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  1. Sami breaking Jey yet again. Some boi!
  2. Being at worst petty, immature children who literally don't give a crap about their fan base. Being at best tone deaf and truly, truly awful at fan PR with a chairman who both simultaneously manages to appear completely absent but also completely arrogant (which is no mean feat). Neither are ideal are they? People know I regularly mock the state of that fans Facebook page and some of the knuckle draggers who lurk there, but on this occasion a LOT of their criticisms are pretty valid.
  3. Last week, ban the guy who does the buses. This week, "hey guys we're doing supporters buses"...
  4. Yeah he was double duty, first support with his own material and then bass dep for Cordell. He played guitar two tours ago for them as well when Dave Fortman was unavailable.
  5. Ugly Kid Joe at the garage last night, tremendous as always, Whit Crane truly is the great underrated rock vocalist of the last 30 years. Stellar vocals at every show and on every album.
  6. Have just seen the news about the ban handed out to Gary!!!!! Wild stuff from the board. Total overreaction.
  7. The single shot of Roman and both usos just all over the place is iconic. That was an all timer of a segment.
  8. The loud bang you've just heard in the craigneuk area was Mr Okunsun's Facebook blowing up!!
  9. In a sod's law situation I couldn't make it along yesterday and after weeks of dreck I miss a 4-0! Just watching the highlights of the goals there and that first goal is a perfect example of the elegant simplicity to football at times, killer ball, killer touch, killer finish, 5 seconds, 70 odd meters. Done.
  10. Clyde 0 QOS 2 FC Edinburgh 1 Airdrie 0 Falkirk 2 Kelty 1 Montrose 0 Dunfermline 1 Peterhead 1 Alloa 2
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