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  1. Think we need 1 good striker and we could do oright this season. Like I said when Murphy took over, glad we're signing more local boys and hopefully we can get a loan or 2 in from Carlisle, like we got Swinglehurst and McKenna a few years ago
  2. Hopefully bring in some boys from Carlisle. Bring a bit of identity back to the club and bring training back down to Annan twice a week.
  3. Happy days. Skelton number 1 Weatherson number 2
  4. It's not really a shock is it. It's common knowledge. Wonder what the SNP will be saying about this ????????
  5. Said earlier in the season when you boys slipped to bottom of the league that you would be fine and Montrose have been the team thats impressed me most at Galabank since the tail end of last season and this season. Expect another hard game especially if Weatherson is out. 2-1 Annan Smart double
  6. Was also at the hospitality yesterday and what a contrast from last year listening to McLaren to listening to MacKay. Loved the hospitality yet again, all the best for the season. Hopefully we'll be back next year as well.
  7. Fancy us to be the basement boys on saturday. If not Chapman must go. Hospitality again at Stirling this weekend. Massive difference since last year when we were there and sitting top of the league
  8. I think Montrose will be fine. I thought they were one of the better teams to come to Galabank this season.
  9. I'd rather see a younger ex professional get the gig. Weatherson falls into that category, Stirling just appointed Dave McKay and we all know the success Alloa had when they appointed Paul Hartley without any previous experience.
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