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  1. Wow , a cynical old dude once told me that football was scripted by fatcat media moguls to sell papers and grab in audiences . Hmmmm I wonder
  2. I sometimes think cnuts like traynor sit looking at rangers n celtics website scribbling doon "exclusives" verbatim
  3. How dare you. If mr traynor ( chief sports editor mind ) says he never said something then he never said it. FACT
  4. Mair liars !!! Mr traynor said there will be no worthwhile games in the spl if sevco don't get in and he's chief sports editor at the record you know AND host of your call on the wireless, So how can he be wrong. Neither of you were at the game and the slow lingering death of scots footy continues.
  5. Oi cheeky. I hope you wurny implying Jim traynor was wrong !!! The game you were at today was SHIT There were NO goals Both teams played nervous back to the walls stuff for fear of relegation And you didn't even go to watch it, NOBODY did Now appologise to mr traynor and move on
  6. Did I just hear that right. Jim traynor V Stuart Cosgrove At 5 pm :) MON THE COSGROVE
  7. Right. The seasons underway again, it's been a long and unusual summer that none of us will forget. Certain helmets in the media have learned harsh lessons regarding fan power and in turn many fans have been alerted to the incompetence of our writers and broadcasters. There has been so much doom and gloom about how much the pundits have let the fans down but I'd like to see us acknowledge the few mediea guys who have stood tall during this fiasco and held onto their own beliefs in the face of mounting scorn. Please take a bow Mr Stuart Cosgrove of bbc radio Scotland Gets right into folk without fear of media bans and refuses to bow to pressure Mr Jim Spence of bbc radio Scotland Very clear on his viewpoint and the first to publicly demand severe action be taken against oldco and stood firm on forums day after day reiterating and defending his position. Feel free to add your own men of honour. Also the SHIT list for outstanding ignorance, fawning, personal agenda serving or downright cuntishness. Hang your head in shame Mr Ally McCoist Sevco newco fc General shite talk and arrogance Mr David Murray oldco rangers The guy who caused this mess but avoided any flak from anyone. Mr Jim traynor Daily record + radio Scotland Repeatedly Decided what he'd like to see happen then spouted it on radio and in print as fact. Mr Chick Young radio Scotland + the beano Still defending Murray to the hilt, unable to grasp that his hero fucked up. Feel free to add your own, iv left you plenty to chose from.
  8. We're these 4 men in bed together? No real reason why they should be but it's the response I like to give to that twaty line
  9. No point complaining tho, they don't listen. I complained about Scotland international guff being on spl sight and got no response Then my mate got banned from the old bbc forums for saying lafferty was a cheat for that head butt dive v Aberdeen and loads of us complained but got no reply we concluded at the time that the site was run by an Orc or two and the fact they have kept them on spl page confirms that
  10. New scots footy mag launched today. Free download here http://issuu.com/uscottishfootball/docs/usffinal2
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