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  1. Helicon at Stereo last night were quite magnificent. At one point there was 15 people on the stage, including a string quartet. Ambitious and exhilarating.
  2. Well done and thanks to @jimbaxtersfor putting in the hours and running a good competition. Congratulations to @Broomhill Ultrafor winning, leading the league all season. Hopefully, like our clubs, we'll all get involved and go again next season.
  3. The timing of the announcement says a lot. Changed days at Darvel. Is that the banter years over then?
  4. The doesn't matter how shite you are point is a good one. It would seem that Livi play in a way which always makes life very difficult for us regardless of what Killie do or how they play. That being said, our home form is the only aspect of our season keeping us in the race for PL survival. If Kyle Vassell is fit, if McInnes sets us up to worry the opposition instead of worrying about the opposition, I can see us absolutely hammering Livi 1 - 0.
  5. Last game of an incredibly disappointing season. However, today represents a fresh start, an opportunity to begin again and look forward to something more positive next season. Onwards and upwards COYB.
  6. They seem to be. No more Sloan's, Cameron's, Currie's, Fabiani's or Shearer's, guys who would put their bodies on the line for the jersey and their team mates.
  7. We were down to the bare bones that night and very low on confidence. The pitch was as poor as I've seen at our level of football. Got the job done that night though.
  8. Aye we didn't deserve to lose the game, but thems the breaks as they say.
  9. An excellent post. The team showed what it was capable of last night, plenty good football and goals in us, but simply unable to defend properly. I agree re your Kilmarnock comment. I love Killie, but the overall match day experience at WoSFL level, value for money and general banter amongst supporters really can't be beaten.
  10. A very good post indeed. The cup runs provided a false sense of security as in the games in hand. But, as we know points on the board are better than games in hand. The Talbot game on the Monday leading into the Petershill game on the Wednesday was pretty pivotal. Up 3 - 1 against Petershill looking comfortable, we lost a goal just before HT, second half we offered little, some of that attributed to fatigue no doubt, losing out 5 - 3 in the end. Going to Arthurlie, we put in a pretty weak performance in a game we really needed not to lose. Despite the injury time winner, Arthurlie deserved the win as they had two good goals chopped off (in my opinion). After Arthurlie, it was a battle for survival and we just didn't do enough. Cup runs are great, but not to the detriment of league survival. It became evident that the cups were getting in the way of our league position. We just didn't have to squad to cope with both and the eventual fixture congestion.
  11. Yes the jury is out. We've just been relegated under the manager. We need some stability though, he's gotta be given the opportunity to turn things around, put his own stamp on things. Two things really hampered us this season, the lack of an an experienced, dominant, vocal centre half and injuries to goalkeepers. If we had sorted both of these issues out, been a bit luckier with injuries, we wouldn't be in this position. However, we are and we've just got to move on and look ahead to next season.
  12. It's hard to improve when you are having to work with the tools that you've been given. It was impossible to turn that group of players into a winning team. They were in the habit of losing lots of goals and football games. Next season will be the time to judge Chris and the management team, once he's had the opportunity to refresh the squad with his own players and implement his own style and identify upon the team. If you've played the game, watched the game, you'll know how these things work.
  13. I've followed the Buffs for a long time, but Johnstone will be a new ground for me. Will look forward to visiting .
  14. You haven't seen enough of the Buffs to form that opinion. You'll find no agreement with me or any of the Buffs regulars.
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