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  1. In Dundee we have an area called Menzieshill (pronounced Meenus-hull). Menzieshill High School was pronounced locally as "Meenie Heh" or 'Meenie-hull Heh". The Shop John Menzies was pronounced as "John Men-zeez'. Then Menzies Campbell came on the political scene and confused us even more! I remember at primary school somebody from outside the city came in to do something and was going through the class register and called out Sean Menzies "Seen Mingus" to much hilarity.
  2. If memory serves me correct I think me and a few other Arabs might have ripped the head off of something after that result.
  3. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/crime/creepy-scots-pensioner-carried-out-27435684 Imagine the material the best man could have for his speech!
  4. We were there for a week last September and it was roasting. Loads of historical stuff. We bought one of those Heritage Malta passes from the museums/tourist places and it was worth every penny to us as we love that sort of stuff Also helped us focus on actually doing things rather than just wasting time sitting in cafes etc. I agree with the fact that most buses start/end in Valetta. We were about 10-15 mins on the bus from there but loads of times it was full and passed people waiting at bus stops.
  5. Liverpool fanzone at night left a bit to be desired too. Liverpool fans trying to enter just before kick-off told by police it was closed and had to stand and watch while police let locals in. Quite a number of unhappy looking fans streaming out the same gates yet still not letting them in. Spoke to a couple who said it was not nearly as full as during the afternoon but not worth going in saying a good chance something might kick off as were a lot of locals in the area they were in chanting for PSG and Madrid. This led to quite a number of fans rushing about trying to find somewhere to watch the game. Added to that the police allowed the build up of hundreds of local youths to sit around the grassy area next to the entrance so it was no surprise there were a few skirmishes as unhappy Liverpool fans were taunted as they exited after the game. Spoke to a few guys in the airport in their 50s who said they all had tickets but we're settled and pepper sprayed trying to get in and pepper sprayed trying to leave for walking in the wrong way as there was no stewards there to tell them which direction they should be going.
  6. Wee Jim was always exasperated by Ralphie. He knew he was capable of so much more. Maybe a bit of bitterness far wee Jim, he was not exactly good at handing out plaudits to individual players. Maybe it was also a way of justifying him being sold...easier to say he got rid of a player fans were not happy with than admit he made a mistake in letting him go. Loved Ralphie during his time with United.
  7. Not had a cat for 15 years or more. When we did it absolutely ran the house. Friend just bought this.
  8. "Disappointing performance from the unit in the side which has been most consistent this season, the defence" While I would have agreed to that earlier in the season we have now gone 10 games since our last clean sheet and the fact we have scored first seven teams in the league this season without collecting all three points, it is no surprise we are struggling to cement 4th place.
  9. When I was at college one of my close mates took his own life by hanging. Kinda like this thread, once you experience something there are always others who are willing to confide in you about similar experiences. One fellow student told me of how her dad made her sit in the living room with him while he promptly blew his brains out in front of her with a shotgun. Horrible for anybody to experience, let alone while aged 7. .
  10. Booked to go away in May. 4 nights in Vienna then on to Jordan for a 10 day tour. Fly back via Bucharest for a day or so. Then she flies home while I carry on to Paris to meet my mates for boys weekend of Champions League final. A mixture of 3 different airlines, 1 tour company, 2 hotels and 2 Air B and B bookings. Just hope it all works out Of all the places, I have only been to Paris and that was 30 years ago.
  11. Curious as to your definition of a meltdown. Feel free to give actual examples for my replies on here were all tongue in cheek. And if you read my posts I said all along that you might get a result due to our frailties and indeed have given you credit for doing so.
  12. Fair result. Even at 0-2 I did not feel confident. At 2-2 it was end to end but lacking quality in the final 3rd. McNulty showed yet again why we struggle to kill games off. Fair play to the Dee's for sticking at it to get a deserved point. Wonder how all those Dees that left when the second went in feel now. Missed out on a battling performance that should give them some hope going into the business end of the season. As for us? Top six and got to be happy about that but can easily see us missing out of a potential European slot through lack of firepower as we can no longer rely on our defence to get a clean sheet. I had a debate with a fellow Arab some weeks back when I pointed out our worrying low goals scored tally in comparison to the two times I have seen us relegated. He pointed out how much better our defence was compared to back then. While it was fair comment at the time, last time we kept a clean sheet was 9 games ago.
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