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  1. Buffs were beaten with an injury time sucker punch tonight. Several good opportunities squandered, all parts of the woodwork battered and at least 2 goals called offside. Just one of these nights that happen in football.
  2. Pretty much sums things up. Goes without saying, but fans are so important to clubs at our level and Darvel just haven't built a fanbase. There'll be a legacy in terms of good facilities, but nothing in terms of growing the club beyond one man's ego.
  3. Par for the course indeed. Other clubs have been disliked for a variety of reasons, normally to do with splashing the cash, but this Darvel lot take the biscuit. You would have thought that they'd court a bit of respect for anything they go on to achieve, but would seem not. They'd maybe be entitled to their social media nonsense if they were building something at Darvel. Sadly for them they aren't building anything, there's little interest in what they are doing other than on here where people are just waiting for the inevitable implosion .
  4. I think he likes it. When his players are up to similar on social media he seems quite happy to spur them on with sly comments and likes. I suppose it could be seen as a seige mentality, but if Darvel are to achieve any respect in the game they are going about it entirely the wrong way.
  5. Largs Thistle 2 v 0 Cambuslang Rangers Cumnock Juniors 2 v 0 Arthurlie Gartcairn 2 v 1 St. Cadocs Yoker Athletic 2 v 0 Maryhill Vale of Clyde 2 v 1 Lesmahagow Juniors Rossvale Academy 3 v 0 Harmony Row
  6. All has gone quiet. The rumours misguided?
  7. Mark Millar's incredible free kick strike yesterday.
  8. It has been going on for a while, but I generally don't notice it. Today was different as it was right in front of the seated area where I was. I think the Musselburgh boys were frustrated that they didn't get anything from the previous incident, so piled in on the referee when Buffs young sub clashed with their player. To me, the sound of the incident was worse than the incident itself. It was worthy of a yellow card at best, but a straight red was produced purely based upon protestations and the referee bought it. Hopefully, the young Buffs player doesn't take it too badly. I appreciate teams will do whatever they can to gain an advantage, but for me, hounding the ref as Musselburgh did is bordering on cheating, I just don't like it. Despite us being vocal about the incident, the Musselburgh fans in front of us were very gracious at the final whistle and we left shaking hands and wishing each other all the best, the way it should be.
  9. Excellent cup tie at Buffs Park as two evenly matched teams squared up. Buffs struck first with a Mackin penalty. Musselburgh equalised with a smart lob over the keeper. Buffs went back in front on the stroke of half time, a Millar free kick from fully 30 yards as good as anything you'll see at any level of football. Ben Lewis swept the ball home around the hour mark to put Buffs in control. David Gormley took the opportunity to put on a couple of young subs in an attempt to see the game out. One of the young subs was sent off, straight red, shortly afterwards. In my opinion the referee got the call wrong, but his decision was made as just about all of the Musselburgh players put pressure on him for the card. Sadly, this is becoming more common in modern football. Musselburgh piled the pressure on 10 man Buffs and scored a second with a smartly taken reverse shot into the corner. Musselburgh sensed an equaliser and, despite the ref adding on 7 minutes of injury time it never came. A cracking cup tie all in all, Buffs into the next round.
  10. Another exciting fixture at Buffs Park this Saturday. With the pausing of senior football due to the world cup, get your football fix at your local team
  11. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 1 v Hurlford United 2 Pollok 3 v Petershill 0 Thorniewood United 2 v Benburb 1 Wishaw 0 v Craigmark Burntonians 2 Royal Albert 1 v Dalry Thistle 3 St. Peter’s 3 v Thorn Athletic 1
  12. Good bounce back today. Onwards and upwards COYB
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