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  1. No there's no point, have you not seen the new 8ft anti suicide fence on the Erskine bridge ? That cat funt would never make it over
  2. I think Kyle would be perfect for rangers. He famously said he's prepared to dive and cheat to win. A marriage made in govan methinks
  3. Now rangers have had to sell their own PANTS for cash http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/scottish/
  4. Hi boys and girls, I'm rangers. I'm trying to find my glorious trophy winning years can you help me look ? Audience : " THEY'RE BEHIND YOU "
  5. I'm curious to know the answer. M8 and m77 both run past which one is it ???
  6. See the rfff is climbing Ben Nevis to raise funds How ironic would it be if they get lost or stranded up there n search n rescue have to tell them to f**k off as there's no funding in place for the rescue as some company in the Ibrox area has been withholding tens of millions of pounds in tax
  7. Nah, I seem to recall meetings and fone calls of various people involved taking place on saturdays. Well in as far as NBC website reported the story in a Saturday evening saying so and do told so and so such and such this afternoon ie SATURDAY. I was very surprised about it myself but there u go.
  8. To be fair one or two clubs never STARTED to rate do ability UNTILL they found out there age
  9. That was fucking grotesque NEVER NEVER NEVER. Upload pix like that again :-(
  10. I'm old enough to have been buying FIFA games every year since mid 90s and im pretty sure they won't include sfl3 anytime soon to put the cheats in. If and when the cheats return to the spl they will be included in the game on MERIT ( something the stale bun supporters don't seem to care much about ) and all the pissy little boycotts and feet stamping hissy fits only serves to further disgrace your team. Not you happybuddie lol I mean the op in the FIFA forum
  11. When when you get off the fence and have an opinion feel free to share it lol
  12. Sadly I think I understand what he's getting at but I hope he's not really THAT stupid to think what I think he's thinking
  13. Horray to hampden officials for starting Armageddon at the north Korea match tonight to FINALLY knock sevco pish off the headlines
  14. That's my point. And also FFS imagine asking NOT to be investigated its like the polis seeing an arm hanging out your boot and you agree to keep to the speed limit providing they agree not to open the boot. I will literally spew up if green gets his way with the whole world watching waiting to judge Scottish football
  15. I dunno mate but they're doin it and they've been doin it for ages and I have this nagging feeling that when all the dust settles we're all going to feel rather short changed and like the cheats have gotten off lightly. As I say, I hope I'm wrong but iv been around a long time, too long to expect rangers to be given their JUST desserts
  16. I hope your right but green has said he's fighting for the INVESTIGATION to be scrapped not for sevco to be cleared It also quotes coists refusal to accept stripping statement.
  17. Bbc sport websites 7 pm update. It's weds night green has the blazers over a barrel how else can it be resolved other that green getting his way ????
  18. Okay so it's looking likely that spl are agreeing to sweep investigation under the rug. Are we all just accepting that then ?
  19. Yeah bbc website now 2 days running have have all day saying one thing then all evening saying the opposite thing Kennedy put a bid in Naw he didny Rangers close to acceptance Naw they urny. FFS 2 NON stories get a grip beeb
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