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  1. Hahaha very possibly but history shows they usually do it at the very first opportunity.
  2. It's got to be said, fair play to Agent Allan for bucking the age old trend of ex Airdrie players scoring against Airdrie!
  3. Good rating for dynamite this week.
  4. But we both agree that they're both absolute moronic rockets? Cool.
  5. I'd say our clubs issues like more with the other end of the spectrum of complete ignorance.
  6. With Marshy gone does the "biggest VL on the forum" title default to the previous Greenock based holder or will a tournament be held to crown a new champ?
  7. The entire Royal Family and their wee songs can GTF.
  8. Airdrieonians 3-1 Clyde Alloa Athletic 1-1 Montrose Dunfermline Athletic 3-0 Falkirk Peterhead 0-2 Kelty Hearts Queen of the South 1-2 FC Edinburgh
  9. Tells us we're your last choice without telling us we're your last choice
  10. Yeah, my first ever Glasgow gig was in there. I believe it was the "cavern" at the time
  11. Played to full houses in most of the standard lower end Glasgow gig venues in the early noughties (tuts, barfly etc) not absolutely certain but suspect a pretty much almost full top floor of Strathclyde union may be the biggest capacity wise, but no idea what that held back then.
  12. Tony Khan cannot control his backstage, that much is clear. He has a group of active wrestlers as his EVPs and they all clearly have massive egos. Punk has a massive ego. Page sounds like he has a massive ego. Malakai Black is trying to get out. Not a happy ship and the captain has to shoulder some blame here.
  13. 5 nil to Airdrie... ...or a one each draw... ...there are no other possible results
  14. I dunno 28th in the 42 team pyramid was probably him bottoming out last season. Only way is up and all that jazz.
  15. Tbf to him, spending 6 months in Grangemouth has probably scarred the boy for life.
  16. He's cover, no more no less, he's clearly not great but I wouldn't expect him to start unless we have an injury or suspension, so it is what it is. Although I have to say the dtv interview makes him seem a right miserable sod. I know signing with a third tier Scottish team can't be the most thrilling thing in life, but FFS show some enthusiasm, it's better than the dole.
  17. Agree with this. The quality control filter will twitch a lot with late 90s/early 00s "skate punk"
  18. They're a lot of fun live!
  19. I remember 3 having a cracking front end run, NOFX, the dwarves, bouncing souls, all and voodoo glow skulls. I've covered "say anything" by the bouncing souls at every punk gig I've played since about 1998
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