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  1. It has has been around for forever which I think adds to the feel of it.
  2. I will be in there nest week. I will ask about it.
  3. Braithwaite in Dundee My go to place. Fortunately it is right next to my office and in centre of town. Been there forever and they are very knowledgeable. To top it off the smell inside is worth the visit alone.
  4. I remember United played there in the cup. Took a lofted free kick and ended up blowing back the way, past where it had been taken from. Real fitba
  5. Do you think the judge would let me use that as a defence? Dishminished responsibility? I'll get ma coat
  6. As she is veggie and once worked in a kitchen restaurant we have a deal. She cooks, I clean up after. As our kitchen is currently a bit small for a dishwasher it has become a bit of an issue. She uses a separate utensil for every food item she preps. While I know this can cut out food poison she just leaves them a at her arse, never in the sink or close to it. Same will all the stuff she had opened, none back in the fridge. Cupboard doors and drawers open. It is mental as other than the kitchen she is a tidy freak. On a few occasions after eating I start to head to do my half of the bargain she will say "Don't get upset when you go in there" who h is code fir "I left the place like a fucking tip and even though I know I did I made no attempt to rectify it". One time I stopped at the living room door, turned back and sat down. She never spoke to me that night nor all the next day as she saw the crap all still there the next tea time. Unfortunately it is still an ongoing issue.
  7. Back in the day one of my mates called Paddy had a wee boy called Michael with his very slim partner. From then on they were know amongst us as Pat, Mick and Stick.
  8. Only ever missed 3 flights. Chicago-Atlanta , no matter how quick we moved it was never gonna work. Lesson learned. Avoid going through immigration while having an internal connection if you can. Charles de Gaule-Heathrow. Again never gonna happen due to times between connection. Lesson learned. Never completely trust your travel agent. Boston-LA should have happened as had 5 hours between flight. Lesson learned. Don't allow 5 guys to use the free scratch cards that allow you to buy half bottles of whiskey for 75p in Manchester then once on the bevvy in Boston airport crack them all open to share with American guys you meet in the lounge.
  9. Israel game for me. The drama and the realisation that this team could keep going right to the end and for that fact, maybe, just maybe... Little did I know it at the time but I was catching Covid as I stood there watching it thanks to my mate.
  10. An old boss of mine told me that when she was 7 her brother was too tired to get out of bed to see what Santa had brought. Imagine his (and mum's) face when they walked in to find every single present unwrapped by her. Every year after that they were only allowed down once mum allowed. Although apparently for the first couple of years he was downstairs like a whippet as soon as mum gave the go ahead.
  11. Was flying abroad years ago. After checking in and mulling about duty free we still had time on our hands and she made the mistake of talking to a Thomas Cook rep at a podium trying to sell TC credit cards. Apparently this once in a lifetime deal had airmiles/loyalty stuff included with it. I was not interested but the other half wanted to sign up as you got a complimentary gift. (A free passport cover, I kid you not). About a year later she gets a call at work to say that someone in London had tried to withdraw £5,000 from the account in a bank. Obviously they were not the master criminals they thought they were. She confirmed that either of us had ever used the card and in fact it was in still attached to the letter it came with sitting in a folder in our house. We phoned them a few weeks later to ask for an update on the fraud that was attempted in our name and we were told it was an ongoing investigation...and never heard a thing after that. Chancers all round.
  12. Spend weekend hillwalking. Get to civilization and she mentions we need to get some groceries etc. God forbid if I suggest Tesco. Apparently it takes too long to walk around to get bread and milk (unlike the 6-8 hrs + doing Munro's each day). I then make it worse by simply parking the car anywhere suitable rather than driving round for 10 mins to squeeze it as close as possible to the front door. Apparently I am too far from the entrance (it's almost if that 1hr walk-in crossing burns and muddy tracks before our ascent in the wind and driving rain that weekend never happened.
  13. I am the same age as Liz and my tits look just as good in a well-fitted bra. Unfortunately I am male.
  14. You need to man up and take a leaf out my mate's book. He got a new kitchen fitted but had no idea how to plumb in his dishwasher again. Called me, fixed in 2 mins. Told him he best run a cycle to make sure nothing leaks. Next thing he is dialing his other half on loud speaker, she was apparently working nights. Conversation goes... Him..."How do you switch on the dishwasher?" Her..."FFS we have had it for over two years!" Him..."I never asked how long we had it, just how to switch it on. On seconds thoughts dinnae bother, just put it on a cycle when you get in tomorrow morning but check it disnae leak as I am too busy coz the second half of the Dundee game is away to start" and hangs up. This is the same guy who was asked to do one thing, vacuum the living room while she went to work a twelve hour shift. She had even went upstairs for it and left it out in the middle of the floor plugged in. She returned home to find him on the sofa under a duvet still hung over and me on the other sofa watching fitba but with the Dyson moved out of both our eye-lines from sofa to TV. I almost admire how guilt free lazy he can be.
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