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  1. The train back to Glasgow via Airdrie at half ten was absolute carnage. Rammed full, roasting hot and stopped half a dozen times between stations. Got a wee bit better after all the mutants got off at Bathgate.
  2. ICW announcing a commissioner this week...because 1999 🙄
  3. Been hugely critical of Ravie Davie at points in the past but this reheat of the Chris Renfrew schtick from a couple of years ago actually comes across quite well!
  4. Saw someone also mentioning that they haven't announced any talent as of yet, speculation is due to the fact that several top peoples contracts run out before the tour (eg Scurll)
  5. I think ROH are still labouring under the misapprehension that they would be a big attraction in comparison to stuff in the British Wrestling scene. Some of those prices are obscene for tickets. £70+ for front row!!! That's what I paid to see Guns n Roses in Barcelona last time they were in Europe!!
  6. And those people (and let's not pretend otherwise) are complete and utter morons.
  7. Very glad Page is gone. His attitude stank last season. Then his self entitled bawling the other week just crystallised my already rock bottom opinion of him!
  8. Yep, back to the spam sites. Android mobile.
  9. This ones Mexican. I've been impressed by the build quality so far and the sound. As you can imagine being a Thinline it's exceptional light due to the cavities in the body. It's an FSR deluxe, which meant it was slightly more expensive (about 80 quid more) than a regular Thinline, but the extras were, in my opinion more than worth it. It's got a set of locking tuners, which I always find very handy and the real star of the show is the pickup selector. Instead of the standard tele 3 way (bridge, bridge+ neck, neck) it's got a 4 way, with the normal 3 and a 4th position that puts the pickups in series, creating an almost humbucker style sound. It's a cracking feature and to be honest not a gimmick as I've probably played it in position "4" more often than the others since getting it. It's also got the usual tele "twang", but is a bit airier due to the semi hollow body, which is nice for cleaner sounding songs. The neck is maple, which is smooth and easy to play, it's also got a "C" profile, which I prefer as quite a few, particularly the Bajas, have "U" necks, which I can never get on board with. All in all I'm enjoying it immensely so far.
  10. They did though. What Culture as annoying as those guys were, at it's peak was very, very popular. They got a lot of big, big names over and let the British guys get experience with them. Even a cursory look just there shows defiants YouTube channel still has half a million subscribers. That's a massive number when you consider the Two "biggest" UK companies ICW and Progress have just over 40k and 30k respectively. Christ it's over 100k more than ROH!
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