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  1. Falkirk and Stirling always get flooded badly, I have seen footage aplenty from Falkirk but not Stirling which I can only assume is because it’s so far under water everyone’s smart phones are submerged.
  2. Yeah, would say he has a bit of split personalities about him.
  3. He’s a p***k - he came and had a totally unprovoked swipe at me a few weeks ago that was bang out of order. He basically implied I was constantly on here looking for bites which hasn’t been the case at all as I’ve been saving all that for my numerous twitter accounts.
  4. Tynierose always seems to come on here swinging on Saturday mornings. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this but it must be his way of getting rid of some match day nerves.
  5. VT slagging someone off for being a Tory and then going on to use a Jeremy Clarkson gif in an attempt to be smug.
  6. Perkin once said to VT “I’m sick of your condescending attitude and Ainsley Harriott memes” which was a criminally underrated post IMO.
  7. https://twitter.com/jercor1/status/1293277164306038786?s=21
  8. That was awesome last night - one blast went off within a split second of us as I was right at the window and the house completely shook. I’ve never seen the sky so frequently lighting up like that before.
  9. An outburst like that would be a humorous addition to JoJo and GranGran tbh.
  10. We entered a dotting war yesterday and I decided to turn it up a notch today by firing the first verbal shot.
  11. https://www.unilad.co.uk/viral/mysterious-400ft-ice-ship-discovered-in-iceberg-by-google-earth-users/?source=facebook
  12. I’m not sure if this is a joke or not but I went to see weezer at TITP 2011 and the girls I was with at time were saying they would come so they could hear Teenage dirtbag, yet despite me saying that was the wrong band Weezer did a cover of it anyway.
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