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  1. Some folk spitting the dummy as Coyles contract doesn't start for a couple of weeks but he and sandy were in the dugout and clearly coaching on Sunday. Talk of writing to the league etc
  2. Anyway back on topic, I can't be the only one getting a laugh out of the folk on the Facebook cesspit talking about writing to the league about Owen Coyle being on the QP bench on Sunday?
  3. Imagine being a denser than average Falkirk fan. That's just cruelty after cruelty.
  4. Vanquished without a fuss. You love to see it. Very on trend for Falkirk.
  5. Nah I'm fine with it, mainly as it amused me greatly. You've had an absolute nightmare in a surprisingly short amount of time in quite a range of ways and here you are yet again. I mean I will keep slapping you down here if I have to but really it's the law of diminishing returns at this juncture.
  6. Also, I was literally on Falkirk thread not long after the game, so...
  7. Oh, well done SB, was watching you sitting on the thread, off the thread, back on, back off, working out what to say for almost 2 hours non stop. I mean I'm really disappointed by the generic, third hand, stuff you've actually used there, but proud of the fact that your wee synapses have finally farted into life to be able to put something back.
  8. I believe his point was that one of the knock on effect of the pyramid is going to be much smaller crowds than previously in the championship in the not too distant future? I thought it was very apparent? No?
  9. Maybe you just got bored of posting nonsense in there? Or listening to Shadwell Dog and Marshmallow gumming their way through sentences, you'll need to tell us why you've had the days off?
  10. Like I said, you're struggling. As Chris Cornell would have said your clubs finances and your patter are the same... A black hole son. Badoom...tsss.
  11. There has been an ominous lack of ITK chat this week. Assuming the released list will be out very soon.
  12. I'm just questioning yours on account of the genuinely shite trolling job you've done on here. Like unbelievably bad. I had about twenty of you Muppets pishing your pants the other week by literally repeating a list of things your own fans had said on your thread. You're struggling pal just like your debt riddled club x
  13. Scintillating retort. You're clearly the brains of the bairns operation.
  14. He wouldn't have pumped your mum, mainly based on the fact he clearly has his vision intact.
  15. Good shout mate. You should always look to improve each season. Absolutely, albeit I know you're not really talking from experience since the mid 2010s...
  16. I look forward to our free 12 points off you as per usual
  17. It's definitely been up there with the season a few years back when we seemed to play Raith about a billion times in a single season and almost every one of them was a dumpster fire of a game.
  18. The budget ranking goes The world Bank>The IMF>Falkirk's navy blue pound>the Rothschilds>America>The UAE>The Kelty "mystery money"> African warlords combined offshore accounts>Queens Park's chequebook>the rest of the world.
  19. At least 18,000 home fans, with a mixture of hooligan nudgers, 45 guys who look like Tommy Robinson, the Chelsea headhunters, the Republican National Convention, a Nuremberg rally and a hundred wee old boys in car coats calling Iain Murray "Alex MacDonald" and challenging him to a square go behind the pavillion.
  20. Utterly bizarre take. So QP won't be desperate for promotion? Also think you'll find in almost all of the season prediction lists QP were far more tipped than we were and were among the hot favourite due to their random new wealth.
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