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  1. Without a doubt Spartans are a quality side with experienced management. However, if Blackburn are set out to press high and limit chances and it works, then I’m not sure it can be called a robbery. One of the very few chances Spartans had they buried, but like you say the home team defended well throughout. Blackburn perhaps sat off too much in the second half and on another day could have paid the price but the players work rate was great. This league is doing great things for producing players for the EoS and Lowland in the future.
  2. You probably need to stop wondering about things.
  3. My mate was standing near a committee member the other week at a game who slagged off the players and manager for 90 minutes. What manager will have any success if that’s what they’re up against. They’ve had some experienced people in there too.
  4. Pele10


    Look up loyalty in the dictionary [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Like you’ve got a dictionary!!!!
  5. Quite simply, the gulf between the have and have nots is getting too big.
  6. Pele10


    Maybe loyalty to his team and mates? He’s had junior and senior offers but stays with Fernie and Westside.
  7. Pele10


    Blackburn United 20’s are looking for a game at their ground on Friday night if any LEAFA teams are interested.
  8. Pele10


    Getting ghosted by a ref on the night of a game, that’s a new low for football.
  9. Pele10


    Totally agree, if you’ve done all you want to do in the senior game, why wouldn’t you want to finish your career playing with your mates? Not everyone is motivated by cash.
  10. Give them a float to themselves on Fair Day for the next ten years and let the town tell them what they think. That’ll be more punishment than 3 months in Polmont.
  11. Sorry if this is against forum rules but the band fundraising link is https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/supportkinneilband?utm_term=znANnxV4p
  12. Quite a few new teams. Penicuik, Civil Service, Leith Ath, Blackburn
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