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  1. £18 is a complete and utter rip off, but preferable to £15 for that abysmal streaming
  2. Haha it is a wee bit "generic Sunday League" to be completely fair.
  3. What's the script there? Is there not a sponsor or is it simply a case of presenting the strip without it?
  4. Absolute agreement on both of these posts. I'm at the stage where Robert going fills me more with relief than anything, as long as we get some money for him.
  5. While I hope he gets his move and agree Salford is a more likely level, I really hope he isn't being paid by the club while swanning about from trial to trial and missing all of the league cup games and now presumably the start of the season proper.
  6. I can enjoy it once in a blue moon, but would never watch a promotion like GCW regularly. Their fans also appear, in general not just in this instance, to be complete arseholes.
  7. The follow up angle to Gage Cardona last night https://streamable.com/cowlsp
  8. A guy that can truly take a gimmick and run with it. His work just now is stellar and that promos is amazing, as is his twitter work in the aftermath.
  9. Plus he's a guy who undoubtedly got himself in the best condition of his life after he left Pro wrestling
  10. His entrance is similarly mental!! https://streamable.com/i9lgc5
  11. Add "Matt Cardona has won the GCW title after beating Nick Gage in a death match bloodbath" to the list of sentences I thought I would never type. Absolutely mental scenes afterwards
  12. That's not what's happened here though is it? There were plenty of other posts from other fans slating Roy who I haven't quoted. You cherry picked the quotes, not me. As you well know when you signed him, everyone piled in. I eagerly await your next word spaghetti response.
  13. That was an absolute disaster after Wednesday. Total bipolar Murrayball at its finest.
  14. To be fair, as you've multi quoted earlier every supporter of every club Ally Roy has ever darkened has concurred that he is a waste of space and a waste of a wage (Airdrie fans dislike him less than Thistle fans if you can believe it). His goals today won't change any of those views.
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