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  1. Agree that Progress ballsed it badly initially, but then did the right thing with both their new setup and by emptying Ligero, Banks etc. It's maybe for legal reasons that ICW are keeping schtum at this point as by the sound of some of the accusations doing the rounds a few of them could be in serious bother and it seems the police are aware of allegations. When there are some of the absolute dyed in the wool cliquey front row fans turning on them, particularly on twitter, you know it's curtains for them as the core of the fan base is gone and the likes of Grado, Dar etc unless they are implicated will (I imagine) not work for them again. Christ, I saw the snapmare necks fella accusing someone of sexually assaulting him. That's how bad this whole thing is.
  2. Don't know if I've missed anything but are ICW pretty much the only company in Scotland (maybe the UK) who has people involved in what has happened and haven't publicly distanced themselves from them? I've not seen a peep from them about Kid Fite/Girvan etc . They've had a mare with this.
  3. My god, Austin Aries is an unbelievablely stupid wee man!
  4. Low Ki being a difficult twat? Hard to imagine? Haha
  5. He never look a "player" at any point. The reason he never got a run in the team was due to his consistently terrible performances when he did play. People were very surprised on here that he was even making sub appearances by the end of the season but now he's the shining hope and the quality? If that's the case then the only battle we'll be in this season is a relegation scrap! 54 including best boy at the BBs and 3rd place in the 50m freestyle at the school's swimming gala! Me= Sir Alex Ferguson, You= Davie Moyes!
  6. You "hear" a lot, but if you think that Ally Roy was on fire at any point last season it's your "seeing" and "understanding" that are the real issues! Do you actually see what's coming out of you here? Half a season player? 10 Goals from an attacking player is good stuff? That's it any way good enough? Dear oh dear
  7. Hahaha, state of this post, surely a wind up? He pulled a strip on most weeks last season and he was garbage for the overwhelming majority of the time. "This kind of negativity"? What saying a pish player is pish? "This kind of negativity"? Not wanting the club to sign up people who were a waste of a wage last year, when the budget will undoubtedly be smaller this season? You've had enough moans and arguments on here over the piece so stick your hypocracy back in it's bag and let people have their own opinions, eh sweetheart?
  8. He'll then enter the John Butler "one goal wonder" hall of fame!
  9. Loving that kit! Not loving Ally Roy resigning. Think people are being way too generous to him. He's an abysmal footballer and a waste of a wage. When you get to near the end of the season and all people can do to point out his potential is a good performance in the league cup in August you know you've got any absolute turkey on your hands. Terrible finisher, can't beat a man, positionally suspect, workshy. Awful, awful decision.
  10. I accept that not everything that has been alleged will be true, however as some have already proven to be correct and the sheer number of allegations piles up daily I'm now at the point where I can't see them coming back from it. I've seen the owner implicated, backstage staff implicated, easily more than a dozen workers implicated on things like; rape, sexual assault, grooming, drugging people, threats of violence, coercison, physical assault, mental abuse, being too drunk/drugged to maintain safe backstage area, cyberbullying and more! That's a mental list to type! Scottish wrestling needs a reboot and a load of these need a criminal record.
  11. Turns out that he was right then, the perception of a bunch of arrogant, full of their own importance, cliquey wrong uns was both the perception and the reality...
  12. Not massively impressed with ICWs statement they've just put out. Talent welfare officers are fine, but dont have the workers doing it, that's just askingbfor trouble. Also no mention of what's happening to those who have clearly been at it, who are still regularly/semi regularly used by ICW.
  13. Mega changes at progress after the events of the last few days. https://progresswrestling.com/blogs/news/structural-changes-at-progress
  14. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I'd imagine I'm not the only person who will have wondered in the last 48hrs with all that's happened if the big Renfrew "hush hush" disappearing act was due to some shady behaviour on his part. It, looks the case with a few people in twitter giving him pelters, albeit from what I've seen he's not at the David Starr/Wolfgang level accusation wise.
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