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  1. Performance of the tournament so far here.
  2. I hope Portugal and Spain progress then it’s a bloody eye watering set of quarter finals
  3. It was a picture Owen Jones shared which was in London then I was at the wind up saying it was Edinburgh which was getting a few pedantic people extremely wound up. I then used a screen shot of an area of Edinburgh that looked vaguely similar and then used the fact that Owens parents lived in Edinburgh to 100% verify that’s must be where it was and then i said I would kill someone in a light hearted joking way but I was suspended almost instantly.
  4. My account got permanently banned for telling someone I would kill them over a dispute about google maps. I was clearly joking.
  5. Japan to win this in 90 minutes is 3/1 which I couldn’t turn down.
  6. As group stages go that was pretty good with plenty drama and upsets in the final round of fixtures. Plenty of eye watering knockout games to look forward to, I think Netherlands USA today will be a good one and then 2 potential crackers tomorrow. I also don’t mind it being on around Christmas time but would rather the games were at 5 pm and 8pm for my own convenience.
  7. Found this when putting up the Christmas decorations yesterday
  8. It was a house warming/World Cup party and a little bit to do with my sons 2 nd birthday.
  9. Had a great party anyway and guests bought plenty of booze.
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