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  1. Buffs were on top last 15 of the first half and first 15 of the second. Talbot didn't get on top until the 3rd goal went in, the second goal against the run of play. Talbot did win comfortably in the end, but the game was far from comfortable for you. Buffs have had a great season so far, beyond my expectations. We are still right in the mix, so let's get back on track next week. On another note, Talbot as a club have achieved a lot that's to be respected, but I never enjoy going to Beechwood, it's not a very welcoming place unlike just about every other junior ground. Buffs arriving as league leaders seemed to bring out the worst in an element of the home support.
  2. One league game doesn't define a season. On to Glencairn next week, I'm sure we'll get a positive reaction. Never a 6-1 game today. Not many teams will go to Beechwood and dominate for a half hour as Buffs did today. Onwards and upwards COYB
  3. I thought Buffs controlled the game for half hour either side of half time. We played some good stuff. Missed a couple of good chances through Monti and Lewis when we were on top. A combination of Glasgow coming on and a pinball third goal knocked the stuffing out of a relatively young buffs team and that was that. Never a 6-1 game. Buffs will learn from this one, onto Glencairn next week and a chance to get back on track. Proud of the effort from the team today, no shame in losing at Beechwood. One game doesn't define a season, onwards and upwards COYB
  4. He has had a fantastic season so far. Pollok at home was one to forget for us, the whole team underperformed that day. Of the top of my head, he's scored the winning goals at Pollok, Medda and at home to Clydebank, 6 points gained in big games from Monti goals.
  5. Agreed. Buffs have nothing to lose today. It's a big game as it's always a big game against Talbot, but so were the last few games at Pollok, Kilbirnie and Largs. Onwards and upwards COYB.
  6. Carlo is a fantastic player, loads of skill and has had an excellent season so far with the Buffs. Long make it continue.
  7. Buffs have struggled in recent times to get a result at Barrfields, it's not a happy hunting ground for us, hence the celebrations. Everybody at Buffs remains grounded despite finding ourselves at the top of the league. Our away form has been absolutely brilliant. It was a game of two halves, but we were deserved winners in the end. On to Talbot and a very tough game next week.
  8. Gloating and Talbot in the same post? Classy. Almost Old Firmesque.
  9. For me, given the move to KSC, expectations at the start of the season were to stay in the league. Chris renewed the team with a lot of younger players who are easily outperforming those expectations. This season we are a team rather than a collection of individuals and play some good stuff.
  10. Nothing to do with that. Always get the feeling it's all going to kick off at Beith and it usually does. Only ground I go to where its like that. A bit of bad blood between the clubs for whatever reason. As for Talbot, despite their success, they are some of the worst entitled supporters at any level of football. Just my opinion...
  11. Only calling it as I see it. Been travelling around the grounds watching Buffs for many years now, so my opinion is based upon my experiences. Sorry that you don't seem to like that.
  12. In all the times I've been to Pollok, there's always good banter with their fans, unlike at Beith or Talbot. Always a pleasant trip to Pollok, although better when Buffs win. Great goal from Monti yesterday, he was always going to celebrate in front of the Pollok fans, give and get and all that. Syme and Maitland were magnificent in defence and Ben Lewis won a lot of ball in good areas. The whole team worked hard for the win, Hanvey and Gowser off the bench made a difference too. Hope McCloskey is okay this morning, looked a sore one when he went off.
  13. Chris mentioned this in one of his post match interviews. A real shame, because the boy has massive potential to be a success at junior level. With Wilson gone I was expecting to see Ally McColm get more game time, but not the case so far. He showed up very well in pre season but hasn't had much of a chance. Lewis and Monti are great players for Buffs, but would contribute more overall with a number 9 to feed to in my opinion.
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