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  1. I could see a system more like basketball where clubs can get a licence to play Euroleague for a period of time and failure to maintain standards on and off court can lead to replacements. I could see a 64 club Super League and other tournaments played underneath this with the potential of the clubs from those other tournaments either being promoted in directly or for it to be at least a measuring stick for movement between levels
  2. The Visit Rwanda patches on Arsenal sleeves look awful.... especially since anyone over 35 just knows it as a place where a horrible genocide happened and virtually no other reason.
  3. There was a lot of talk that Porto bribed a referee against Aberdeen in 1984 on the way to the Cup Winners Cup final which they lost and there were some dodgy decisions in the previous round against Rangers... Inter Milan and Anderlecht were thought to be serial bribers too.
  4. Milan were dreadful in that game... they were lucky not to have lost 3-0 from what I saw of that game. Of course Marseille were practically rested.
  5. The situation with a promotion bottle neck for big WOSFL and EOSFL makes the long term future of the Lowland League look unlikely to me... If the West and East split the Lowland system, they would still have parity with the Highlands and it would solve the problem of it taking years to stabilise the fact some relatively weak outfits will stay in the Lowland League because it will take so long to replace them...
  6. It’s really hard to predict any of the leagues as some clubs will be in the position to build up for a challenge and some of the new entrants will be unknown quantities and some of the former second tier sides etc will likely show more ambition on a level playing field. I’m hoping Greenock can do something but they’d need to recruit heavily to have a chance at a pop at the league. Can’t see it being likely they’ll finish in the top six even tbh as things stand. As long as they finish ahead of the Port!
  7. I’m a Greenock fan, used to live near the ground years ago and my Dad was a Port Glasgow fan. We used to bicker over the Juniors for years!
  8. It’s going to be hard to judge who will end up where. Some teams from the middle of the pack will likely up their game in the new setup and the traditional junior powerhouses aren’t guaranteed to dominate. Maybe even some teams will struggle with adapting. It would only take a big team to have a single honking season and end up in the third division of the WOSFL or something. It’s going to be a seismic shakeup though. A free for all.
  9. Rangers fan so McEwan’s Lager as the best (it’s iconic as it’s related to a period of massive success) but hated the ntl shirts which had ntl home broadband on them. Was just too big and clumsy compared to the standard ntl logo
  10. With what is basically an abolition of divisions in WOSFL for the first season at least, it could massively shake up the apple cart... An ambitious couple of former also rans could suddenly be contenders with a cash injection. But a bad first season could maybe wipe out one or two former giants. I worry that some clubs will see the chance of Lowland or SPFL footy as a golden carrot and spend too much to try and get it. It might have made sense to have retained some of the previous structure for the start of this unless it was really the intention to have a clean slate and let everyone have a fair go at this.
  11. The only leagues that play a summer season are lesser footballing nations than ourselves.... in terms of league footy anyway. So a massive no
  12. As a Rangers fan, likely Goram, Woods, Klos, McGregor for top four. Worst? There were some dreadful fill ins but in comparison to what he was playing alongside, Ally Maxwell was not on the level... there were maybe worse players but not in the team or that era. And I always blamed him for losing the treble in 94 with that stupid error against Dundee Utd
  13. With the situation with another influx of ex Juniors into the Lowland League’s Pyramid system with the West of Scotland Football League as a third feeder to the Lowland League, is the huge bottleneck of fairly big clubs trying to go up the ladder and many of them bigger than some of the current Lowland League teams, is it likely the Lowland League could split into equal West and East leagues with the Lowland teams joining their region? It looks very difficult to rise up to even the Lowland League at the moment never mind the league so maybe giving the West, East and Highlands equal status might have to happen... The SOSFL would likely be part of the Eastern section I think rather than have full parity if the Lowland was divided...
  14. With the possibility of clubs being able to rise quickly with the lower leagues of Juniors being effectively abolished for the first season in the WOS, I hope some ambitious smaller clubs don’t try to stupidly overstretch themselves Gretna style and burn out. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of the bigger ex Junior clubs have a real go at promotion but the cost of not rising up the divisions could be big for some. There will be a bottleneck too as some of the big juniors are bigger and better clubs than a lot of the existing Lowland League teams. It’s not impossible that the standards in the WOSFL could necessitate a Lowland League split if there are a lot of clubs trying to move up the divisions. I was actually saying for years I thought that a three region system was the best option like the Juniors had.
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