street food and local shops.
  2. Yes, and that upsets you why?
  3. Who said anything about Scotland specifically? The reach and investment of China goes far beyond Asia. Yes they want their regional dominance, but their investments and strategy into Africa, Europe and elsewhere would suggest they are aiming to be a global empire. Just a quick snapshot for Europe: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-china-business-in-europe/ https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.scmp.com/comment/insight-opinion/article/2131334/europes-security-concerns-over-chinese-investments-need-be
  4. Used them all before, they were shit. Just some foreigners trying to profiteer. ;-)
  5. There isn’t going to be any ‘attack’. The PLA have to be invited in, which, if things continue they will do as part of martial law to quell the protests. Either way, either by presence or intervention, China will get their way. Agree on the protesters being deluded, but they haven’t much choice. They want to try and stop the inevitable. The west should be concerned about China in general, nothing to do with Hong Kong; the belt and road initiatives, control of rare earth minerals. Claims on the South China Sea and the building of artificial islands and the investments of projects in developing countries, locally; mainly Philippines, Laos, Cambodia (and the general raping of the land there). Should be a concern.
  6. Don’t think they have claimed the US has ‘incited’ any riots. They suggest they have evidence of the US encouraging the protesters (I’m sure the UK probably has as well). Which if true is ridiculous of the US or anyone else, kind of Hungary ‘56 style. Was in Shenzhen and Hong Kong last week, left just before the airport was occupied. Spoke to some of the protesters and they are hoping the ‘world’ sees their dilemma. Hence the occupying the airport last week. They are on a hiding to nothing as I doubt anyone is going to truly stand up to Mainland China. The only chance Hong Kong has is the northern/north western autonomous regions rise up in China, but that is not going to happen as Beijing’s iron fisted control of these regions stops anything before it starts. The build up of troops in Shenzhen, although probably a threat at this point, is alarming. Martial law in Hong Kong in the coming weeks would not be a surprise. China really should be a concern for everyone these days.
  7. What simplified nonsense
  8. Is there really a ‘huge drug problem in The Philippines’? It’s a truly debatable statement. some reports put it well below the global average and near neighbours. There hasn’t been a great deal of clear and accurate data to back up Duterte’s claims. His opinions on drug users and his general sensationalism is at times very questionable as well.
  9. That’s one to watch. Very common for them just to refill bottled water. Was in a restaurant a few weeks ago and they were refilling all the bottles and putting them in fridge for resale. Even happens with the bottled water in your hotel room.
  10. Food is not at all spicy on the whole and far better to eat local food than hashed up western dishes. Most hotels play down the spice anyway. You would have no issues.
  11. Not worn a tie in 20 years. Used to get a bit of stick from my boss for attending the companies conferences in jeans and casual shirts while everyone else was in suits and ties (work for a Swedish company), but they have now given up, so I consider that a small victory. Do a lot of Skype calls, but no video, so mostly sit outside in shorts and nothing else (always too hot to be wearing much more). We may be moving to more video conferencing so that may mean pulling on a t-shirt for the calls.
  12. £300 a cup! It’s Kopi luwak and is more like £10 a cup, probably more in Europe, but nothing like what your exaggerating. True they are farms set up to maximise the profitability, but still plenty of ‘free range’ options particularly from Sumatra where it originated. Actually it’s a decent cup of coffee, but of course questionable if worth the cost.
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