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  1. It’s important to show respect to people from other cultures
  2. The mets stadium is where the globe is in men in black where the space ship crashes through. It’s right across the road from flushing meadows as well. I remember paying $12 for a Budweiser there and that was 2015. my Mrs didn’t want to go up the new wtc tower because she was worried it would be hit by a plane.
  3. New York is immense - my favourite day there was day I went to 9/11 museum and then a New York mets game.
  4. That explains why the summer has been pish.
  5. Is the constant threat of violence/sodomy in the communal showers not a bit outdated in 2022? From what I understand prisons are mostly boring and depressing rather than intimidating.
  6. The travelling ones really aren’t as huge a coincidence as you might think - people from U.K. are forever going out to Australia / New Zealand to work and stop off in east Asia en route and will go to popular places for tourists to visit. Bondi area of Sydney and St Kilda in Melbourne are awash with Brits, you’re highly likely to bump into people you know from back home but people get all funny about it because it’s geographically so far away. Me and the Mrs were in a restaurant in Vietnam and two Scottish ladies heard our accents and started talking to us and found out I knew one of their friends and they couldn’t get over how outrageous a coincidence it all was when the reality was we were in a popular tourist destination and they began speaking to us because they knew we were Scottish.
  7. Read this story on Facebook from a young chef who has a restaurant in Skye :
  8. I was a fat and disgusting waste of space.
  9. I know people In their 30 s who will share a g with their Mrs in the house whilst their children are asleep on a Saturday night.
  10. Nah nothing like that - she had been married 6 years at that point and me and the Mrs weren’t even married so the timing of it all was pretty random. I impregnated her the morning after Man Utd won the Europa league final v Ajax and it was the day of the Scotland England griffiths free kicks we found out the news of pregnancies. I was also grotesquely over weight at the time and a full blown alcoholic slob recovering from 4 years of being a student and constantly posting on here.
  11. Me and my sister found out we were expecting our first children within an hour of each other. And before anyone asks we are talking about 2 separate pregnancies and nothing incestuous.
  12. Just realised that once in a lifetime by Texas is a rip off of the song “creep” by TLC.
  13. I was defending him as Sanchez is clearly having a swipe at festival goers because the idea of people letting their hair down and enjoying themselves makes him feel uneasy.
  14. The younger the fiddle the sweeter the tune.
  15. I am watching glasto highlights this weekend and cranking about how disastrously off piste my life has gone.
  16. There’s that episode of still game that starts off with victor trying to do a bit of crafts and then Jack barges in with a harmonica and gives him a fright that it reminded me of. The way in which the guy gets a massive fright but instantly laughs about it is nice to see here.
  17. I had a lovely day drinking in my south facing garden.
  18. There’s a dinosaur display at newhailes on July thet I’ll take the kids to so I will report back on the anus situation and include pics.
  19. I posted this dinosaur thing on the wrong thread, it was meant to go in the one about the dog killing a man.
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