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  1. We use scissors but mostly because we haven’t bought a pizza slice which I think is the best way of cutting pizza. I don’t like pizza regardless.
  2. Yeah the murder was in April 2010, they worked in an accountants on thistle street and there was cctv of her walking down the street but she never showed up for her work there and there was no footage of her coming out again so it was concluded he caught her in the doorway to the underground car park and killed her there and stored her body in his car and then he went about his daily business without anyone suspecting anything before driving near Oban where he disposed of the body. There really wasn’t much evidence to convict him either and they never found the body. He was a proper nasty fucker.
  3. He once spoke about beating Suzanne Pilleys murder to a pulp with a sock/snooker ball batton.
  4. I’m pretty sure I sent you a link to this guys exploits before did I not? He is a fairly pleasant guy tbh, I have more time for him than some other arseholes I have worked with anyway.
  5. Are you talking about the Scottish cup final 2002 as lovenkrands Sunday ? Because the game was on a Saturday
  6. That video never gets old - the contestant has a pretty creepy smirk about him which makes it funnier.
  7. Bradley Walsh got murdered the night of the Spurs Man City semi final second leg at the Etihad. He got shot around the same seconds Son scored the first goal. I know a guy who knows all the ins and outs of gang activity throughout central Scotland - he served 15 years for a murder in 92 and then got out for a year and then got caught with a good few kg of heroin and went back inside until 2013. He’s currently in jail because he got caught with a Stanley knife that he forgot to take out of his pocket after a day at work. I don’t take him particularly seriously. Great thread btw, I am reading ICT Chris’s posts in the voice of Kaiser Soze.
  8. Gutted. 21/24 is pretty good going but there wasn’t anything between 65-85 minutes which sucked the life out of it a bit despite the late surge. I still regret nothing. all teams in league 2 to score is 1600/1
  9. Yeah, I think derby will score. It’s nicely set up for act 2 anyway.
  10. It was the Derby game I was worried about Aye they’re both shite but at least are fighting for survival so you can’t write goals off. 13/24 teams at the half time mark is still decent. I bet at least 20 of the teams will have scored.
  11. Half the teams have scored at the half hour mark.
  12. On it I should probably have said it was a bet boost from William hill that took it as high as that but there’s no fun in that. 22/24 teams scored last end day of championship season.
  13. Bet on all teams in the English championship to score today at 1000/1.
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