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  1. No, I really think the big issue is they assembled a ( better ) squad because they weren't burdened by the rules the way everybody else was
  2. Aww man. I was looking forward to the cheats losing their ill gotten titles but now it's not going to happen cause coisty said no. Guess he's not fully accepting any oldco newco distinctions then. What a Fudd. Surely THEEEEE most important thing here far more important than relegation or fines or transfer embargoes or anything else is that oldco won those titles fielding players they could not legally afford thereby giving them an unfair advantage therefore the titles must be retrospectively removed. I hope the bridge of weir knobend remembers the oldco fans were screeching for him to be sacked before united put them out the cup. What a charmed life for him now with the luxury of a cakewalk 3 nursery years for him to learn his trade jammy Cnut
  3. Bit of a downer start to the day tho knowing the cheats will survive another month or two off the back of that unexpected windfall.
  4. Has anyone else saw this bbc sport update ? Thoughts ? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18929983
  5. For defers there would have been no media and blazer battle to save the wretched dogs
  6. Governing bodies desperate to save them. Allowed to continue after one death. Allowed to continue after outright illegality.
  7. Right stopit all of you , your starting to genuinely get my hopes up you little teases lol
  8. Alright alright alright, I give up then so what IS cg's angle then ? turning ibrox into flats within the structure of the listed building while turning Murray park into ??? Given its on a free belt site his options are limited Surely hes not a stupid man to get where he has !!! So what's his plan ?
  9. As I say , I hope I'm proved wrong but iv been brought up in an era when rangers get EVERY break going from penelty decisions to sfa delaying registration of their main challengers to having one of their own supporters running the line during an old firm title decider Right back to my earliest memories wondering why rangers fans always got the covered end at hampden no matter who they are playing can you blame me for suspecting they may soon be back on top smelling of roses ?
  10. It's a bit pointless having a 5 or 10 year bet So I won't say betcha BUT in 5 or so years I am certain a good pr machine could easy start a campaign of the boys are back in town make sure our old enemy's know it buy your shares in rangers today we never done walking away send cheques to ....... The muppets will go for it I promis u.
  11. I slightly suspect cg will have budgeted for all this stuff cos I rather fear that 5 yrs from the rangers will be winning trebles in front of full houses and cg will sell to the fans at a huge profit and ride off into the sunset
  12. Can anyone be CERTAIN nexts years window runs to sept 2nd and dosnt end on aug 30th I can't imagine anyone was brave / stupid / bullish enough to intentionally pull such a stroke. Is one day enough to register a bunch of players ? I assume they can do most of the work during the ban then simply need to register on the final day ?
  13. Does anyone else have the impression that cg sat in an office with the blazers and said right how can we make the diddy plebs THINK we're being punished ? I know let's give u a transfer ban ! WHIT but we need players !!!! That's awryt chaz we won't start the ban till the transfer windy shuts. Ok DEAL !!!
  14. It's strange that it affects them next summer rather than this summer. Lots of bigger signings than div 3 requires being signed for 2 years to tide them over ?
  15. Umm that's a few days we've all just been treading water on here, why is there no news regarding sfl acceptance ? Time is thundering on and were no closer to a team running out the tunnel in anger ???? Its not that I want them to of course, I'm just amazed it's all gone so quiet out there ????
  16. The best bit was gers fans screaming for coisty to get sacked after dun utd put them out the cup before a knuckle dragging comment about not walking away and a dose of administration had the same fans scurrying to buy " official coisty says we don't do walking away " t shirts this was a couple of months before coisty himself decided to walk away then walked away from walking away ????
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