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  1. Crucial chance missed by Gav to make it 3 1, Troon went straight up the park and equalised. We'll just need to go and beat Darvel on Friday night.
  2. Excellent highlights as usual from KRTV. Pity about Buffs defending though
  3. Defend first argue later 3 goals all stoppable but the third was shocking school boy errors . Aye too much moaning not enough concentrating on the game. All 3 goals down to poor defending sadly.
  4. Defending was criminal today. Way off the standard required.
  5. We'll finish well above Medda regardless. That's guaranteed.
  6. The Medda won't be liking that. Let's see how things turn out.
  7. Medda hoping for 3 points. Only way you are going to get them is by appealing. We'll just beat your sorry mob again next time
  8. Buffs convinced that they've done due diligence with this and any fault lies elsewhere.
  9. This is not good. Especially as the season has just kicked off.
  10. https://kilwinningrangers.com/buffs-foundation-season-tickets-available-to-purchase-now/ Batter in Buffs fans. Be part of the journey. The club is growing and you can be part of it. Onwards and upwards COYB
  11. Would it have been the same headline if Germany had won it? 'What does Germany's cup win mean for Scottish women's football?'
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