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  1. This reconstruction push won't happen in time for the new season. It's a lifeline for rangers if it does but it won't. But the fact the sfa have scrambled to give rangers a top flight lifeline worries me, it also worries me that so many folk are happy to bring rangers back in to the top tier in exchange for reconstruction. One more thing though, did you know you can download a PDF of sky's current broadcasting contracts and it states there must be 4 old firm games a year to make the contract valid. So the spl signed up to a deal knowing it would be invalid if Celtic or rangers failed to make top 6. Spl - sporting integrity pfffffffft We've all been paying cash to our clubs for years thinking the rules were the same for everyone.
  2. Yes bit pissed off at tam Cowan with his little digs at the snippers and feeling sorry for rangers :-0 Good old Stuart cosgrove though is his usual self explaining. How the world can survive without the o.f. Good on ya stu
  3. Yes. All call centres issue staff memos on the official company line on current issues. You can feel confident that this is the official line from sky
  4. Not a word mate, but then mj and his arrogance is legendary. If I thought the feeling was strong enuff id get a mob together to march to rugby park and throw last years semi burnt season tickets at him, MAYBE then MAYBE then he will realise there's a downside to voting in the newco fc
  5. I have made my feelings known to mj. If he helps scots football lose its integrity he can be sure I WON'T be back at rugby park again. Not so much in protest but because we will have confirmation that the spl is just a non competitive series of meaningless games designed to keep club chairmen in the public eye / making money ( depending on which team you own ).
  6. With so much happening I had almost forgotten that rangers had thrown away a massive lead in the spl and the Ibrox faithful were chanting for ally to be sacked a week later the knuckle draggers are parading around with we don't do walking away tee shirts. ClaimIng mccoist as some kind of God. The final irony is that he may infact actually DO walking away over the next few days. I wonder if whyte would have called the administrators in had rangers still been top of the league.
  7. Pfffft. I know that's true YOU know that's true MOST people know that's true but the fact is the media will make NO distinction After a year in the spl, newco fc will be called rangers the team that won 9 in a row a century and a half of proud tradition. The phrase OLD FIRM will still be used statistics like rangers have won 10 out their last 16 visits to pittiodrie ( made up stat btw ) Will be spouted by commentators so AT LEAST by officially stripping some honours their name will remain rightly tarnished forever
  8. In amongst all this legal and directorship stuff I hope someone is still preparing to strip rangers of various cups and titles won during any period of tax scamming. That's pretty vital if Scotland's to hold it head up on the world football stage
  9. The record today says that sky will pull the plug if newco fc don't keep spl status. I hope that people are VERY clear that IF newco fc are saved by other spl chairmen who are swayed only by newco fc gate money and sky tv money then football in this country has died on that day. Can we really continue going to watch football when we have already made a statement which tells the world that no matter what you do, you'll always get to play in the spl if you have a decent sized crowd ? Maybe fellow sky subscribers should email sky to tell them they won't get another penny from them if they ruin the integrity of our league. Although perhaps like a honey trap, it would be best to let sky test our collective chairmens resolves. I suspect however they will be found wanting.
  10. I see green has appointed Malcom Murray as chairman !!! Anyone know much about him
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