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  1. What was it that came in? It was 17/20 In epl and 15/18 in bundesliga. La liga nowhere near it at half time
  2. You basically said a man in his 50’s having an affair with a teenager was fine.
  3. He has got some nerve showing his face around here again.
  4. I don’t think I’ve seen anything as tragic as that in football ever. f**k sake Dortmund
  5. Yeah - was one of those ones that everyone was talking about for a day, I think ict chris started a thread about it.
  6. This was the snowman kids entire family, I remember the news article stated the dad was 32
  7. And iiiiiiiieeiii will always love you
  8. The gross misconduct was for lying about the CCTV evidence at McDonald’s which she claimed the manager had told her was gone to cover her own laziness.
  9. Always err on the side of caution when defending a potential paedophile.
  10. I’m not so sure he isn’t getting in deep trouble if the young lad in question speaks up or makes an allegation. Philip could easily slip him a few thousand to try and make it all go away but I highly doubt he is going to get his career back on track after this. His brothers stuff coming out at same time really isn’t helping his image either. From the unravelling of this story and also his queue jumping antics it is blatantly obvious he has zero respect for the general public and is an absolute c**t of a human being. I hope this is the end of him.
  11. A few news notifications coming up on my phone - why do they need to refer to him as “disgraced sex offender” etc? He served his time in jail and is now dead, why swing for the corpse like that?
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