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  1. You.clearly know some truly awful people then.
  2. You seem awfully defensive about all of this . Probably because you know you are going to hell.
  3. I’m not in the wrong thread I know exactly what it’s about - I still posted a funny gif in response to a couple of pretty shocking posts though if that’s okay with you?
  4. Well I should have known putting them in direct sunlight inside a car wasn’t the best idea - I just thought the boot would be a tad unfair. It’s a bit late for the boiling water advice, I have put them in a vase with coke water so hopefully they get a bit of life back in them by tomorrow morning!
  5. I went out to a lovely place near north Berwick with the kids to pick sunflowers and go for a walk, after we’d picked the sunflowers and before the walk i took the flowers back to the car and left them on the dashboard and by the time we got back from the walk they were wilted and droopy. I’m pretty sure they are dead.
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