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  1. I don’t know the full context, all I know is I saw it and was like;
  2. Why must you spread this beyond its natural habitat? They were trending at around the same time as each other and it crossed my mind that both cases may be related in some way.
  3. The Paul Scholes video will come as a welcome distraction for the Baldwin camp.
  4. Absolutely - why can’t it have happened to a lesser man such as Michael Sheen?
  5. I really don’t get the point in having Matt Lucas and Noel fielding on the show or what they are playing at sometimes. Twice in two weeks they have made completely pointless jokes that lead to nowhere. Last week it was some stupid gag with Noel saying he was born without a mouth and then this week Noel made a joke how he was related to the person who invented the kinder egg and the punchline appeared to be” if I was related to him I wouldn’t be here then would I?” What’s the point in having funny men on the show if that’s the sort of jokes that make the edit. jurgen and Giuseppe are miles ahead of everyone else so far. Chigs and Lizzie are both okay as well.
  6. Why do women put clean and folded clothes halfway up the stairs? If you’ve gone to the trouble of folding them and carrying them that far why not just go all the way upstairs instead of creating a trip hazard?
  7. I can see this post being received warmly in the coming hours.
  8. I don’t find Edinburgh that snobby, particularly not since I’ve been living in the suburbs but a few weeks ago I was walking in Stockbridge and a young 15 year old boy who was dressed in a blazer and shorts was walking towards me with I assume was his mother. Anyway they stopped to give way to me and my daughter but as my daughter was dithering about the woman got impatient and the pair of them barged past us and the mother made an audible tut at me as she walked by. Needless to say I was gobsmacked and didn’t react in any way but if I could go back in time I would run after her and punch her right in the face. I don’t think I’ve ever been so offended in my life.
  9. He was widely referred to as Colon Powell by conspiracy theorist.
  10. A shame he didn’t have this suit of armour on him yesterday.
  11. So we have an African Jew wearing a hoody?
  12. Documentary about this on bbc that aired last night. Was very good for anyone who has an hour to spare.
  13. Craig Gordon man of the match there.
  14. Don’t get me wrong housing is a massive scam and that’s even before the bankers take their cut with the mortgages. I just feel that sneering at the people buying new builds is a bit harsh as it’s the best available option for so many people.
  15. In the Edinburgh area there really aren’t a plethora of older houses to chose from hence why there is such a load of work going on just now. Loads of the hate towards new builds seems to be people saying why don’t you buy an older place and do it up? It’s not really an option for most people who don’t have the time for a project like that and are just looking for a place to live.
  16. New builds seem to attract quite a lot of snobbery for some reason I find.
  17. He was inches from the goal, it would have taken a fair bit of skill and improvisation for him to miss the target. What a load of rubbish, he would easily have got too much or not enough onto that or could have handled it as well. A criminally underrated goal.
  18. It was actually a good goal from mctominay, it’s not like it just bounced off him like it was made out and it took a fair bit of skill and improvisation for him to steer it on target.
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