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  1. Yeah I heard that from a few people, there’s only so many places he would have gone and overdosed though unless he was into ODing in very remote places. Alice being last seen in broad daylight and never again is also very strange. Someone surely must know something and isn’t coming forward.
  2. I think that was always likely the case I just don’t know why they weren’t able to find her. It’s not like the currents are that strong around the beach there that she would have been swept that far out to sea without being washed back up somewhere. The lad from Musselburgh seems about the same - he was last seen getting his hair cut on north high steer and then nobody has a clue. The dad was offering a £1k reward for any info but it didn’t seem to be getting anywhere either.
  3. Has anything what so ever came of this? I was following it a bit in the week or so after new year but haven’t heard any sort of update about what may have happened. There was also the chap from Musselburgh who was last seen on New Year’s Eve and seems to have vanished without a trace.
  4. People here seem to be doing that with Afterlife quite a bit, it’s almost as if they’re watching it just to be annoyed at how bad it is. There’s so much choice out there which makes it totally inexcusable to be complaining about anything on your telly being shite, Mrs browns boys is a prime example of a show that so many people actively dislike - just put the fucker off and watch something else it isn’t 1994 anymore.
  5. Appears to be an unpopular opinion here but I like afterlife, Brian talking about his wife’s “odour” in episodes 3 and 4 was some of the funniest shit I have ever seen. In fits watching it again at 645 on a Sunday morning.
  6. Same thing happened with Freddie Starr - I was certain he’s died in the 00’s and that I’d seen the joke about the hamster in a newspaper headline.
  7. Was anyone else certain that meat loaf was already dead or was that just me?
  8. Seemed like a top bloke who lived an interesting and rather unusual life. His stuff about sweating like a beast was hilarious and he took the ripping he got for it in good humour. Will definitely be missed.
  9. People have only been able to film natural phenomena like that for a few years in the grand scheme of things. For some people capturing things like that for themselves is worth the risk.
  10. paid £12 for a bottle of wine from Lidl last night and it was very disappointing.
  11. Stay close, The Stranger and Safe are all good watches. I love the eerie/surreal feel that something supernatural may be going on and all the characters seem to be living in absolute luxury mansions.
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