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  1. Welshbairn. Always on hand to give out travel tips.
  2. Might be a very different team we face next time we play them. Like us v Cyprus, two late goals made their 3-0 game against Norway look more comfortable than it was, and now this. Questions are no doubt being asked in the Spanish media with regards to the wisdom of his clear-out/squad selection. We just need to keep the head. Think Clarke will do that. We have our noses in front, let's keep it that way as I can see all the teams dropping points in this group as it will be so tight. Except us hopefully
  3. He did well. Although I am old school and like to see keepers come for the odd cross rather than leaving it to defenders all the time. Helps take the pressure off and kill the game as opposed to it being cleared only for the opposition get it back again. In saying that, what the feck do I know, when you look at our current/recent defensive record.
  4. Totally agree. We assumed Germany would do that when we had them as well as Poland and Ireland in our Euro 2016 group. Defeats by the odd goal in each gme against them were seen as not bad results as we assumed they would probably batter the others. But despite taking 4 points off Ireland and matching draws with Poland we blew it by dropping points elsewhere while both Poland and Ireland took points off the Germans. Maybe with a bit more self-belief from the outset we might have got better results againt them. We need to have the mindset that every game is winnable and take that as our starting point. The Danes were looking for the clean sweep when they turned up and it was possibly our best game of the campaign.
  5. As much as their team were filled with world class players, my abiding memory of the 2012 2-3 Spain game (apart from the delirium of coming back to 2-2) was wtf was McManus thinking about when he totally misjudged the flight of the ball? Same goes with the 2-2 against England. Why did Armstrong not just blooter it into row z? Why did Gordon not wipe out Harry Kane? (rather than me admiring Kane's poaching prowess when they looked down and out). Call me a footballing philistine but I am too focused on wanting Scotland to do well to take time out to admire the opposition and I have been watching Scotland since 1973 and quite a few world greats have graced the Hampden turf in since then.
  6. M&S advert on TV. The background music is the OMD song Enola Gay. AN anti war song about the plane which dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, killing over 90,000 people. Strange choice of tune to sell bras and knickers to the middle classes.
  7. Fair amount of crosses either landing or deflecting to the back post area yet nobody there to take a chance. Except when McGinn scored. Nobody has really tested their keeper either.
  8. The sad part is. Even if he was suspended for 10 days and had to fight a by-election I doubt enough would see the light and do the right thing and boot him out. After all if they voted for him knowing what he was like back then, I doubt him being economical with the truth and partying while people were dying is gonna put them off him.
  9. The guy is a grade a chunt. I was asked to redeploy at the start of lockdown to a care home for residents with dementia. I will be honest, it was not something I had really fancied doing as had no experience in that field but I did it as wanted to do my bit. Adding to that, my previous experience of nursing my brother through cancer, watching him waste away and collapse and die in my arms eventually took its toll and I ended up with alopecia areata (basically I lost all my hair, both head and body and it has never returned). In all the time I worked in that care home, i was humbled by the dedication and sacrifices of staff. I went to a shop 3 times in 3 months, once for my partner's 40th birthday card (it was also a bit of a thank you for everything she did so I did not put residents at risk), once to pick up beer for a resident who was allowed 2 cans a day, and once to buy backing paper so I could frame and hang wedding photos of a resident and his late wife on his bedroom wall instead of them lying in a box in the bottom of his wardrobe. All after asking for permission from the care home first. So many people made sacrifices (and suffered hardships and losses), so many people played a major supporting role to front line staff, whether interested workplace or when they cane home after work. So many people struggled with their mental health or saw their business/place of work go down the tube. Yet this sack of sh!t still cannot admit he did anything wrong.
  10. Same here. Got one at Hermiston Gate for parking there for more than the alloted time. It wasabout 11pm ffs. I have binned every letter and never contacted them. Does help when the car is in her name though
  11. Was in TN staying at the house of our professor's sons once as part of a uni tour, it was about 3am when all hell broke loose. The professor's step-son (he was not close to him, turns out with good reason) was talking about the Georgia Bulldogs football team who he was a fan of, casually said "yes he is a great running back, that boy can sure run, for a n****r". One of the girls from our class went mental and called him out on it (as did others). He was genuinely surprised to be told that what he has said was out of order. He did attempt to apologise the next day saying it was the booze but she put him in his place again when she said that the thought was obviously there in the first place and the booze merely gave him the opportunity to say it. Needless to say he did not stay there long. Casual racism is there to be found, you do not even need to scratch the surface. With regards to bias, a American friend once remarked how she envied how old our culture and history was in Europe compared to hers. I merely hmmmd, then added "Of course if you stopped seeing you culture as something that started in 1492 you might find it a little more interesting".
  12. I remember stand in a queue to pay for my food once, think it was up in the sticks in VA. Guy behind me suddenly roars out.. "University of ST Andrews huh?" (obviously commenting on my tee shirt). I replied rather startled "Yeah" To which he road back "I'm Primitive Baptist" How the feck do you reply to that? The religious nutjobs are never far from you in the South.
  13. Twister chasing is just mental, one wong moved and you sre fecked. Never seen a full one and do not wish to let alone chase it. Yeah it is a heavy read. They were the worst of the worst but unfortunately humans are capable of much cruelty. Experiences of war not only bring personal experiences but also collective. For some it can be guilt while for others mass denial which they want to sweep under the carpet. Japanese are still in denial with regards of the atrocities they committed, comfort women from Korea or Rape of Nanking etc and I am sure there are quite a few things the Allies have kept quiet about. As for the Poles, Nazi occupation and the cruelties it brought which they seem happy enough to highlight, but they go a bit sheepish at the very mention of collaboration to hand over the Jews. Then you have 50yrs of the Soviet experience where it must have been difficult to trust your partner or family let alone your neighbours. For the record, my other half is Polish and love the place.
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