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  1. Is he not absolutely gash? Or am I thinking of another of Falkirk's team of shame from last season? They all blur together for me.
  2. ...that's a heavy blow...
  3. If we don't announce big Bright @airdrieman will be down at the stadium with a pitchfork and a vengeance.
  4. Maybe it will be like last week and we'll go squad player then bigger signing
  5. Bizarre that half of that post is a copy and paste, but aye, QOTS thread for this pish
  6. It wasn't. Although I found his Tim Westwood esque mumble rap aficionado persona was the most fun to get into it with.
  7. No doubt he was a talented lad, just not as talented as his agent would lead anyone to believe.
  8. This in particular will be sensational
  9. It's absolutely infuriating. Having said that I won't be complaining when I'm sitting in 25 degree sunshine in Hyde Park with a pint next Friday afternoon
  10. He is clubless and has managed 3 appearances in the Belgian B league since he left. Maybe he spent the other 40 weeks of the season on trial at a dozen different clubs like he did when he was meant to be playing us. Not...with...a...bargepole
  11. You've had to mix verses there as the came from Deportivo B section is a non starter though, albeit the "Falkirk are shite" line is still a thing.
  12. Huge gig week ahead, GnR on Tuesday in Glasgow then Pearl Jam and the pixies at Hyde Park on Friday (which will also be the last tick on my "bands who are still a thing" bucket list) I am going to be skint! On a side note re: Axl's voice. I've seen them twice in the last 5 years and both times it noticeably started really rough and improved as the gigs went on.
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