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  1. Tidy nurses and midwives looking at you like a hero for changing their keyboard.
  2. Bit harsh. I think people love the idea of Leith Walk, and see it as some glamorous part of the city when in all honesty most people will be passing through it looking at phones, waiting for buses etc. Apart from the (falsely imho kwam) romanticised notion that it's one of the last bastions of cultural significance in Edinburgh, there isn't anything genuinely enthralling about the area. A trinket shop you may use once every two years pales in significance to the housing need of students, young families etc. Leith is shite.
  3. Football rivalries aside, Leith walk is a shitehole. The building looks like it's not far from condemned. Think of the foreign bursd student potential.
  4. Once chucked a guys schoolbag out the school bus window on the A71. He started crying so we started to heat up pennies with lighters and threw them at him. He told his maw so we smashed his livingroom window in case they phoned the 5-0.
  5. Birsd at my work is called Moreblessings. NHS is full of absolute scrabblebags of names.
  6. Me and 6 of my mates were there last night. Hearts, Rangers, Celtic and Hubz supporters so nobody really has anything to play for in the football calendar. Class night out, some atmosphere and most of the fans were sound despite us being complete drunken monsters. 100% still steamin. Livi is our wee team now. Death to the DABs.
  7. Hangovers take at least 2 days, comedowns at least 3. Hair thinning. Looked at a knitted cardigan today and thought "aye, thats just what I need" Midlife crisis happening. 26.
  8. Only found out last night that John Dunsworth (Mr Lahey from Trailer Park Boys) is broon breed. I don't think i've ever seen better "drunk" acting performances, the man was sublime.
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