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  1. Some on the commentary from near the troon bench is comical- not sure who it is but some amount of abuse dished out ..albeit some decisions from the officials looked poor
  2. Can I query what would cause the NHS to overturn their decision in less than a week? Genuinely interested in what the point of track and trace is if you can call up and state your claim and then be told aye ok then, don’t bother.
  3. I can imagine a few teams will be wanting to push for the promotion to LL if available and if they can get funding from somewhere to pay wages there will be plenty top league players available just now given the teams withdrawing
  4. For the teams pulling out- will they retain their squads or will players move on to play for a team this season and then potentially move back at the start of next season whenever that is? I can totally understand teams pulling out but what will the knock on impact be to their squads? I would imagine a lot of boys will end up wanting to play if possible regardless of cash in the short term if it’s not available
  5. Sounds like a paper gangster to me, he shouldn’t be getting followed if that’s true but what’s the reward nonsense all About
  6. Not an official session but at least 10 players and the manager? Looks like the arrogance isn’t just with the manager but with John Gall as well, I agree with comments above that the defence that other teams are doing it is ridiculous as well
  7. Bit of a coincidence visiting a top player when rumours about him not signing 🤣🤣 for what’s its worth no one should be taking photos of you doing whatever your doing but don’t try and kid folk on it’s not a football matter
  8. Nothing against Darvel but seems flawed, with so many games left I don’t think anyone should have been named champions
  9. If they average the points out over games played then Blantyre actually one point ahead?
  10. What’s happening with Irvine vics? Look to be going down hill.. is it player or management??
  11. Leftrightback sounds like a player with an axe to grind... both previous managers have done well in previous jobs- whilst that doesn’t guarantee success the players need to take some blame on the chin
  12. Is there a reason there is a full list of league fixtures on sjfa site for 28th or am I getting the dates mixed up?
  13. Difficult player to replace aswell- top class on his day and when he is interested
  14. Thanks... I wasn't sure about the rules but at this time of year most teams will be effected with the above issues... who was brought in? Cheers
  15. Have Kilwinning brought in players for the play off? Just reading comment above- sorry if iv missed elsewhere
  16. Well done Girvan, peter has done excellent since taking that job
  17. Girvan 3-0.. looking good for them- in their hands for the final league game
  18. Am I right in thinking if glenafton win n so do beith then glens win title?
  19. Well done to paddy and the boys
  20. So your saying if a player/manager decides to tell the ref it was an elbow that they will just accept it and give a red? Total shite. Wasn't at the game so can't comment on what happened but refs getting shouted at constantly for loads of decisions, doesn't mean he listens to them
  21. Gaffer must be under P after the cash that has been sent- if they don't go up surely his position is untenable
  22. Winton making a right c*nt of it? They could easily finish 3 or 4th now
  23. When did slavin join Irvine vics? Was once a great striker but at nearly 40 he shouldn't be doing the centre half for pace for his goal
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