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  1. Clyde 1-1 Alloa Athletic Dumbarton 0-2 Cove Rangers East Fife 1-2 Peterhead Montrose 1-0 Falkirk Queen's Park 1-2 Airdrieonians
  2. So sorry to hear that man. I hope you can make the most of the time you have left.
  3. That head and arm tazzplex off the ropes is a thing of beauty.
  4. Oh, he was nowhere near the desired standard on the pitch, don't get me wrong. Just commenting on the fact that the same half dozen people on that page just batter on about him endlessly.
  5. That debut in MSG against Angle is goosebumps stuff.
  6. I think it's a decent piece of business. As has been said, not a natural left back but has plenty of versatility. Hopefully the pen will be back out again a couple of times this week as we are desperately threadbare. Made the mistake of noticing the news first on the Facebook group where most of the comments are the usual half a dozen "comedians" still battering on about Rico Quitongo. That lad is living rent free in their heads. I suppose there's plenty of space in there.
  7. Good to see your usual low skill "controversial try hard" act is picking up a bit...
  8. I think AEW are well positioned to let 15 or 20 extra bodies go. They've established a good system of feeding talent good local and indie workers on Dark and Dark elevation for semi competitive squash wins so there isn't as pressing a need to "do something" with the jobbers like Janela and Avalon any more. Keep the upper and midcard for the main TV shows and it will help a lot.
  9. 6 month deal as he wasn't sure that he wanted to come out of "retirement". He's a roaster of the highest order. On that theme 411 are saying that with a bunch of the original deals coming up soon a lot of folk are not going to be resigned. If this means I never need to see Joey Janela or Sonny Kiss again then I am all for it.
  10. As eminently dislikable as Gretna 2.0 are, that's a hilarious result.
  11. Agree whole heartedly. Trump flags, salutes. It's not "ironic" it's not "everybody hates us and we don't care" it's just a lack of everything that counts.
  12. How do you find the response off of the mesh heads in comparison to accoustic drums?
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