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  1. Pretty much every time we play you it's tremendous banter club ball from Falkirk and you lot are on here calling for whoever the managers head is. Best deja vu ever.
  2. Putting that match on a YouTube buy in show is moronic on every imaginable level. Start rampage with it and watch people switch over at ten from smack down!
  3. Mind when any negative mention of ICW on here would provoke a super swift visit from Dallas or Red Lightning. A bit like ICWs crowd they've disappeared.
  4. But how do you really feel about the situation?
  5. Alloa 2-1 peterhead Clyde 1-2 Montrose Dumbarton 1-3 Queen’s Park East fife 0-2 cove Falkirk 3-1 Airdrie
  6. Supremely disappointed that he is doing ICW. Both from the point of how that company came out of speaking out and for the fact that they have regressed quite enormously in size, he's bigger and better than that.
  7. A fair point, well made The only downside being that when I eventually go up she'll be watching something dire that she has been binging. I'll then get crap for attempting to find a compromise show. As a result I am currently up to date with most of the plot points of season 7 of desperate housewives....
  8. Mrs CB undergoes a strange shutdown come Autumn, as soon as it hits October she will invariably be in her jammies for 6pm and more often than not will want to watch the TV upstairs in bed rather than downstairs with myself and the wean. In the summer she's the exact opposite and will literally sit out the back until stupid o'clock in the evening. She's also taken to wearing her stash of ludicrously chunky knit sweaters and seems resistant to the idea that she's boiling all the time being simply down to the fact that she's dressed like a bloody Eskimo despite it being about 15 degrees weatherwise!! It's like a strange form of tunnel vision of acting like she thinks she needs to seasonally. Bizarre.
  9. White would make sense of they plan that kind of friction between the factions. Forbidden door and aw that jazz. Could also play into a wider exchange. Danielson has already said he'll be going to new Japan at some point.
  10. A lot of talk about shady character Will Osprey
  11. Not a massively big Cornette fan but Brian Last who co hosts with him has just put out one of his very irregular 605 superpodcasts. Wow, total clusterf*CK of a thing. 5 hours long, I'm about an hour and a half in and it's a weird mix of genuinely interesting wrestling history and tragically unfunny "comedy" skits. I'm honestly cringing at some of this more than I've ever cringed at a podcast, I'm never making 5 hours of this.
  12. COP 26 would be infinitely more bearable if we got nightly news reports of black clad middle class "anarchists" getting an absolute shoeing, not from the police, but from the local young teams who have come in for some sport.
  13. The Beastie boys are often overlooked in this respect went from hardcore punk, to comedy hip hop to much more technical sample based rap.
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