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  1. No, and won't in the future. Horrible roster now on top of the roll call of problems at the top of the company. They've had all the money and interest they will ever get from myself. Would also be happy to see this thread binned or changed to a general British Wrestling one.
  2. That's a fantastic result and a massive FU to Jim Cornette who predicted a bump of 100 to 200k max. Dick that he is
  3. I know that every year they release people and it's genuinely surprising to people but the iconics and Joe??? GTF!!! Stupid decision. Billie in particular will be absolute gold wherever she goes.
  4. Jesus. The points so far over your head here it's embedded in the ceiling. By all means comment away but if you could refrain from juvenile and cringeworthy "I know something you don't know" garbage that would be just super Eric!!
  5. Nice ignoring of the main points again Eric 👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. I don't have a shred of interest in who you are. I also have no problem with you. My point is simple. ITK posting is one of the biggest scourges of these types of forums, your post earlier is one of the most blatant examples of this type of crappy posting. I'll take your point that it wasn't attention seeking, however, will also repeat my point that that was exactly what it looks like. You know something we don't, you won't say what it is and its from a source you won't name and want to let us all know this. Surely you see how it looks.
  7. I heard that Lionel Messi is disenchanted with money and success and has applied for a player/reserve team coach job with us. Cast iron source, the uncle of one of our YTS boys that my brother works with. Guaranteed. Apparently it's his life's ambition to work under maverick team selector Ian Murray.
  8. Speaking of literally the dictionary definition of whataboutery, what's your big news? Who's your big source? Not to throw about modern internet terminology too much but what's with the message board version of clickbait? Reason I ask is because on the surface your earlier posts look like attention seeking as they haven't been followed up with anything?
  9. Honestly, it's opened my eyes big time, I've got 2 HB only guitars and a single coil set up on another. Bought this purposely as a mid point and have not been disappointed at all. The QC on the Revs is unreal.
  10. Genuinely surprised at that finish
  11. Reigns spear is so very much better than edges
  12. Hahaha great visual, reminds me of when Tahijiri and super crazy used to do the camel clutch/Boston crab to little Guido in ecw
  13. Was like he realised the camera was on him and he was just standing about, so went full soap opera
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