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  1. Promising thread derailed by OP not being at all good at said thread, then having a headsgone and throwing the thread in the sea before rage quitting (ft the clique, the anti clique and whatever Monkeytennis is).
  2. Plus less of Tarmos attention whoring generally as a side benefit.
  3. To be fair I don't. It's been quite clear for the vast majority of the season that there have been fitness issues. Roberts is a cracking player, easily our best attacking midfielder. But he hasn't had nearly the contribution he could, or indeed should, have had. It's not like he's a young laddie either. He's in his mid 20s
  4. You'd assume so, seeing as it was a fortnight ago and he'd had 5 months at that stage to get fit! He's played 17 times and had been a sub or subbed a large number of them. It's down to fitness, Millar has said so directly. That's not good enough is it? It's not really a defendable position?
  5. Midfield wise we have: Miller-dependable and reliable but not a match winning kind of player. McKay-really poor for me, that long throw can get in the sea also. Roberts-great technique but shocking fitness Wedderburn-very, very, VERY limited, good passer, but slow as a week in jail. Kerr-untested in midfield. Technically very good, but prone to bombscare moments. Hawkshaw-I really like Dean, but Murray very clearly doesn't.
  6. Stuart Millar was on the podcast less than a fortnight ago talking about how he wasn't properly fit. I know today was tactical but my mention of him is in relation to our general midfield issues, rather than just today.
  7. That was crap today. A rotten performance with very little fight. The fans were great, the players bottled it big time. Of course we won't have all those fans back next week. Today's support was full of part timers and glory hunters, it's no big deal, same as any wee provincial club. Need to pick things up for the league, which was always the priority. I actually hope we can get another midfielder in this window as it's our real area of weakness. The fact that Roberts STILL isn't fit enough is a disgrace. He's a cracking, cracking player but the fact he's being paid to be a professional sportsman and can't even get his fitness up to scratch in 6 months is a nonsense.
  8. Their first years set of finacials will make interesting reading. Would imagine they make a moderate amount from live gates, a decent ish amount in merch and a moderate amount in worldwide TV revenue. I suspect keeping wages etc at a sensible level will be paramount.
  9. Genuinely idiotic stuff. Why give motivation to the hearts players. Beyond stupid.
  10. Going forward I'd rather have Kerr moved up to midfield and into Mackays slot. Now that Roy doesn't get a game he's very much the weak link plus in any decent size of park those long throws are not that effective.
  11. Yeah, the ladder match is a tonne of messy goodness. All the team looked good. The main event is, well, not hard to second guess who will win...
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