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  1. Thought we were the better team but as usual we dont take our chances and gift them theirs. Some tidy midfielders in the st.mirren team but nothing special. Need a striker , kamara back on the field and to get Parish back in goals then well see how we do this season but im guessing itll be the usual battle between 12th and 8th
  2. Just checking that i am signed up for this yeah? Apologies about the late reply!
  3. My Bad. I thought I traded away my first 3 rounds of picks. Not much talent left anyhow so im not too fussed.
  4. Cant wait to see the bucs hard knock eps. The whole kicker position battle should be a good to watch.
  5. Motherwell Home - 9/10 Lovely, Macron clearly put alot of effort into the kits. Motherwell Away - 6/10 Not a fan tbh The colours are a bit weird imo Hibs Home - 7/10 Very nice, like the shade of green Hibs away - 10/10 Stunning. If Dundee copied this template with dark blue , red and white I would blow my load.
  6. We should pay him whatever he was due in his remaining contract as we are legally binded to.
  7. Thats the first time I've ever heard united fans sing "Hello hello" Must be missing us
  8. 14. Which considering I was born in 94 and never saw any of the grounds as they were in them days is impressive imo
  9. St.Johnstone Home- 7/10. Love a pin stripe and the blue looks to be the correct shade this time (or atleast closer to what I think for st.johnstone) The sponsor knock it down a rating St.Johnstone Away- 6/10. Not as nice with white as the dominant colour
  10. Scott Bain — Keep; If too good an offer comes in then im happy to sell but he is probably the best keeping option we can have for next season Kevin Holt — Keep; I personally believe he has gotten alot better this season than last. He'll end up becoming a solid left back in this division imo James Vincent — Keep; Started to come on to a game after December but has struggled due to how shit we are in the middle and our lack of wide option. Give him another year to prove himself James McPake — Release; Hes destined to become a coach this summer I think Darren O’Dea — Keep; Agree with Liam that O'Dea has his dodgy moments but hes our best CB and his our only real leader. Plus hes derry'd oot his nut Tom Hateley — Execute x2; Absolutely awful player. Everything I hate in a CM, set pieces were pish and I refuse to believe the stats about 5 assists as i didnt see him make one decent forward pass. Nicky Low — Release; Forgot he was still here. Rory Loy — Keep; I personally think hes still got the ability to be a good option for us and would like to keep but I cant see it happening either.. Danny Williams — Execute; Almost as bad as Freddy. Almost Mark O’Hara — Keep; Is a good , young player that seems to be a magnet to the ball. would definitely keep Julen Etxabeguren — Release; At one point I thought he was a good player but he was terrible before his injury. Bin Nick Ross — Release; His performances over the games in the split were better but overall I havent been impressed. Time to cut our losses I think. Paul McGowan — Keep; One of the few players that gave a shit. Is he the most talented in the world? nope but hes probably the best crosser of the ball we have. Keep Yordi Teijsse — Release; He just shite tbh. Looks like he should be playing for Dundee violet Faisal El Bakhtaoui — Keep; Looks to be getting to grips with this league by the end of the season. Hopefully he can start adding goals and assists to his game next season Marcus Haber — Keep; Every team needs to try and have multiple dimensions to their team. Haber came in and finally gave us an out ball and let us bypass the horrendous midfielders. Our top scorer with 9 in 27 which is a decent goal to game ratio. Henrik Ojamaa — Release; Hes pish and has shown me no reason to keep. Cant quite believe anyone would think hes done enough to stay Kostadin Gadzhalov — Keep; Im a fanboy. He loves the club and I love him. More than dependable backup CB and hes cheap (supposedly) Cammy Kerr — Keep; Player of the season and rightly so. Craig Wighton — Keep; Did he have a good season? Nope but I'd still keep him and give him game time in the top leagues to at least see if he can make it. He got a three year deal recently so Id give him the next two season to try and break through. If after that he cant then so be it Kevin Gomis — Release; Terrible player who loves a backpass. Looked like he couldnt give two shits half the time. Panic signing from Hartley Daniel Higgins — Keep; Tidy on the ball and likes a deep cross. Has potential
  11. Dundee home top - 6/10 . Pretty bland and i'm not keen on the collar or the dotted piping tbh. Preferred this years.
  12. Aberdeen Home- 8.5/10 A proper Dons home top, like the diagonal pattern thats in it too. Celtic Home- 7/10 About as good as you can get with Green and white hoops ICT Home - 7/10 I like it, the white stripe give it the ICT feel ICT Away- 3/10 Gives me the dry boak Ross County Home- 9/10 Very jealous of that lovely dark blue tartan. The only thing that stops it getting a ten is the white and red stripe down the sides.
  13. Im 99.9% sure i subbed Brady in and saved. Robbed
  14. Will the teams in my division stop winning please. Thank you
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