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  1. Do you still work with a racist body builder?
  2. The cleaner probably gets put off by your morbid fascination with serial killers tbh.
  3. But look around the Edinburgh area, there aren’t a huge host of older houses with massive bedrooms available for people with a finite amount of money at their disposal. Don’t go blaming new builds for popping up.
  4. Persimmon are basically the Carlsberg of the house building world though.
  5. I was guilty of this a few years back when my Mrs was pregnant and we were speaking to a couple we know very well who were congratulating us on being pregnant. Said couple had been together 10 years and married about 3 years and were a stick on to be expecting in the aftermath of their wedding yet we responded to their congratulations by asking them when they were going to start popping them out (or words to that effect). A few hours later I was drunkenly harping on about the conception and how it happened on the first attempt whilst the lady of the couple was half in the conversation, she laughed it off of course and there was no malice in it but I can’t imagine it made her feel much better and should probably have had the presence of mind to realise they were struggling to have kids.
  6. I take it by being dicks about it they have requested that the corpses of the dozen prostitutes buried in your back garden get disposed of at your expense?
  7. But I suppose with letting you still have the hassle of disputes if something breaks or repair work needs done and dealing with landlords/agencies will be a pain in the dick. I rented for 6 months in Edinburgh and there were quite a few annoyances, the landlord once let himself in for something - can’t remember what it was exactly but remember finding it rather unsettling. I totally get your last part, I got left a bit of money and used it as a deposit for a place otherwise I’d have been fucked.
  8. There would only be a very few scenarios requiring a 40 week pregnant woman and a 2.5 year old child to have to unexpectedly leave the house that day.
  9. I always think it’s another thing that could potentially get lost so don’t bother on days she’s not going out anywhere. The fact of matter was I often don’t have my key which she would have known about yet she still didn’t unlock the door despite me phoning her saying I was 20 mins away and she was upstairs drying hair whilst I worried she had fallen into labour on the bedroom floor.
  10. That’s exactly what she says. Theres no logic behind not taking one I just don’t do it when I’m going out for a couple hours and she is going to be in the house anyway. Even when I do take the key I often come back and door is on the snib which is an absolute pain in the dick also.
  11. It was her (our?) due date on Friday and I was taking her to the midwife at 11 am so did a couple hours at work in morning then phoned her when I was on my way back saying I’d be 20 mins. I hadn’t taken a key with me to work as she was going to be in all day and when I got home the front door was locked, when I rang the bell there was no answer and then I tried to phone her mobile and no answer so naturally I was concerned. I ended up going to the back door to look in the house and see if I could see her sprawled our on the floor somewhere but to no avail. I was then driving off to go round to her brothers who lives nearby to pick up a spare key whilst trying not to alarm him too much about the circumstances but as I was on my way out she appeared at the front door saying she didn’t know I was there as she had the hair dryer on.
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