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  1. I drink 25 cans a week washed down with some 19 crimes red.
  2. I don’t know what happened. It said I was banned but the page completely froze and I couldn’t check what my notifications were but then I put my phone on and off again it worked fine. Was worried I had posted something outrageous last night after my usual 7+ cans of bud.
  3. Well there was an unpleasant morning but glad it’s all sorted now.
  4. GBNF 

    Sleep tight, sweet Prince.

  5. They were the only colours I had at my disposal at the time.
  6. If she was pregnant then her Helen Lovejoy of a sister would have mentioned it on Twitter which is why I was confused for a minute. Something about the way in which they’re playing the victim here when she comes across as such a gobby cow really annoys me.
  7. Does it say anywhere in the tweet that the woman is pregnant?
  8. Not just p and b - it appears there is a level of disdain for the police all over social media these days.
  9. Didn't realise this so now whenever they want to enter someone's house for whatever reason they just need to say we believed there was a dinner party occurring You appear to be very much against the police. Are you paranoid we are turning into a police state and that Covid measures are just to give the police an excuse to barge into your property for whatever reason they want? They need to follow up on these cases as it’s not right that some people blatantly flaunt regulations, the police aren’t going round to this house just for the f**k of it and the woman could have just let them have a look around if she had nothing to hide rather than go down the “how very dare you” route.
  10. There appears to be a large orange hedge moving towards us!
  11. Probably, still could've told them to just get lost though. If I was one of the officers I would have tasered her.
  12. Agreed the mother should've just told them they're not getting in then leave. They no doubt had dinner guests through in the other room which is why she was so hostile.
  13. Not all polis are power hungry arseholes though. In the video you clearly hear the girl asking her mum to stop as well before it turns into proper hysteria. It reminds me of the video in which Jamie Carragher was goaded into spitting on a teenager, it’s always the kids who get hurt when so called adults start their pish.
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