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  1. Surely a genuine contender for the most cringeworthy sustained poster implosion on a single thread ever in these forums. From bullishly tone-deaf at the start to slinking away with that identity binned forever within a couple of dozen pages of excruciating guff.
  2. Watching wrestling seems to often be about separating the performer and the human. So many absolute twats who can still go like the clappers between the ropes.
  3. Agree that this isn't his first hissy fit in our games. I suspect he will have done similar many others times but can't be bothered to look for it. He just comes across as a bit of a dick and not in that "I hate him but wish he was involved in my team" way, just in a "state of you, you absolute roaster" way.
  4. Jim McInally providing some fairly cringeworthy toys out the pram "bothered/not bothered" copy in your website match report! Embarrassing stuff.
  5. Kevin Pantoja of 411's reviews of NJPW shows featuring Will Opspreay are always worth it just for the unashamed seethe he gives him. Highlights of the G1 Climax night 17 review included: "Does Okada get back to the finals for the first time since 2014? Does piece of trash Willy the Ospreay make his first?" "Trash bag human being Will Ospreay is 0-4 against Okada. " "Then, Bea Priestley showed up to add another despicable person to the show. NJPW is tone-deaf as hell." "This company is legitimately doubling down, giving Ospreay 12 points, a win over Okada, bringing in his trash girlfriend, and possibly his own faction. f**k off." 😂😂
  6. He has to be a stick on to start this season. Has had a great pre season and his range of passing is a level above pretty much everyone else.
  7. Vinnie Mac appears to have made a really powerful enemy in Andrew Yang. He's taking aim big time and if the presidential and senate races go well for the Dems (fingers crossed) I suspect a reckoning will be coming.
  8. Yes, yes it is and yes, you would be right, if he didn't do the same bullshit for more or less the entirety of last season too...
  9. The tinkerman approach is really worrying from Murray. That was a dreadful, disjointed performance tonight. Sabitini made a difference second half, Mbayo was good and Kerr has had a decent preseason. Very little else to be excited about just now. Bit worrying truth told. We need a system asap.
  10. Well that's Ally Roy had his once a season good performance...
  11. Looks like I made a wise decision not to give lowland league comedy villains Kelty any of my cash for their dial up streaming palaver.
  12. Man, I miss Larry's reviews he was the best.
  13. I noticed Dynamite last night got a 10/10 in the 411mania show report. I've been reading the site daily for easily a decade and I can't ever remember a regular TV show being given a 10. Will absolutely be checking this out as it sounds properly fantastic. https://411mania.com/wrestling/aceros-aew-dynamite-review-9-16-20/
  14. They only come around when there's about to be a new signing...possibly from wEsT HaM...
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