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  1. Picked up my tickets tonight after hassle on the train line through to Yoker. Thankfully the ticket marquee was still opened when I eventually got there.
  2. Why did the ref allow that first "tackle" they don't help themselves with nonsense decisions like that.
  3. Total crowd looks to be in the low hundreds. Having just seen the full main stand Thistle fans are outnumbering the home crowd and it's far from a big away following.
  4. To be fair the the evidence of Domestic refereeing v European refs of Rangers2012 is very damning. How many retrospective red cards have Rangers2012 received in the last few seasons because referees are not doing their job?
  5. Monday night rather than Sat afternoon suits me. Holm Park capacity over 3000 - what is the record attendance?
  6. Funny how the BBC interviewer didn't mention the "L" word when interviewing the Gretna2008 manager pre-match in case she upset any of her Sportscene colleagues.
  7. Attended the match last night. Totally blind to Fort's recent form. Like many cup tie's it was all about the first goal. As soon as it went in it was straightforward for East Stirlingshire. Has there been some investment in Fort William, with all the TV interest due to their awful winless run?
  8. Attended my third Lowlands game yesterday this time: Rangers-B v Vale of Leithen at Dumbarton. One sided as expected but to be fair Vale tried their best to make the young RangersB team work for all their goals. There were a few very good long range efforts among the goals. Overall not the best game to judge the competition this league gives but there are always sides that struggle in any league and Vale are also no match for the better sides in the league.
  9. Just hope no one was late - quite a fast start I hear.
  10. Is Β£14 the normal price for Div Two now? 𝙉𝙀𝙓𝙏 π™ˆπ˜Όπ™π˜Ύπ™ƒ Friday night football returns this week: @ElginCityFC @cinchuk League 2 Friday 27 Aug 19:45 KO Tickets available now via http://bit.ly/2VBRHkZ Adults Β£14 / Cons Β£9 / u12s FREE with paid adult Cash gate on the night. I've been to this fixture a couple of times prior to lockdown but maybe wait until its back at Meadowbank. How many are likely to make the trip on a Friday night?
  11. East Stirlingshire v Civil Service Strollers. at the Falkirk Stadium sad the number of fans turned away today due to the the exclusive use of FanApp for entry. I get the need for this while restrictions are in place, but why continue the sole use now restrictions have been lifted? The App is only available until 2pm then it's turned off. What good is that? How many older fans, away fans and last minute fans those plans changed late? Not a great way to treat fans - surely they must rethink this?
  12. Hopefully the stadium is sold out - the club certainly deserve it after the triumphs of last season and reason times.
  13. Not sure if it was a quick kick-off but remember an incident when a team didn't return the ball after the ball was played out for treatment to a player.
  14. But they didn't. Traditionally the sporting thing is let both sides line up - maybe he was peeved with something or just wanted to be the hero of the day. I wonder if there is another occasion this happened?
  15. Really surprised how quickly this has happened especially having spent most of July moaning about the lack of moment in number in Scotland. Only restriction is 3 sections in the small Front Stand around the dug-outs remind closed about 1500 seats. No word on away fans but positive news.
  16. Thanks. Good spot on the Motherwell game tag error. I stopped keeping the blog up to date a couple of years back so a few things will not be right. I still keep a spreadsheet going and reconcile all the games. Caley visits total 4 first two before the blog started and 3 visits to Dingwall since 2013.
  17. Was it a brave performance and comeback? I know terrible name a feature of the league I think.
  18. My first experience of Lowlands League football - Broomhill v Caledonian Braves Despite a bad start the Braves fully deserved their 2-1 victory and played some good football in the process.
  19. Increased sponsorship as a result of increased attendance figures and interesting fixtures. I believe costs is the reason for the Reserve/U21 Leagues being disbanded as club chose to invest in their first team Unfortunately the gulf in income has made most leagues uncompetitive over the last 20-25 years. I believe the 10 team league tiers suits Scottish Football and I hate the 12 team league with uneven home & away matches.
  20. This is totally wrong on the contract no one has "picked a fight with the Scottish Govt" despite the total hypocrisy of the whole Euros event and the Scottish national team. Very few football fans have been near a ground for over 15 months therefore 99% have been patient and backed the Scot Gov in their efforts to tackle the pandemic. In return they have been treated very poorly by the Scot Gov and no one has said a word against them. This is not about individual clubs as stated previously most grounds could open normally as they are big enough to cope with their normal average. The group of clubs with an average of more than 2000 supporters need to work together and with the SG to find a sensible compromise to allow more than 2000 into their grounds as soon as possible not the 9th of never.
  21. The ridiculous thing is most Scottish grounds are normally empty anyway and could easily accommodate fans in a safe environment. It's only really the four Glasgow and Edinburgh grounds plus Aberdeen and Dundee United that are an issue. It shouldn't be too difficult for some compromise with the Scot Gov.
  22. Only because I don't expect them to go from 2000 to 20k+ in one go. However it's getting ridiculous now, 2000 in grounds of holding 20k to 60k especially as pubs are rammed in all the major towns. Clubs have got to get together and make a stand.
  23. Most of the country have now been vaccinated Football is outside which the science says is better People have lived with the protocols and know what is acceptable and what is not Not expecting 20,000 plus crowds back just now but 2000 is really frustrating. Cases are up as a direct result of pubs opening yet football fans continue to be locked out - it's not right..
  24. Billy Abercromby great name from that era we don't get name like that anymore
  25. The Scottish Govt were hardline until the Euros. They would not allow 1000 fans at Hampden in May but bizarrely in June 12000 even although Covid cases were rising. Now back down to a few hundred for the League Cup group stages. July 19 if Level 0 max, 2000. Yet rugby at Murrayfield had 16000 with drinks served. No facilities opened at Hampden. It's just wrong and clubs should be questioning their logic.
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