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  1. I started going out and about in pubs in 2004 when I was 18 and remember drinking in a few old man pubs in Glasgow for £1.30 a pint so could easily get fairly drunk off a tenner. I remember being annoyed at having to pay £2.50 a pint when I strayed into the west end once as well. Halcyon days I tell you.
  2. Why are you watching it and participating in this threads if it bores you so much then?
  3. Didn’t watch live but Man Utd looked absolutely brilliant last night - wtf is that all about?
  4. He’s the favourite to win, I haven’t watched for the last few nights but he seemed pretty dull and uninterested when I did watch. Nadine would be a good winner but can’t see it happening.
  5. It was quite funny seeing him getting angry but I don’t think he is a particularly nice guy, think there’s a nasty side to him and he seems pretty dismissive of other people who don’t agree with him. Think it’s probably the worst year I have I seen with no real stand out contestants.
  6. I was aware that Spandau Ballet were a bit bigger but don’t think I know any of their songs other than gold. I really just can’t stand z list celebrities like Roman banging on about their encounters with Justin Bieber at what ever showbizz party they were at, it really annoys me. Thought Nadine would be the contestant who would be that way inclined but she seems like a good sort tbf. I can see why you’d think James is a c**t, think he’s pretty arrogant and has to make a conscious effort to not come across that way but I quite like him regardless.
  7. A pretty pish year tbqh which is summed up by the lack of interest in this thread. Adele Roberts - complete personality vacuum, really strange moment when she bought the picture of someone from loose women with her for moral support. It wasn’t funny just really weird. Cliff - about as shit and boring a contestant as you can get. James - decent enough guy but hardly entertaining Ian Wright - an arsehole of a man, has a very narrow perspective of life and lacks the ability to deal with anyone or anything that even remotely challenged him. Andrew - possibly the most unfunny and uptight comedian imaginable, added very little to the show apart from funny sound effects when he had a helmet full of cockroaches. Myles - No personality at all, just another talentless w****r who got famous because of some shit and outdated show that should have been in the bin in the mid 00’s. Came across as a genuine p***k on several occasions. Roman - Another w****r who thinks he’s the real deal because his dad was in some one hit wonder band in the 80’s and was in eastenders. Came across as a truly dreadful individual when bragging about his brushes with celebrities and clearly gets a rush from sucking celebrities off. No entertainment at all. Jacqueline - Seems like a nice girl, she did very well in a few challenges and will probably win the show. Would rather more light was shed on her husbands supposed affair but it got edited out apparently. Kate Garroway - very nice lady. Nadine - Far more down to earth than I’d imagined and a decent contestant. Legs a bit skinny though. Caitlin Jenner - Pretty good entertainment and could have been put to better use if they had better celebrities on the show to challenge her a bit rather than massaging her ego. Guy from Corrie - nice enough guy but completely bland and clearly only there for the pay cheque. So overall pretty shit, particularly the men. You need a few headcases in there for the giggles, lady Campbell a few years ago being particularly hilarious for example. Also if there is someone on the show telling a contestant that he believed their spouse had cheated on them then get it fucking aired, they are paid a fortune to go out there and be humiliated so stuff like that shouldn’t be out of bounds IMO.
  8. It’s exactly like that. FWIW I have never shat in a toilet without a seat before, have once shat in a bucket which was a strange experience.
  9. It’s pretty sad that people are shitting in a toilet that’s not fit for purpose in modern day Britain though, people are clearly embarrassed to ask why it’s not been fixed as they will be outed as a tramp who gladly shits in a toilet without a seat. Having the new toilet!seat sitting there in mockery with no one on hand to fit it is ridiculous as well, maybe it wasn’t the right kind of toilet seat or had the wrong fixings.
  10. Wasn’t quite how it went down, I often talked about how I’d go to games with newly found acquaintances from late 2013 when I moved to Edinburgh and onwards, went to almost all home games 2014-18 but haven’t been as committed since having a child. I just never bothered changing my team from Clach til I was getting queried about it in match threads. Maybe start going to Patrick thistle games, they’re bound to win something big soon.
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